The Shadow Walker

The Shadow Walker A crime debut that evokes modern Mongolia with vividness and flair a robust and entertaining first novel The Age As winter falls upon the streets of Ulan Bataar Mongolia a serial killer is just gett

  • Title: The Shadow Walker
  • Author: Michael Walters
  • ISBN: 9781847240804
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback
  • A crime debut that evokes modern Mongolia with vividness and flair a robust and entertaining first novel The Age As winter falls upon the streets of Ulan Bataar, Mongolia, a serial killer is just getting warmed up When the mutilated body of a fourth victim is found in one of the city s most expensive hotels, Nergui, the former head of the Serious Crimes squad, is no c A crime debut that evokes modern Mongolia with vividness and flair a robust and entertaining first novel The Age As winter falls upon the streets of Ulan Bataar, Mongolia, a serial killer is just getting warmed up When the mutilated body of a fourth victim is found in one of the city s most expensive hotels, Nergui, the former head of the Serious Crimes squad, is no closer to catching the killer and will accept any help he can get Drew McLeish, a senior British CID officer and no stranger to the savage side of human nature, is sent out to lend his expertise to the investigation From the abandoned factories of the city s decaying suburbs to the icy expanse of the barren steppes, Nergui and McLeish follow a trail of the dead.

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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information Aka Alex WaltersMichael Walters has worked in the oil industry, broadcasting and banking Over the last decade, he has worked as a management consultant across the world, in environments ranging from parliaments to prisons When not travelling, he lives in Manchester with his wife and three children.Series Inspector Nergui

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    1. To remember about this I'm going to quote some - the look into the life and place of Mongolia was really one of the best parts -tho I kept very intrigued by the story for sure up until the very en - got a little too predicable 44 Nergui smiled. "This is not like your country. A quarter of our population is nomadic. Of course, there are close family ties in many cases, and these days most people are formally registered with the state for voting and social security purposes. It's easier than it us [...]

    2. This book was a slog, just aweful. Story was unimaginative, plot was overly descriptive and methodical in a bad way, characters were unmemorable, protaganist wasn't proactive enough, plus there wasn't a single female in the whole book. It was doubly bad because it took no advantage of Mongolia as a unique setting. I found nothing memorable about the sense of place. I lived there for 2 years with the Peace Corps, and I know Mongolians don't talk the way this book depicts them. Yet, I felt obligat [...]

    3. THE SHADOW WALKER (Police Proc-Mongolia-Cont) – G+Walker, Michael – 1st bookQuercus, 2006- UK Hardcover***Although there is crime in Ulan Baatar, the capital of Mongolia, finding a corpse missing it’s head and hands is far from normal. Negrui, ex-head of the Serious Crime Squad is ordered back to his former role with instructions to clear the case immediately. When the fourth victim is a British geologist, senior British CID officer Drew McLeish is sent to work with Negrui and his successo [...]

    4. Let's see. Our hero inspector laments the lack of money to have a real police office as he sits in a green office with one desk and one chair. So, money is tight in Ulan Bator. I get it. But then where does the money come from to support a crime lab and a forensic team? Really. Mind you they just show up at every murder, but do nothing. The author can't be bothered to actually study police procedures in Mongolia. This is a new kind of touristic exoticism:'I'll learn just enough to write some boo [...]

    5. A gripping, clever tale of shadows, corruption and murderWhen a mutilated body is discovered in Mongolia dressed in the clothes of a westener it is pushed under the carpet until a week later when another body is foundNergui who works for the ministry is asked to head up the investigation. This is no ordinary case therefore they ask assistance from the British government and McLeish is sent out to assist on the case.All the bodies are left in open places . of them a British scientist Doripalam a [...]

    6. Decent readLacking in suspense, but the mystery was fairly inscrutable for the first half of the book. Exotic locale, characters a bit wooden, but as a procedural it was interesting.

    7. This debut crime thriller is intriguing because it’s set entirely in Mongolia, a country about which most of us in the West know little.The capital Ulan Baatar has its fair share of crime, but not too many murders. And certainly no previous murdered corpses missing the head and hands. And alarmingly the bodies start to mount up… It’s winter so citizens have to wrap up or they might freeze to death. These temperatures play havoc with identifying the time of death, too. Nergui was transferre [...]

    8. Review: The Shadow Walker by Michael Walters.The book is set in Mongolia where the people scuffle to find a place in the post-global world. I thought the story was written with ease and the characters were well created for their place in the story. At first it was hard to get into the story because the author stacked up murders one after another. As I read on I finally was able to understand the complex situation and follow the story. However, the story seems to lack hard core descriptions for t [...]

    9. I'm having a hard time deciding exactly how to review this book. My opinion of it is EXTREMELY colored by the fact that I lived in Mongolia so I am perhaps judging some of the pieces too much and not focusing on other parts as equally. I guess to start I will say that I think the story is good overall, but suffers from the fact that this is the first book by Walters. I think (and hope) the next in the series will be better.I think Walters did an incredible job of capturing some of details of Mon [...]

    10. Less of a full review, and more of a note about the first book in this (now) 3 book series set in Mongolia. THE SHADOW WALKER is the first book, which I read recently, having already read the 2nd in the series (the third is here in the queue).A first book in a series is often slighty problematic and I have to say having read the 2nd book (The Adversary) which I loved, I was willing to cut this first book a lot more slack than perhaps others would be willing. In THE SHADOW WALKER, the two main ch [...]

    11. Michael Walters deftly succeeds in writing a book with a Sense of Place. Shadow Walker is set in Mongolia. However, it is slow going. The crime solving is frustratingly and painstakingly slow, so the book plods on similarly. But I still enjoyed it.Mongolia is suffering growing pains. She is growing as a nation, although still struggling to get out of the shadow of her past with Communist Russia and other past governments. The city of Ulan Baatar is described with its ugly Russian-built governmen [...]

    12. A disappointment, overall.In theory a police procedural, the main relationship is between the Mongolian investigator and a visiting British police officer - but once the Brit is kidnapped, it becomes pretty boring and focused on adding more convolutions to the plot. And despite the convoluted aspects, it become pretty obvious early on "who-dun'it." But then he has the main bad guy spend like ten pages explaining the details at the end! At which point, who cares.I gave this one star, but that mos [...]

    13. I think I'm teetering between 3 and 1/2 and four stars for this. It was a pretty good mystery, compelling and a page turner, but so little was known of the story progression for so long, and left mostly everything to the final exposition between two characters. I liked the main character pretty well, Nergui, and Drew, the English policeman who ended up being used a bargining chip for a desperate killer? or something else? It was a little unclear what "professional" actually meant. It was differ [...]

    14. Picked this off the "new arrivals" shelf at the library. It felt similar to the Leaphorn/Chee novels written by the late Tony Hillerman, only the main characters were Mongolian rather than Navajo. I'm still unsure what I think about the British inspector ("Drew McLeish"), namely whether he really belonged in the story. Without giving away much of the plot, I'm not so sure he was as relevant as the author would have hoped. I would have rather seen the development of Nergui working with Doripalam [...]

    15. It seems the editor fell asleep halfway through this book. The beginning has a nice vignette about how coffee is rather foreign in Mongolia which only the westernized youth can stomach, only then to have scene with a coffee maker and countless used cups in the police station since everyone drinks coffeeWe meet Maxon who wears sunglasses so we don't know his expression, then we meet a Russian mobster who wears sunglasses and we can see his expression. Drew is tied down to a table, but if he turns [...]

    16. This was an OK "police procedural" with the saving grace being its setting in modern Mongolia. The detectives seemed pretty clueless frankly; they were more lucky in solving the case than brilliant. In my favorite mystery stories you realize at the end that the clues were right in front of your face all the time. Not in this book. Its almost like the author got tired of writing and so just sewed up the plot in the last twenty pages so he could go do something else. It was inoffensive (though vio [...]

    17. Shadow Walker is a debut mystery by Michael Walters. This book is basically a police procedural set in Mongolia. Enigmatic Inspector Nergui is pulled back from his special assignment at the Ministry to work a case involving several deaths (serial killer?). Teaming up with the man who has been promoted to his old job, Doripalam, and a British officer sent because one of the dead men was British citizen, Drew McLeish, he asks questions that lead them from the streets of Ulan Baatar to tent camps o [...]

    18. Some books you read for character. Some books you read for plot. Some books you read for settingd get what you pay for. Walters draws an excellent picture of modern Mongolia, and manages a certain level of emotional tension due to that exoticism and the reader's unavoidable (well, if you're not from the steppes) feeling of alienation. At the root, though, this is really a Sherlock Holmes knock-off, with a nearly-omniscient investigator from the Mongolian Ministry of Justice followed about by a b [...]

    19. This is one of the finest mystery/thriller/detective novels I have ever read. It is written with intelligence and ability to provide the suspense necessary to keep one reading. Detective Nergui is the best1 I think, also, the ssense of place is of great interest and value for those of us who like to armchair travel. I leasrned a bit about Mongolia, the environs, some cultural aspects and the life style of the people who inhabit this faaraway land, which has always been a mystical place for me. I [...]

    20. This book was a bit of a slow starter, but the very twisty plot kept you guessing until the last moment! Mr. Walters knows how to build suspense! The gory nature of the crimes is unsettling, to say the least and having the drama unfold in Mongolia is just perfect. Westerners know relatively little about the country, so the information was great. The landscape of the country & city also helped a lot with the tension I want to read more from this author and hope to see another book featuring N [...]

    21. At the start of a Mongolian winter, gruesome murders start appearing in UB. Nergui, the Mongolian in charge of the investigation, teams up with a British police officer sent over in a goodwill attempt. There were a few sections where background information was worked in rather unsubtly, and it could be that some economic issues are portrayed a bit one-sidedly, but all in all it was a gripping read and did a great job of conjuring up a vivid image of Mongolia. Nergui was a great character and I'm [...]

    22. Set in a country struggling to come to terms with the legacy of its past and the promise of its future, The Shadow Walker is a gripping thriller that introduces Inspector Nergui of the Mongolian Serious Crime squad.As winter?s first snows fall on Ulaan Bataar, the mutilated body of a British geologist is found in the city?s most expensive hotel, apparently the fourth victim of a serial killer. With political pressure to solve the crimes mounting, Nergui, ex-head of the Serious Crime squad, is or [...]

    23. First things first: this is a dude book about dudes.Police dudes, but politics dudes and business dudes too.Secondly: the language is not always what I think would be accurate, and gets a little clunky in the dialogue.That being said, this is a very absorbing, politically-oriented mystery that's quite different from your average police procedural. I very much enjoyed this, although it will definitely not be to everyone's tastes.Finally, there should be a tw on this book for violence, murder, kid [...]

    24. Another work one I didn't hate. I liked that Walters made a Mongolian character the main focus and not the weakass british guy. And it made me want to go there, despite the beheadings of foreigners. I'd pay $12 to see this on a screen. Who would be Negrui? Probably the hotass Japanese guy playing Gengis Khan in the new film Mongol (which I want to see).Who would play the British guy? Maybe grey-up hotass Hugh Laurie and make him slightly sad and befudled. Mmmm yeah

    25. Two stars for an interesting setting and, in fairness, it is not one of the worst books I've ever read - but I finished more from habit than any real interest and feel the "bad guy discloses all" ending was pretty weak. Not to mention the random mediocre British cop who serves no purpose beyond telling us (ad nauseum) how unfathomable Mongolians are. Nergui captured my interest, but not sufficiently to counter the book's flaws.

    26. This is a first book by this author. The story is set in Mongolia, so has observations, etc about some culturally distinct customs, etc. Nergui is the Mongolian detective and Drew McLeish the Brit who goes there to assist after an English man is killed. Not my top favorite, but I did enjoy it. I think that Nergui is the character I most "enjoyed" and would want to know more about.

    27. well, i had to read this of course, because it is a murder mystery set in ulan baator in mongolia and i was there and i saw so many places and people that are described! so of course i am completely unobjective. still, pretty fascinating, and suze, i hope you read it and let me know how it is to someone who hasnt gone there yet.

    28. PROTAGONIST: NuremiSETTING: MongoliaSERIES: #1RATING: 3.25A very interesting setting (Mongolia), with interesting information on the cutlure and political environment. The pacing lagged. Lots of killings, but no real action. The villain wasn't a very interesting one. Not certain I'll continue with this series.

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