Visão do Além

Vis o do Al m Os leitores morrer o para ler mais disso Harris estreia uma s rie que pode ultrapassar todas as outras em popularidade Booklist Harper Connelly e seu meio irm o Tolliver s o especialistas em realiza

  • Title: Visão do Além
  • Author: Charlaine Harris
  • ISBN: 9788563066541
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Paperback
  • Os leitores morrer o para ler mais disso Harris estreia uma s rie que pode ultrapassar todas as outras em popularidade Booklist Harper Connelly e seu meio irm o, Tolliver, s o especialistas em realizar o servi o encontrar cad veres de pessoas desaparecidas , receber o pagamento e partir rapidamente, pois as pessoas que os contratam t m o estranho h bito de n o querer ouOs leitores morrer o para ler mais disso Harris estreia uma s rie que pode ultrapassar todas as outras em popularidade Booklist Harper Connelly e seu meio irm o, Tolliver, s o especialistas em realizar o servi o encontrar cad veres de pessoas desaparecidas , receber o pagamento e partir rapidamente, pois as pessoas que os contratam t m o estranho h bito de n o querer ouvir o que eles t m a dizer E primeira vista, a experi ncia com os moradores da pequena cidade de Sarne, nas Montanhas Ozarks, parece n o ser diferente Uma adolescente est desaparecida, e Harper sente imediatamente que ela est morta Mas os segredos que envolvem este assassinato e a pr pria cidade s o profundos demais at mesmo para que a habilidade especial de Harper consiga desenterr los Ao perceber a hostilidade crescer ao redor deles, ela e Tolliver querem apenas resolver o assunto e ir embora, mas ent o outra mulher assassinada E o criminoso ainda n o terminou seu trabalho

    • Visão do Além by Charlaine Harris
      356 Charlaine Harris
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    1. Charlaine Harris

      Charlaine Harris has been a published novelist for over twenty five years A native of the Mississippi Delta, she grew up in the middle of a cotton field Now she lives in southern Arkansas with her husband, her three children, three dogs, and a duck The duck stays outside.Though her early output consisted largely of ghost stories, by the time she hit college Rhodes, in Memphis Charlaine was writing poetry and plays After holding down some low level jobs, she had the opportunity to stay home and write, and the resulting two stand alones were published by Houghton Mifflin After a child producing sabbatical, Charlaine latched on to the trend of writing mystery series, and soon had her own traditional books about a Georgia librarian, Aurora Teagarden Her first Teagarden, Real Murders, garnered an Agatha nomination.Soon Charlaine was looking for another challenge, and the result was the much darker Lily Bard series The books, set in Shakespeare, Arkansas, feature a heroine who has survived a terrible attack and is learning to live with its consequences When Charlaine began to realize that neither of those series was ever going to set the literary world on fire, she regrouped and decided to write the book she d always wanted to write Not a traditional mystery, nor yet pure science fiction or romance, Dead Until Dark broke genre boundaries to appeal to a wide audience of people who just enjoy a good adventure Each subsequent book about Sookie Stackhouse, telepathic Louisiana barmaid and friend to vampires, werewolves, and various other odd creatures, has drawn readers The Southern Vampire books are published in Japan, Great Britain, Greece, Germany, Thailand, Spain, France, and Russia.In addition to Sookie, Charlaine has another heroine with a strange ability Harper Connelly, lightning struck and strange, can find corpses and that s how she makes her living.In addition to her work as a writer, Charlaine is the past senior warden of St James Episcopal Church, a board member of Mystery Writers of America, a past board member of Sisters in Crime, a member of the American Crime Writers League, and past president of the Arkansas Mystery Writers Alliance She spends her spare time reading, watching her daughter play sports, traveling, and going to the movies.

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    1. 3.5 stars! Ok, I'm going to be nice and round this up to 4 stars. My reasoning? I LOATHED, HATED Dead Until Dark by this author. I used to be Tru Blood obsessed (the television series) and the book series was a huge let down.So when my manager/boss who doesn't read PNR or urban fantasy very often told me that this was a guilty pleasure series, I HAD to read it. Plus this sounded like an adult version of the Meg Cabot (Jenny Carroll) series 1-800-WHERE-R-U, a series I grew up on and loved.When Ha [...]

    2. Harper, the ghost whisperer, and her brother, Tolliver, are close. Too close. Creepy close. Co-dependent, strange sexual tension, WTF close.Some things just shouldn't beThankfully, we find out that they are not actually siblings, but that their parents married each other when they were teens. Totally different story. In that case, I say, "Just go ahead and do it already. Then, instead of being the creepy siblings you can be the creepy couple that call each other "brother" and "sister". Yeah, tha [...]

    3. At first, I thought that this books was great. But then it didn't quite lose its momentum, I just stopped liking the characters. If I've actually ever liked them that is. In this book, everything feels a bit off. You don't feel with or for the characters. Their past, their troubles, everything is just "described". They are really two-dimensional and you just don't like them. Especially Harper. Even though this whole book was written from her POV, I didn't feel like knowing her at all. I couldn't [...]

    4. I really liked Harris' Sookie Stackhouse, so I thought I'd give this series a try. It's pretty good. The world is ours - no vampires or other fantasy creatures in this book. Harper, like Sookie, has a limited paranormal ability - she can find dead people & see them, along with the few seconds of their death. The limitations of her 'gift' make the story more interesting.As a heroine, I didn't like Harper as well as Sookie. She's not a happy girl, more depressed & dwelling on her past too [...]

    5. Ugh. Just Ugh. I am beginning to think that the more I read of Charlaine Harris, the less I like her. This was just bad. And creepy. Poorly written, weak plot, cardboard cut-out characters, creepy relationships and creepy romance, and trademark Charlaine Harris character name and detail errors all in one book. I don't even know where to begin I guess I could just write a list, like our heroine, who Charlaine describes as a list-maker with little opportunity, first does 26 pages from the end of t [...]

    6. First in the Harper Connelly paranormal mystery series, featuring this young lady who has the ability to speak to the dead after being struck by lightning at the age of fifteen. She and her step-brother, Tolliver, travel around taking assignments to locate bodies. They work mostly on word of mouth, and for the most part are treated as something akin to the freaks in a circus side-show. While Harper can’t tell who killed the person if they were murdered, she can tell how they died, and actually [...]

    7. Quick review:Cover: Interesting Rating:NC-17 Steaminess:Steam Thumbs Up:4Overall: I found it very interestingCharacters: Well DonePlot: Small town secret come to bite you every timePage Turner: Yes Series Cont.? Yes Recommend:YesBook Boyfriend: TolliverSUMMARY (50 words or less)Okay, so mysteries are my first love so I enjoyed this one. I had it figured out but still enjoyed watching it unfold. I liked Tolliver and Harper’s relationship. I like the tension and the dynamics created between them [...]

    8. 4 Stars for the Audiobook. Narrated by Alyssa Bresnahan (5 Stars for narration). I liked her narration. Some reviewers on Audible did not care for her. I didn't hear the background noises they said they heard and were annoyed by it - that she makes a smacking sound, page turning, etc. I suspect they cleaned up the recording because I didn't hear any of this and the complaints were from 2013 and earlier. As for her narration, I thought it was very good. The series is first person narrative (I thi [...]

    9. **2015 Reading Challenge W/Josh: #42 A Book You Own But Never Read**Great book! Harper was struck with lightening when she was young. Since then she has sort of a beacon that directs her to dead bodies. Once close enough she can see how that specific person died and see their last moments. Though she can't ever see the murderer (if the person was murdered). So she is called out to this small town to find a body of a girl that went missing a while back. While on the job lots of questionable shit [...]

    10. Read this one a couple of years ago. Picked up an Audible copy on sale. A good read/listen while on a long car trip. Harper and Tolliver are stepbrother/sister - very hard childhood - parents were alcoholics and one of their sisters missing. Harper was struck by lightening and ever since she can sense how someone died when near their remains. Usually looked upon with suspicion, they travel when hired to answer questions for the bereaved or law enforcement. The series is good. (view spoiler)[Some [...]

    11. I called this mystery cozy, but it really wasn't cozy. In fact, it was nearly at the edge of my tolerance for mysteries. Things I really liked: Harper and her brother. The descriptions, especially Harper's worldview, given what had happened to her. Glimpses of the numinous, though those were rare and wispy, more rare than the humor, which was also sparse.Things that pushed me toward the edge: claustrophobic atmosphere, and far too many murders, especially of helpless people. The thing is, I don' [...]

    12. WellIt wasn't awful, but it wasn't great. I'm unsure how I feel about it. I did stay up till 1:30 am finishing the book up, so that says somethingright?Due to a freak lightning strike when she was a teen, Harper Connelly has the ability to find dead bodies and know how they died. She and her brother (step-brother, we find out later), Tolliver, make a living locating bodies for grieving families. Of course, most of the families aren't as grateful as you would think. I guess it's the "shoot the me [...]

    13. Grave Sight4 StarsHarper Connelly has the unique ability to sense not only the whereabout of human remains, but also the cause of death. Together with her stepbrother/business manager, Tolliver Lang, Harper travels to Sarne Alabama at the request of a grieving mother desperate to locate the body of the young woman her deceased son is accused of killing in a murder/suicide. However, this seemingly simple case takes a dangerous turn when Harper becomes the target of someone determined to keep the [...]

    14. I read through this book quickly, in two settings, and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I read it for a book club that I am sort of a member of (only "sort of" because I only ever started reading the books they were reading because they meet at the store where I work, while I'm working), and wasn't sure if I'd get much of anything out of it. It is a book that walks the tightrope between two currently-popular genres, "cozy romance-themed mystery" and "chick-lit paranormal mystery." Not bei [...]

    15. I have never read a Charlaine Harris book. I did not (and probably won't) read her Sookie Stackhouse series because a) I discovered them when my vampire paranormal reading enjoyment was seriously on the wane and 2)I really like the Alan Ball version of her books on HBO. So I prefer to stick with the televised series and not read the books. I hadn't realized until very recently that she wrote other series. I saw a blurb on the most recent Harper Connelly book and it looked very interesting so I d [...]

    16. "Grave Sight" is the first book in Harris' newest mystery series. After reading her Sookie Stackhouse books, I checked out all her other series. I am weirdly addicted to Charlaine's writing and her books will probably forever remain my guilty pleasure. I liked all Aurora Teagarden books (this librarian who lives in a tiny southern town sure finds herself in a middle of murder investigations quite often) and disliked Lily Bard series (too much pointless violence). I think I will like Harper Conne [...]

    17. One of Charlaine Harris' mystery series, with a touch of the supernatural mixed in. After being struck by lightning in her teens, Harper gains the ability to see the last few moments of a person's life when she comes in contact with their body. As an adult, she makes the best of her ability by helping people find closure by locating the remains of their missing relatives. Harper, along with her stepbrother Tolliver, come to the Ozarks looking for the body of a teen girl in what is believed to be [...]

    18. I'm probably only one of two people in the world who isn't a fan of the Sookie Stackhouse series, but I was definitely looking forward to reading Charlaine Harris's GRAVE SIGHT. I wasn't disappointed--I think this book is an excellent start to a new series. Harper and her brother, Tolliver, are both interesting and well-developed characters with the requisite flaws to keep them entertaining. When Harper was a teen-ager, she was struck by lightning--and given an extraordinary gift in the form of [...]

    19. Thank goodness Charlaine Harris has more than one series going, so I can continue to get my fix! This woman is an extremely talented writer and has come up with another character worth reading about. Harper Connelly is a woman who was struck by lightning as a teen, and this has left her with the ability to find dead bodies and say what they died of. She makes her living doing this, which is the core of this book series. In Grave Sight, Harper is called to a town to find the body of a young girl [...]

    20. This was the first Charlaine Harris book I'd read so didn't know what to expect. Story-wise it's a good mystery and I didn't guess the ending untilwell, the end. I just never really felt connected to the characters though. Harper is really hard to figure out, one minute she's streetsmart and mouthy, the next she's a wreck and can't function because she's like a little-girl-lost. I'm not sure if this will be explained a little more in the next books but so far she's not that likeable. Her brother [...]

    21. Reread this time by audiobook - I also have the paperback.Harper can find dead bodies and figure out how people died. She's hired to go to a town to look for a missing girl and get embroiled in a huge F-up there. I really like these books but just to warn you they're very dark and not humerous at all. As I was listening to this book I started to realize that Charlaine Harris is one deep woman. Her books are so different and so intriguing. She really is a talented writer.

    22. May have slight spoilers.In this first novel of Charlaine Harris’s Harper Connelly series we meet Harper and her stepbrother and manager Tolliver; Harper has a talent for finding dead people after being struck by lightening and now helps people out to find their loved ones and sometimes just tells them the cause of death.Right now they are in Sarne, looking for the body of Monteen "Teenie" Hopkins, who disappeared after her client Sybil Teague son’s Dell death. The only problem is that nobod [...]

    23. I'm not sure how I feel about this one yet. I'm a fan of Ms. Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series. So I decided to check this one out. At first I was really enjoying it. I started connecting with the characters right away. Then about halfway through it all just fell apart. Even though it was written in first person, it seemed distant. And when I'm reading first person, I want to feel like I'm part of the story. While reading this one, I didn't feel like I was really in Harper's head. I felt like I w [...]

    24. I really liked this one, especially since it's got me out of my bad book run!"Grave sight" was full of mystery, and it was done really well.There was so many suspicious deaths to crack, and secrets to uncover, so it never got boring.I really liked the main character, Harper.The majority of people treated her horribly, and always tried to belittle her and her gift.Harper wouldn't take any crap from them though, and never got embarrassed over her gift.I loved the relationship between her and her s [...]

    25. Harper Connelly has a special ability. She can sense where dead people are and how they died. When she and her brother Tolliver get called to the town of Sarne Arkansas, she finds much more than the body she was paid to recover. Harper is not the most endearing heroine we've ever read about. Nor was the mystery very difficult to figure out. But for me it all worked as something different than anything else I've read lately. I'd go 3.75 stars but will round up for originality.

    26. I love quirky characters and stories that are totally different. I hit the jackpot with this series! As much as I love Harper and Tolliver the truth is they're weird. This series is part mystery, part semi-paranormal with a little bit of taboo romance thrown in to boot! It's one of my favorites!

    27. After reading the Lily Bard series, I have to admit to being a little disappointed by Harper Connolly. The book seemed slow and it took forever to resolve. I'll continue on in the series to see if there's improvement.

    28. I would have given this book 3 1/2 stars if I had the option. I enjoyed it. I started this series because the author wrote the books that the "True Blood" HBO series is based on. I like that show!

    29. Es war besser als ich gedacht hätte und es wurde mit der Zeit immer spannender 🙃. Hat mich zum Teil an Supernatural und Ghost Whisperer erinnert, aber war doch ganz anders

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