The River King

The River King From the best selling author of The Dovekeepers The River King confirms Alice Hoffman as one of our quirkiest and most interesting novelists Jane Smiley USA Today People tend to stay in their place

  • Title: The River King
  • Author: Alice Hoffman
  • ISBN: 9780399145995
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the best selling author of The Dovekeepers, The River King confirms Alice Hoffman as one of our quirkiest and most interesting novelists Jane Smiley, USA Today.People tend to stay in their place in the town of Haddan The students at the prestigious prep school don t mix with locals Even within the school, hierarchy rules as freshman and faculty members find outFrom the best selling author of The Dovekeepers, The River King confirms Alice Hoffman as one of our quirkiest and most interesting novelists Jane Smiley, USA Today.People tend to stay in their place in the town of Haddan The students at the prestigious prep school don t mix with locals Even within the school, hierarchy rules as freshman and faculty members find out where they fit in and what is expected of them But when a body is found in the river behind the school, a local policeman will walk into this enclosed world and upset it entirely A story of surface appearances and the truths submerged below.

    • The River King by Alice Hoffman
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    1. Alice Hoffman

      Alice Hoffman is the author of than thirty works of fiction, including The Rules of Magic, The Marriage of Opposites, Practical Magic, The Red Garden, the Oprah s Book Club selection Here on Earth, The Museum of Extraordinary Things, and The Dovekeepers She lives near Boston.

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    1. Onvan : The River King - Nevisande : Alice Hoffman - ISBN : 425179672 - ISBN13 : 9780425179673 - Dar 344 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2000

    2. My generation is over-saturated with scenes of violence, rape, murder, and terror, both on screen and off. As an avid reader and TV junkie, I don't think I could even begin to catalogue how many times a day I see or read something deeply disturbing. I think that is why "The River King" made such a strong impact on me. It haunts me. It is an extreme rarity that something I am reading can disturb me so much that I need to put it down for a few moments before I can bear to continue. With "The River [...]

    3. In the past I have loved Alice's magical and almost poetic prose. Her plots have been intriguing and always such idiosyncratic characters. You know, what' not to love?THE RIVER KING certainly starts out in the same way though this one dark, lots of rain, twigs breaking, howling wind. Something crappy is going to happen. She lets us know in her own unique way. and so it does. And no pun intended, that is surely the case with what occurs to Gus. I wish I could divide the book into two scores becau [...]

    4. 2.5 stars.This novel is set in the town of Haddan, right along the river's edge. A prestigious school has been built in the town, which the locals do not go to, and hold somewhat of a resentment towards the privileged students who go there.This story follows two students who start attending Haddan, but do not fit in, and it highlights their struggles in trying to feel accepted, but also to keep to themselves. One of these pupils is found dead in the river, and the investigation reveals that the [...]

    5. I want to like Alice Hoffman books but they're really hard for me to get into. I'd like to think that I just read them at bad times, like when my mind is on something else. But I gave this one a really good try, and I found that it wasn't too bad, once I get past all the things that don't mesh well between me and Hoffman's writing. This book centers around a boarding school in New England, a quiet one where the "rich kids" are sent and silently scorned by the townies. When a young boy is found d [...]

    6. This is one of the most poorly edited books I've ever tried to read. So many paragraphs seemed unconnected to the ones before or after them; sometimes the topic seemed to shift mid-paragraph. In once case, a sentence contradicted the one immediately preceding it: on page 74 Carlin "no longer bothered" to reply to her employer; then she "never replied" to her employer. Verbal clunkiness abounds.And magical realism doesn't mean making sh*t up. There are no badgers in Massachusetts (can't find the [...]

    7. Amazing writing. Examples: (p. 22) "She (Carlin) had swamp dust on her feet and nicotine stains on her fingers, and came from a universe of hash and eggs and broken promises, a place where a women quickly learned that there was no point in crying over spilled milk or bruises left by some man who claimed to love a little too hard or too much." (p. 128): "Indian summer cme to Haddan in the middle of the night when no one was watching, when people were safely asleep in their beds. Before dawn mist [...]

    8. there's so much that I wanted to like about this book: the characters, the story, the themes were all so layered and interesting. I originally thought I would like the fluid, almost lyrical writing style, instead I was constantly wondering who's voice was leading me, and who all the varied characters were. I almost put it down several times (it took me weeks to read, instead of my usual couple/few days) but the potential resolution of the story kept me interested. just not my cup of tea, I think [...]

    9. I just finished this book, and I have to say I was thoroughly disappointed. The book started off intriguingly enough with the story unfolding with the tragic local legend of Annie Howe and her untimely death. Her death somewhat relates to another character in the story, and sets the stage to create a misty sad atmosphere. The tension between the town folk and the Hadden School is briefly explained in the begining of the novel, and far less interesting than it promises. Based on other reviews it [...]

    10. I felt - correctly so - that The River King would be a great choice for a Sunday afternoon. I very much enjoy Hoffman's work, but hadn't read any of it for quite some time before picking this tome up. Her books are rather easy reading, but are well - and intelligently - written. They also deal with a lot of important themes; here, bullying and the mystery of the death of a teenage student take centre stage.As in all of Hoffman's work, there is a strong sense of place, and of society, here. It is [...]

    11. You get hooked into Gus and Carlin's story and then suddenly it seems, it's Abel's book instead. This is the first Alice Hoffman book I've read and I did like her style for the most part. Finished it thinking, hastily wrapped up bits and lots of loose ends.Little Free Library Find (my neighborhood is FULL of them which is a great joy!)

    12. The way that Alice Hoffman describes emotions makes me think I've never really felt anything. This was a wonderful story.

    13. The River King took awhile for me to get into. At first the characters didn't interest me. I didn't care about the ghost story, the deceased horrible professor and his wife that never ran away (but should have), and all the crotchety adults that seemed to settle for their unhappy lives in a desolate town at an eerie boarding school. Even Betsy, whom I like and seemingly gets the attention of the entire town still didn't do anything for me.Then I was introduced to Gus and Carlin, two teenagers th [...]

    14. Alice Hoffman weaves a dark web of mystery and real-world magic in the small town of Haddan, Massachussetts. With a few beams of sunshine through-out, this novel reads like a modern-day gothic. Carlin, a poor young (but of course, beautiful!) teen, lands a scholarship to the prestigious Haddan School through her determination and swimming abilibity. Haddan is a small boarding school for the elite families of the east coast and outsiders are definitely not welcome. She befriends Gus, a charmingly [...]

    15. I loved this, adored reading reading "classic" Alice Hoffman, in the vein of "Practical Magic", "The Red Garden", "The Probable Future", "Skylight Confessions", and "The Ice Queen", to name a few favorite, good ones. (I have to confess I'm not so much a fan, so far, of Hoffman's recent stint into historical fiction, the likes of "The DoveKeepers" and "The Museum of Extraordinary Things", both novels I couldn't get into or finish.) I'd seen the movie (TV movie? Indie film? Not sure) a few years a [...]

    16. I just finished reading this book and didn't like it that much. I have read quite a few Alice Hoffman books, and this is one of my least favorite. I didn't like the statements that she was making about boarding schools or the parallel made between money and lack of intelligence. I could be reading too much into it, but all the even mildly interesting characters in the book had the same characteristics: they were all smart, poor, and critical of wealth and wealthy people in the same normative way [...]

    17. 1.5I am usually so intrigued by Hoffman's work, but this was an anomaly of note. It's by far one of the author's poorer novels, and I found it a slog to get through. Nothing really happens, to be honest. One of the things that grated on my nerves was that the perspective switches within same chapter and I sometimes wasn't aware of this, which made for a frustrating reading experience. Also, I could have done without the annoying instalove.

    18. Although the setting of this book at times seemed more murky and brackish than enjoyably mysterious, I do believe that was Hoffman's intent. This book seemed to be quite a bit darker in tone than any of the books I've read by her so fare description of one hazing in particular left me shuddering and wincing. But again, her masterful ability to meld magical experiences with the every day makes this book shine.

    19. The River King by Alice HoffmanGenre: Mystery/HorrorGrade: B-WARNING > SPOILERS!In the River King, a teenager named Carlin Leander escapes her dingy Florida hometown (and the inevitable pregnancy/white trash lifestyle that accompanies it) after gaining a swimming scholarship to the East Coast Haddan Boarding School in the town of Haddan. She meets an enigmatic amateur teenage magician named Gus Pierce, but before they can fall in love, she is snapped up by entitled jerk rich boy Harry McKenna [...]

    20. I have enjoyed Alice Hoffman's writing. There was always a sense, in many of her stories, that the witchcraft of the Salem village of the 1620's somehow seeped into the landscape and never dissipated over the years. Set in New England, Hoffman's early novels were rich in the scents and sounds of the lush gardens and forests of New England. One book drew on the history of a cottage on Cape Cod (Blackbird House) and looked at three different families who'd lived in the house at three different tim [...]

    21. 3.5 -2 or 3 for the first part, up to app. p. 1oo - 125, 4 or 4.5 for the rest of the 342 pages. the first part seemed overly descriptive, full of irrelevant details, questionable editing, some descriptions didn't seem to fit the time or setting. i only persevered because i usually give a book about 100 pages, a good guideline for scifi booksen i became very interested in the rest of the story - the characters became more fleshed out, hought , lives full of mystery and magic. i loved the ending. [...]

    22. It took me awhile to get into this book. Eventually it grabbed me, but then let me down with the ending, which was rushed and unsatisfying. What's bothering me most in retrospect is the heavy-handed use of imagery and symbolism that doesn't seem to really symbolize anything. Hoffman has mastered the use of nature and weather to create a mood (especially of foreboding), but the constant mentioning of the river, the fish, the pebbles, the coat, the cat, the swans - you get the picture - would indi [...]

    23. People tend to stay in their place in the town of Haddan. The students at the prestigious prep school don't mix with locals; even within the school, hierarchy rules, as freshman and faculty members find out where they fit in and what is expected of them. Gus and Carlin are newcomers to the Haddan school, both from much less privileged backgrounds than most of their classmates. They hit it off right away and become close friends, but while Carlin excels in the classroom and on the swim team, as w [...]

    24. The River King is about two misfits who come to a boarding school in the fictional town of Haddan in Massachusetts where they encounter bullying and tragedy at the hands of the other students. What happens stirs up relations between the town and the school and opens up old wounds. The story is about how to recognize a person worthy of true love and how old secrets can lie submerged to pop up again in the present. An atmospheric, lyrically written story that abounds in magical realism, and presen [...]

    25. I've been a fan of Alice Hoffman's mysterious, magical fiction since high school when I read Turtle Moon - borrowed from my sister's library. The River King didn't disappoint. Hoffman's lyrical prose drew me in to a story about an enchanted Massachusetts boarding school and the suspicious death of an outcast student in the nearby river.The appearance of watery ghosts, charmed fish and vengeful black cats were not surprising, given Hoffman's penchant for bringing the otherworldly into the everyda [...]

    26. When I first started The River King, I set it down and abandoned it. Idecided to try it again because I loved the last two Alice Hoffman books I read, The Probably Future, and The Third Angel. But in the beginning, I didn't like it much better than I did last time--but I am glad I stuck with it--it improves. I liked it very much, but I HATED--DETESTED--what happened to Gus. I suppose things like that happen in real life, but it was just so gross, disturbing and horrible that I cannot give this b [...]

    27. I LOVED this book so much!! This is the first book by this author and I cannot wait to read more by her. The story is wonderful and sweet and some points and also very sad and tragic.I fell in love with the characters and the setting is just amazing the way Alice Hoffman describes the school, the characters, the town and the woods surrounding the school just made me feel as if I was a real part of the story.

    28. As wonderful as I remembered it to be. I have read reviews by other readers who did not like the ending, or who felt that there should have been more/better justice for Gus's killers. I completely disagree. First off, I think that it's completely realistic that the school officials would do nothing, and I think the politics and corruption that Abe sees is absolutely possible in real life. I think it would be a bit trite and too easy to have the killers be arrested and given a more classic sense [...]

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