Mairelon the Magician

Mairelon the Magician There s magic in the streets of London there s sorcery in the village lanes there s a plot that has all of Society talking in an England that never was but should have been Mairelon was a traveling

  • Title: Mairelon the Magician
  • Author: Patricia C. Wrede
  • ISBN: 9780312850418
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Hardcover
  • There s magic in the streets of London, there s sorcery in the village lanes there s a plot that has all of Society talking in an England that never was, but should have been Mairelon was a traveling magician living out of a gypsy wagon, but his clothes and his speech were too fine for the role and an air of dark mystery surrounded him.Kim was a guttersnipe, living by herThere s magic in the streets of London, there s sorcery in the village lanes there s a plot that has all of Society talking in an England that never was, but should have been Mairelon was a traveling magician living out of a gypsy wagon, but his clothes and his speech were too fine for the role and an air of dark mystery surrounded him.Kim was a guttersnipe, living by her wits in the mean streets of London, disguised as a boy, uncertain of her past or future She was no fool in spite of her low station she quickly had Mairelon pegged as an impostor The magic he performed was much than a performer s razzle dazzle it had the smell of true magic worked by a college trained sorcerer.Kim knew that Mairelon was somehow entangled in a vast plot, an arcane conspiracy that reached out to the farthest country estates and up to the highest levels of Society What she didn t know was that she too was about to get entangled with this stranger s fate, and that once she did, her life would be changed forever.

    • Mairelon the Magician ¦ Patricia C. Wrede
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    1. Patricia C. Wrede

      Patricia Collins Wrede was born in Chicago, Illinois and is the eldest of five children She started writing in seventh grade She attended Carleton College in Minnesota, where she majored in Biology and managed to avoid taking any English courses at all She began work on her first novel, Shadow Magic, just after graduating from college in 1974 She finished it five years later and started her second book at once, having become permanently hooked on writing by this time.Patricia received her M.B.A from the University of Minnesota in 1977.She worked for several years as a financial analyst and accountant, first with the Minnesota Hospital Association, then with B Dalton Booksellers, and finally at the Dayton Hudson Corporation headquarters.Patricia finished her first novel in late 1978 In January, 1980, Pamela Dean, Emma Bull, Will Shetterly, Steven Brust, Nate Bucklin, and Patricia Wrede all, at that point, hopeful but unpublished formed the writer s group that later became known as The Scribblies In April of 1980, Patricia s first novel sold to Ace Books It came out at last in 1982, which is the year she met Lillian Stewart Carl who introduced her to Lois McMaster Bujold by mail.In 1985, shortly before the publication of her fifth book, she left the world of the gainfully employed to try winging it on her own.Her interests include sewing, embroidery, desultory attempts at gardening, chocolate, not mowing the lawn, High Tea, and, of course, reading.She is a vegetarian, and currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her cats, Merlin, Brisen, and Nimue She has no children, but as of this writing, she does have four nieces and four nephews ranging in age from seven months to twelve years old and in geographical location from Maine to Alabama.She has published twelve and a half books Shadow Magic, Daughter of Witches, The Seven Towers, Talking to Dragons, The Harp of Imach Thyssel, Caught in Crystal, Snow White and Rose Red, Dealing with Dragons, Mairelon the Magician, Searching for Dragons, Calling on Dragons, The Raven Ring, and a collaboration with fellow Minneapolis author Caroline Stevermer, Sorcery and Cecelia, as well as a collection of short stories titled Book of Enchantments She is also part of the Liavek shared world anthology.

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    1. I saw that someone on my list had put this book up and I thought, "Hey, I think I have that on my shelf somewhere." Sure enough, it was there. I don't know where I got it, I've had it for years and never read it. It was either something I inherited from my mom's collection of books when she was downsizing or it was a gift from my aunt who is a librarian and has given me many cool books over the years.Anyway, one night Seth and I were looking for something to read aloud together. We had finished [...]

    2. Regency heist capers! This book is amazing -- magic and manners all wrapped up into an amazing package filled with thieves cant and not a single person who is what they seem.I love this book! It's a perfect winter reread.

    3. This book felt so thoroughly mediocre. Which is unusual, I think. Most books have something that make them stand out more (in good or bad ways!), but this felt like just a collection of things that I like well enough, but that never became more than that.Like, Regency era with magic! Orphan girl falls in with mysterious magician! But it never really sparked for me. There was stuff that was supposed to be all farce-like, but . . . it's not even that it felt flat. It was just THERE. Mediocre.Oh we [...]

    4. I wish I had a ton of good things to say about Mairelon the Magician, but I don't. In fact, I did something with this book that I have NEVER done with a book before--I gave up on it in the middle of the climax.*If you aren't interested in scathing reviews, stop here!*I had just slogged through a cliched 'gather all the usual suspects into one room' scene that was loooooong, boring, and confusing, with a good dozen characters (many of them called by more than one name) running around in the dark, [...]

    5. When Kim is caught snooping in the wagon of a traveling illusionist, she's shocked that her target reacts by offering her a job. Helping Mairelon on stage sounds like the perfect way of getting out of town for a bit, but it soon becomes clear that the man she's joined up with is no ordinary performer.This one got off to a promising start with Kim's introduction to Mairelon and her encounters on the streets of a fantasy-world London. It's a little coincidence-heavy and I feel like I've read one t [...]

    6. I'm actually reading the omnibus edition of both books 1 & 2,A Matter of Magic (which has the MOST BEAUTIFUL COVER!!). But something in me bristles at the idea of writing a combined review for two books, so logging separate editions it is!So, Mairelon the Magician. I LOVED Patricia Wrede's Dealing with Dragons, so I was expecting a sort of similar airy witty writing? It's aimed at an older audience with more complex prose, but that just meant the writing is denser and more convoluted, and I [...]

    7. I was quite disappointed with this book, mostly because I loved PCW's Enchanted Forest Chronicles and this book wasn't nearly as good. It had loads of potential, with Kim going from gutter thief to a crime-solving magician. But it didn't deliver.1st, it was third person, and I feel the story would have been stronger from inside Kim's head. Do much of the story is about the old guy Mairelon anyway, and I wish the story was actually about the main character instead.2nd, Mairelon seems like a girl' [...]

    8. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. After the good reviews I thought I might go into it expecting a little much, but it delivered.The protagonist was sympathetic and developed well during the story. The antagonists were quite dislikable, in a likable sort of way for an antagonist. That may sound strange, but I've read way too many books where the bad guys were just bad and that was all. There was some development here, and I appreciated it.Not exactly what I was expecting, but well done a [...]

    9. Almost 17 (at least as near as she can tell), Kim has spent all of her life on the streets of London, living disguised as a boy and struggling just to survive. An orphan with no other means to support herself, Kim once belonged to a family of thieves but an unfortunate run-in with the law has left her more alone than ever, her taste for 'the cracking lay' utterly destroyed. Now she gets by as best she can, so she doesn't hesitate to take a commission to break into a street magician's wagon just [...]

    10. Kim has played the part of a thieving boy for most of her life, hiding her gender being the safer alternative to revealing herself as a girl in the dark underbelly of Regency London. But she knows this career path will soon come to an end, as at seventeen she is quickly outgrowing her disguise. When a job leads her into Mairelon the magician’s wagon, she finds real magic and an opportunity to become someone new.Following Mairelon as he flees from the city, she quickly finds herself lost in a p [...]

    11. I'll try to review this in full later, but for now:I read this as part of the A Matter of Magic set, which has this and the next book in 1 volume; since I'm not done reading A Matter of Magic, and don't know when I'll get back to it, I'll just talk about this individually for now.Basically, I love Patricia C Wrede. She writes characters that I just adore, and this - mostly - was no exception. Everything was going along swimmingly until suddenly it WASN'T. I'm giving this a 4 because I'm setting [...]

    12. In an alternate Regency, Kim is scouting out a wagon where an itinerant magician is performing his tricks. Once she knows how long he is out, she goes inside to check what he's got, a spying mission a real toff sent her on. When she tries to open one chest, a ward explodes, and she thinks she should have asked for more money, since she hit on a real wizard.When she rouses again, the wizard and his servant have caught her. Whereupon the wizard takes her on, over the servant's objection (there are [...]

    13. I desperately wanted to give this four stars, but the ending happened. By Jove, that was tedious.The protagonist? FABULOUS. Kim was interesting and fun and didn't take any crap. Mairelon was enjoyable and his character complemented Kim's adorably. I ship it.The problem was that their relationship was often pushed aside for a wordy, often confusing, and slightly boring mystery plot that culminated in one of the most boring couple of chapters I've ever had the displeasure of reading. For the first [...]

    14. "Mairelon the Magician" (1), by Patricia Wrede (already 5* for Dragon series), is a warm witty clever wizard masquerading as a caravan amateur, who plays sculptor Pygmalion to train 17ish boyish pauper Kim. To clear the toff's name, they seek a set of enspelled silver dishes and original London thieves from five years ago. I got a tad annoyed, tangled in names and relationships, shifty and silly shenanigans, lost track who said who did what where. How could interfering Lady Granleigh decide "qui [...]

    15. Wow, I haven't disliked a book this much in a really long time. There were too many characters and I just had no desire to keep track of them. The dialog was horrible and page after page was filled with what could have been said in less than one. I broke down and decided to skim read and then just started skipping whole pages. I would pick a page and read a few lines here and there to try and catch on what was happening and it was the same for about 50 pages!"You have the platter??" "No I have t [...]

    16. I loved the Dragon series by Wrede, and I was hoping the same kind of wit and charm those books had would be brought to this novel. Unfortunately, this is a somewhat forgettable book (as a few days after reading it I can no longer recall much detail.The main character Kim dresses as a boy and does various odd jobs to earn money. It was somewhat amusing to follow this character albeit only in a somewhat superficial manner. Mairelon, the other "main" character seemed a bit perfect but at least had [...]

    17. Давайте я сейчас сразу сделаю аванс на вторую часть (ныне оба романа серии издают под одной обложкой) и скажу, что вот в этой книге я обнаружила примерно всё, чего ждала от "Shades of Milk and Honey".

    18. I read this book on a lark, hoping to finish all I can by this child-hood favorite author. And then I was happily surprised to see some of my favorite plot elements mixed together: street thieves, London in the olden days (no specific dates given, but before industry), street magicians, real occult magic, a gypsy wagon and then a mystery tossed in for fun. I do wish that there had been more of Kim's former life as a street thief included here, as well as more illusion magic but the rest of the b [...]

    19. One of my all time favorite books from Wrede, I keep this one constantly loaded on my nook. Kim is a girl on the streets masquerading as a boy and takes a job to break into a street magician's wagony to discover he's a real magician.As always Wrede gives real attention to all her characters minor and major and the dialogue feels genuine and the banter is enjoyable. I come back to the book frequently and love it every time.

    20. Oh the potential! Regency era from the perspective of a female London street urchin turned magician's apprentice. But then said urchin never does anything. She literally just watches things happen. And I couldn't keep the characters straight because there were about 57 of them, the majority of which seemed to be upper class 20ish white men.

    21. Alright. like 3.5-3.8. -shrug- I liked the ending - the last chapter. And it was decidedly entertainingbutI don't know. I didn't like that Kim still believed that Marielon would't want her around at the end of the book. That bothered me a bit. Among other things that I justdidn't like.But it was a good book.

    22. Entertaining fantasy set in a historical England. Too many characters to keep track of but it doesn't really matter for following the plot. Except for a "reveal" chapter near the end of the book that is like a high speed farce, the action is good.

    23. Just plain fun! Sadly, the climax took about 50 pages and wasn't very climactic at all. Still, entertaining on the whole. A quick, fun read.

    24. SummaryKim is a pickpocket and street thief doing her best to survive. When she’s hired to spy on a performing magician she gets more than she bargained for. The man she was hired to spy on is a real magician! Mairelon offers her the chance to escape the streets of London in return for her help. She agrees, but there is more to Mairelon than meets the eye. The two embark on their quest to find the culprits behind an increasingly long list of alarming events and unearth more absurdidies than th [...]

    25. Surprisingly good. It has been on my to-read list so long that I kind of have ignored it. I thought it would be a kind of silly children's fiction where the main character and her best friends go on a magical and unrealistic adventure. This was not it at all however. It was funny and amusing, exciting, and I liked the added vocabulary and their accents so that you can really visualize how they talked and it just felt more realistic. The speech of the 'gentry' was also well put together and I lov [...]

    26. Wow, this book Those long, rambling scenes that just got more and more unbelievably ridiculous as they went on. They had me laughing so hard.Great, great book. I just wished there'd be a little less slang in the speech and writing. The old-fashioned English words were sometimes hard to decipher, and I've read a lot of historical fiction taking place in that time. It takes a bit of the joy away from a book when you have to re-read sentences to try and figure out what the fudge the main character [...]

    27. Having just read gay Georgette Heyer with pirates, I moved on to Mairelon the Magician, which is YA Georgette Heyer with magic. Good fun, but not as well-written as Heyer (or as Mackenzi Lee, for that matter) - in particular some of Kim's thieves' cant has a little bit of a "how do you do, fellow kids" effect.

    28. I chose fantasy as one of the themes since there is some magic involved in the story, not just the showmanship kind, but also the casting spells type. The story line itself took a while to get started and at times characters were thrown in willy-nilly but it turned out pretty good in the end.

    29. An interesting premise and plot, but the writing was lacking – the choice by the author to reveal everything through overly long dialogue was confusing and not nearly as interesting as it could have been.

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