Five Days in November

Five Days in November The New York Times bestselling authors of Mrs Kennedy and Me share the stories behind the five infamous tragic days surrounding JFK s assassination alongside revealing and iconic photographs publishe

  • Title: Five Days in November
  • Author: Clint Hill Lisa McCubbin
  • ISBN: 9781476731490
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The New York Times bestselling authors of Mrs Kennedy and Me share the stories behind the five infamous, tragic days surrounding JFK s assassination alongside revealing and iconic photographs published in remembrance of the beloved president on the fiftieth anniversary of his death.On November 22, 1963, three shots were fired in Dallas, President John F Kennedy was assasThe New York Times bestselling authors of Mrs Kennedy and Me share the stories behind the five infamous, tragic days surrounding JFK s assassination alongside revealing and iconic photographs published in remembrance of the beloved president on the fiftieth anniversary of his death.On November 22, 1963, three shots were fired in Dallas, President John F Kennedy was assassinated, and the world stopped for four days For an entire generation, it was the end of an age of innocence That evening, a photo ran on the front pages of newspapers across the world, showing a Secret Service agent jumping on the back of the presidential limousine in a desperate attempt to protect the President and Mrs Kennedy That agent was Clint Hill Now Secret Service Agent Clint Hill commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of the tragedy with this stunning book containing than 150 photos, each accompanied by Hill s incomparable insider account of those terrible days With poignant narration accompanying rarely seen images, we witness three year old John Kennedy Jr s pleas to come to Texas with his parents and the rapturous crowds of mixed ages and races that greeted the Kennedys at every stop in Texas We stand beside a shaken Lyndon Johnson as he is hurriedly sworn in as the new president We experience the first lady s steely courage when she insists on walking through the streets of Washington, D.C in her husband s funeral procession A story that has taken Clint Hill fifty years to tell, this is a work of personal and historical scope Besides the unbearable grief of a nation and the monumental consequences of the event, the death of JFK was a personal blow to a man sworn to protect the first family, and who knew, from the moment the shots rang out in Dallas, that nothing would ever be the same.

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    1. I just finished reading this book and read it in one eveningeven though I already knew the outcome it was so well written and minute by minute detail it kept me hooked. There is a lot of information in the book which I did not know, and there are many photographs I had never seen before. truly a well documented and well written account through the eyes of Clint Hill, who was actually Jackie Kennedys Secret Service man. The book brought me to tears as I relived the event I remember vividly watchi [...]

    2. This book is an incredible inside account of an extraordinary time in U.S. history. The entire nation mourned for this young president. Today, our nation seems so divided. I never cease to be amazed by Jackie Kennedy. To think of her bravery and poise at only 34 years of age. She led this nation through a horrid national tragedy with her incredible grace. Every time I see pictures of the Kennedy's getting into the car that day in Dallas, I want to stop time and keep them safe.Being able to "see" [...]

    3. I, like so many other Americans, can remember with amazing clarity where I was when I learned that President Kennedy had been assassinated. Former Secret Service Agent Clint Hill, assigned to protect the First Lady, has written a book about the assassination and the events of that weekend that followed from a perspective that only he has. While I thought that I knew a lot about these events, in fact, I stood in line for hours to view the casket in the Capitol and watched the funeral procession m [...]

    4. Wow. Amazing book. I really didn't imagine that this book would be as wonderful as "Mrs. Kennedy and Me", but Clint Hill did it again. I just finished it and still have such a heavy feeling in my heart. Kennedy's assassination was 50 years ago, but Hill's memories are like it was yesterday. Not a single other person experienced Kennedy's death and the aftermath with the closeness to Jackie Kennedy that Hill had. He was by her side for all of it, so he has a view into this tragedy like no one els [...]

    5. A very moving account of the last five days of President Kennedy's life by Mrs. Kennedy's secret service agent, Clint Hill. Mr. Hill gives us an almost minute by minute accounting of these days. There probably isn't much that he relates to us that isn't known by now but you still find yourself wondering what's next. There are very many pictures in this book and some people have complained that they are not accompanied with text but, I found them to be very moving, to see how vigorous and alive P [...]

    6. I was 13 and I remember seeing a teacher sobbing, her make-up streaking her face. I remember walking home from school that day and everything was so quiet, no children playing, no one watering their lawn, no dogs barking, no cars, just silence and the world seemed so gray. I was certainly old enough to understand what had happened and by 13 had already experienced the loss of my grandparents so I understood grief but this was so different. Reading the detailed description of what happened during [...]

    7. Concise memory (and guilt) told from Mrs. Kennedy's secret service agent, who was there. The one who leaped upon the back of the convertible after the first shot. This well written, emotionally tough reveal surprised me: that this secret service agent felt tremendous guilt because he didn't do his job. It has haunted him. He rarely discussed it with others, even though no one accused him of being able to have done anything differently. The five day "Texas tour" was planned to reunite the Democra [...]

    8. The one book to read Of all of the many books about President Kennedy’s assassination this is the one to read. It is the only one written from cover to cover by an eyewitness, up close (really close) and personal. It is well written in first person present tense. Only Clint Hill could do that. All of the other books about the assassination must use secondary sources or rumors. That is not the case in “Five Days in November” because Clint Hill was there as shown in many of the photos. He su [...]

    9. How can anyone write an account about those five days of the Kennedy assassination and have anything new to say? Well, if you are the Secret Service bodyguard for Jacqueline Kennedy during JFK's days in the White House, you can. I wouldn't say the writing was a knock out. But it is, after all, a day to day account of what went on during the days before and after. Everyone is aware of how brave and gracious Jackie was during such a truly unimaginable tragedy. In this book, we get to hear and see [...]

    10. After watching Clint Hill on several C-SPAN programs talking about the Kennedy assassination, I read his book. I really enjoyed reading it. The collaboration with Lisa McCubbin resulted in a well-written flow through Kennedy's trip to Dallas to his funeral. I have read other books on the assassination, but learned things reading this book that I had not known. If you want to learn more on the assassination, I recommend reading this book along with the chapters covering the assassination in The P [...]

    11. Great book from Jackie Kennedys secret service agent. This book has some pics I'd never seen before and that was a nice touch. The book covers 5 days in November, '63. Starting with the day before they arrive in Dallas and ending on the day of JFKs funeral, which was also JFK Jr's birthday. I've read several books on JFKs assasination and this is the best book by far.

    12. Powerful, touching, honest and gratifying. Clint Hill's voice and memories are more than I, born after the assassination, ever expected to hear. They are clear and not muddled by theories or historic vitriol. The authors give a clear view of the events of those five days through the eyes of Clint Hill.

    13. Interesting account of the JFK assassination. As someone who didn't live through that even, it has always fascinated me. This book was a fast read, with many photographs from that time. I enjoyed it.

    14. Very interesting and educational.There are LOTS of never before seen (by me) pictures, and a different historical perspective by someone who was there.

    15. wow. This book is going to stay with me. the words and photos definitely told the truth. man Jackie was young!

    16. This is a well written and very informative book with its detailed descriptions of those "Five Days in November." It is a book filled with candidness and displayed by many iconic photographs. Clint Hill, Secret Service agent, reveals his vivid memories of those days surrounding the assassination of President John F Kennedy, who died at the early age of 46. Clint Hill has clearly lived through much pain, anger, and frustration, and has felt a sense of failure because of that tragic day in Dallas [...]

    17. I'd been waiting for this book for a long time, tried to put it on hold twice because I'd forgotten that it was, already on hold for me. Clint Hill doesn't really share anything that he hasn't shared before but the timeline format of this book did bring a different focus to his memories. The addition of so many beautiful photographs made the anecdotes seem more poignant and I think that this book would be a good starting point with people unfamiliar with the events of those days. He also allows [...]

    18. Riveting; absolutely incredible. Clint Hill, for those unaware, was the Secret Service agent in charge of the security detail for Mrs. Kennedy, made famous for the iconic photos of him lunging toward the presidential convertible limousine to protect the First Lady after the first shot was fired. He tells the story of Jack Kennedy's assassination in stunning detail from the very beginning of that fateful trip to Texas. Mr. Hill's retelling of the minutiae of the trip is simply amazing, from the w [...]

    19. Clint Hill and his co-author once again take us back in time to those 5 days in November that changed the world and the course of the United States forever. I was a child in 1963, yet the assassination of President John F. Kennedy left me sad and scared. I can only imagine the horror for adults. Hill had a too close view. In the famous pictures, just after the shots are fired he is the first agent to react. You see him climbing onto the back of the Presidential limo trying in vain to save JFK an [...]

    20. Coauthored by Clint Hill, the Secret Service agent responsible for Jackie Kennedy's security while she was the First Lady. In those grainy photographs and newsreel of Nov 22, 1963, most people in the world have seen the lone Secret Service agent struggling to climb onto the back of Kennedy's limo in Dallas during the shooting to protect the President and Mrs Kennedy. That man is Clint Hill. Clint Hill is a decent and courageous man who played an unbelievable part in American history. There is no [...]

    21. The assassination of President Kennedy happened years before I was born, and my knowledge of it was pretty rudimentary. As the 50th anniversary neared, a friend of mine told me about a book they were reading, Mrs. Kennedy and Me by Clint Hill. I read it and was fascinated by the amount of detail, by how personal the account was, and it led me to want to read his account of the assassination. Five Days in November is that account. It is incredibly well-written and informative. I read in over the [...]

    22. This slim little book is chock-full of photographs of the five days in November that is one of the most historical time periods in American history. What I love about this particular rendering is that it is written--beautifully, I might add--by Mrs. Kennedy's primary detail, Clint Hill. He was the service agent who literally leaped onto the presidential car in the seconds after Kennedy was shot. There are an incredibly small handfuls of individuals who were present throughout those days who coul [...]

    23. From the one man that witnessed it all (Jackie's Secret Service Agent), incredible account of one of the darkest weeks in American history. Easy read with lots of photographs but reading about the Texas Trip of the Kennedys and then the horrific assassination from Mr. Hill's perspective almost makes all speculation of the event irrelevant. Interesting details of the mood throughout the trip, certain "politics" that came with the offical start of the 1964 re-election campaign for JFK and also why [...]

    24. A detailed retelling of the trip to Texas by President and Mrs. Kennedy by former Secret Service agent Clint Hill, who was Mrs. Kennedy's agent and who was the one who jumped on the back of the limousine during the assassination. Hill gives a pretty good description of what the Secret Service has to do during presidential trips, the long, grueling hours and so forth and fills in a lot of the intimate details of the days between Nov. 21st and 25th, 1963, the earlier trips to San Antonio, Houston [...]

    25. Wow. Personal, poignant, and beautiful story of the Kennedy assassination, told by one of the people closest to the Kennedy family- a secret service agent.This is a story you won’t read in the papers, and you won’t see in the history books. How did The White House react to the news of President Kennedy’s death? How did Ms. Kennedy plan such a large state funeral in just 2 short days? And all of this while mourning the death of her husband.I only wish the book was longer. I’d love to know [...]

    26. This book was INSANELY interesting. As someone who wasn't even a twinkle in her mother's eyes when JFK was assassinated, Special Agent Hill's (and Lisa McCubbin's) retelling of the events surrounding President Kennedy's murder was really informative. Mr. Hill's presence in the White House and in the lives of the First Family gave him a unique viewpoint from which to tell the story. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who might be interested.Just a note, it's not until the epilogue tha [...]

    27. Devoured this book over two nights during the weekend of the 50th Anniversary of JFK's murder and funeral. Secret Service Protective Detail Agent Clint Hill was charged with protecting Jackie Kennedy, and was by her side constantly; from Washington to Dallas, back to Washington, and the exhausting 3 days of mourning to the burial and lighting of the Eternal Flame at Arlington National Cemetery. He tells his story tastefully, and yet one can tell the heartbreak and remorse he has struggled with, [...]

    28. No matter your personal opinion of the man or his policies, this is a heart rending book. It focuses on the five days around the assassination of President Kennedy, as told by Secret Service agent Clint Hill, who was on site when it happened. He was, in fact, the agent who jumped on the presidential car when the shots rang out. I won't ever forget some of the stories told in this book. What a harrowing moment it was. I am glad for the insights into the days before and after the assassination as [...]

    29. Clint Hill was Jackie Kennedy's personal Secret Service Man. He was there on 11/22/63, and actually, he was the man in all the photos crawling onto the back of the car to put Jackie back in after the fatal shots. This is the inside story of that week that changed Americans. Mostly telling Jackie's heartbreaking story (with lots of detailed pics). I found myself choked up for her more than once. What was also great about this was that 1)Lee Harvey is barely mentioned-he's a sidenote, and 2)he put [...]

    30. Secret Service Agent, Clint Hill, recounts the 5 days leading up to JFK’s assassination in the book, Five Days in November. Hill was a Secret Service Agent for the Kennedy family and specifically assigned as Jackie personal guard. His insight into the family and personal moments is respectful and shows his love and loyalty to his job and the First Family. The focus is on the family and the specific events, not the investigation or conspiracies. There are over 150 pictures, many showing beautif [...]

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