Hacker Mom

Hacker Mom Becky Taylor seems like a typical suburban stay at home mom with a loving husband and an adorable son but she has a secret In between juggling judgmental playgroup moms an intense career minded pros

  • Title: Hacker Mom
  • Author: Austen Rachlis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Becky Taylor seems like a typical suburban stay at home mom with a loving husband and an adorable son, but she has a secret In between juggling judgmental playgroup moms, an intense career minded prosecutor of a husband, and a sister who can t stop reminding her of her old ambitions, Becky moonlights for one of the world s most controversial websites, helping to expose stBecky Taylor seems like a typical suburban stay at home mom with a loving husband and an adorable son, but she has a secret In between juggling judgmental playgroup moms, an intense career minded prosecutor of a husband, and a sister who can t stop reminding her of her old ambitions, Becky moonlights for one of the world s most controversial websites, helping to expose state and corporate secrets To make matters worse, now the feds are on her tail The complicated Becky s life becomes, the equipped she feels to handle it Who says you can t be one of the world s most dangerous international whistleblowers and still make a killer meatloaf Episode 1 Released on September 6, 2012 32 pages When Becky goes to a hacker s convention to support her younger sister, what seems like a chance encounter threatens to turn into the biggest decision of her life.

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    1. Austen Rachlis

      Austen Rachlis received her MFA with Honors in screenwriting from Columbia University In 2009, FOX optioned her pilot script, Borderlines, as part of its Writer s Initiative She co wrote the short film Loop Planes, which was jointly funded and produced by Killer Films Boys Don t Cry, Far From Heaven and Massify It premiered at SXSW and has gone on to screen at over 50 film festivals internationally, including Tribeca, The Hamptons Film Festival, and the Rhode Island International Film Festival, where it won the Alternative Spirit Award She lives in Los Angeles with her husband.

    361 thoughts on “Hacker Mom”

    1. 1/1/13Wow! Rachlis pulled it back on track and finished like she started! Yay! It was disappointing because just as I was getting into the chapter it ended and I realized it is the final installment! I'm learning to read without having to have everything wrapped up in a neat bow and this is definitely one of those. I enjoyed it!12/1/12Ahh, only 4 episodes and it turns pedestrian. Such a shame because the beginning was sooo good.NovemberThis is a serial book and while it's not finished, just 3 in [...]

    2. In the interest of full disclosure, I received this as a free PDF since I entered a GR giveaway to get a free print copy. It took me a while to finish it since I was reading so many other books at the same time, but here are my thoughts.This was published as a serial, and in that format it does work. Each chapter is interesting. There is enough story in each chapter to stand on its own, but there is also the excitement to make the reader want to know what will happen next.There were some errors [...]

    3. I mean, it's called Hacker Mom. Of course I was going to read it with a title like that. The problem is that the title is completely misleading: there is no character in this book who is both a mom and a hacker. So with that huge selling point out of the way, there's nothing else to really recommend this book. None of the characters are very likable or even compelling. The story is pretty interesting, but the writing isn't great.Kindle serials are kind of like comics, both being serialized stori [...]

    4. This was not a spectacular serial but it was fun, somewhat silly and generally enjoyable. My expectations weren't high (I've been a tech professional for a long time), which probably helped. The serial format helped this book in small ways. I think I would have been frustrated by the writing in the middle (it gets a little heavy-handed) or the lack of character development if I hadn't been reading it in small parts. The plot was good but felt rushed at the end. It was a fun serial experience, a [...]

    5. Our main character doesn't do much hacking directly. It's more like she's a hacktivist & gets help from her sister, a former law-breaking hacker who has become a penetration tester. You get enough technical terms & name-dropping to provide the atmosphere promised by the title, but not so much that inaccuracies will annoy you. It's kind of a light-hearted techno-thriller. Unlike most techno-thrillers, in which there's a conspiracy that threatens life as we know it, the one in this book, w [...]

    6. Becky Taylor wants a career that allows her to fight for social justice instead she is a stay at home mom with a four year old son and a husband with an important career as a prosecutor. She feels something is missing and her sister keeps reminding her of her ambition to fight for social justice. Becky discovers a disc with damaging information about a megabank. She begins covertly seeking information and exposes state and corporate secrets and now the Feds are on her trail.The book is only five [...]

    7. I was a little disappointed in this book. Being in the Networking/PC profession, The Title lead me to believe other than what it really was. I won't go into detail in case you want to read it. Don't want to spoil it for anyone else. If I wasn't in the profession, I may have enjoyed it more.

    8. My first serial book and I'm curious what will come next. It's an easy and enjoyable read. I liked the 'hacking' / computer system theme and hope the author continues down this subject matter.

    9. This is another Kindle Serial I picked up. Its ok, and I'm interested in seeing if it actually goes anywhere, so I'll keep reading, just not sure it was worth the $1.99 yet

    10. DifferentThis is different than any book I've ever read. I like this unique way of uncovering injustice. It's definitely original!

    11. The story of Becky Taylor and her adventures with the highly controversial Open Whistle whistle blowing internet site is absolute genius! I love the idea of a stay at home mom getting involved in something so big and spectacular, all without disrupting her motherly duties.Becky attends a hackers conference in Las Vegas to provide support to her sister Molly who will be a guest speaker. Molly used to be a notorious hacker and has now gone legit in the business world. During Becky's time there, sh [...]

    12. Techno-Mommy Chick LitWhat made the experience of listening to Hacker Mom the most enjoyable?The entire experience as a whole package was enjoyable, I can't single out a single key element by itself.What did you like best about this story?I liked best that the focus was really more on the social interactions and psychological inner experiences of the protagonist. Becky Taylor is a suburban soccer-mom with little to no technical background, no career and no specific aspirations, definitively sink [...]

    13. I think this is a 2½, because I was wavering between 2 and 3. In the end, I rounded down, because there just wasn't a lot here that impressed me.A few things truly drove me nuts, and I spent the rest of the book waiting for them to be explained as more than just casual oversight:1. A well-respected hacker finds a planted disk at DEF CON and just pops it into her computer? I can only believe this if she was traveling with a non-networked burner laptop, but even then, I would expect her to either [...]

    14. I received this book as a free PDF.I really enjoyed it, it is an easy read and a good story. I was able to fall right in and see the places and people Austen is describing. There are some minor spelling errors but that does not take away from the story BUT I think there are loose ends in this story and one that is really bugging me is Marcys Chapter.Why the hell would you write about a girl that gets raped and desperately tries to escape this situation and then NEVER EVER mention her again? I am [...]

    15. I felt Hacker Mom by Austen Rachlis was a disappointment. Hacker Mom was released as a Kindle serial, with a different chapter released every month or so. I have read chapter books before (King's Green Mile and John Saul's Blackstone Chronicles) and liked the idea of a chapter book on my e-reader. The book was a bit hard to get into, but I liked the idea of a different "hacking job" coming up in each chapter. Ultimately, though I felt it fell flat. The overall plot was a bit discombobulated and [...]

    16. ****won from giveaway****I was pretty excited about winning this book, it sound like a fun book to read. I was a bit disappointed in it though. (view spoiler)[ While there were mom's and hacker's both in the book the mom was not the hacker, which is what I was expecting and excited about reading.(hide spoiler)]Some parts of this book were a bit random and never totally fit with other parts and there was an entire section where a new character was brought in but then it never went anywhere leavi [...]

    17. I was given an ebook version of this title and read it in one day. It was a good tale, interesting twists and very readable. I do wish it had been longer and had more character development and full background stories (esp. for the villian). The idea of a housewive turned hacker was cute (very Scarecrow and Mrs. King) but not very believable. Someone with as little apparent computer savvy as the main character couldn't hack corporate accounts, you can't learn via osmosis from your legendary hacke [...]

    18. I received this as a free PDF after I entered a giveaway to get a free copy of the book. I didn't know until after seeing some other reviews that this was published as a serial. The story flows well and I had been actually thinking that it would have made a nice ongoing series or trilogy. Is it a 5 star master piece destined to be a classic? Of course not. But, on the whole, it was a fun read with some interesting plot turns. I'd actually give this 3 1/2 Stars if I could

    19. This was the first "serial" I have read so I don't have a lot to compare it to. I must have liked it because each time a new episode arrived I went straight to it on my Kindle. I suppose it may have been thin in places, more character development (although the detective was fairly unforgettable) and some more insight to the underground world of hacking, would have made for a bit less bubble gum and a bit more steak. Overall though this series was a lot of fun.

    20. I received this as a goodread promotional copy. Well - that was one of those kinds of books that was kind of just there. I didn't love it - didn't hate it. Some of the characters and connections got really convoluted and I wasn't quite sure why we got so much back story on some (James for instance) and virtually none on others (Ego). Full Review:paperpossebookblog

    21. It was a struggle to pay attention to a book called Hacker Mom that didn't have a hacker mom in it. I suppose Uploader Mom or Whistle Blower Mom were already taken. Seriously, it was outdated in parts that made no sense for it to be. And the characters weren't developed enough.

    22. The characters were interesting and I really liked Becky.It was very different from any other book I have read. Not a page-turner for me and not my type of story. I didn't find it terribly interesting.I think this would have been better on TV.

    23. Hacker Mom is an interesting book. There are so many twist and turns you think your on a roller coaster. Though when I got to the end, I felt like the story was not finished - I really wanted to hear the whole story. I recommend it - it is a good suspense book and it will keep you wondering.

    24. Another interesting serialized story to entertain me over lunch. I really enjoyed the nice break this provided in my work day. The story provided just the right mix of episode and long-term plot that it kept me interested.

    25. I didnt feel that it was a waste of my time but i had trouble following along. I wasnt fond of the switching back and forth between characters. some we never see again in the story. However thisbook did have some laughs and it was a quick read.

    26. Becky Taylor, a young mother, attends a hacker convention with her sister and four year old son in tow. An minor accidental encounter leads her on a journey with a lot of risks. She ends up leading a double life that could spell big trouble for her and her family.

    27. This was a very fun read. Cute story; not edge of your seat, but definitely entertaining. A stay-at-home Mom get caught in whistle blowing and almost blows up her life.

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