Tatiana The fearless investigative reporter Tatiana Petrovna falls to her death from a sixth floor window in Moscow the same week that a mob billionaire Grisha Grigorenko is shot and buried with the trappin

  • Title: Tatiana
  • Author: Martin Cruz Smith
  • ISBN: 9781439140215
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The fearless investigative reporter Tatiana Petrovna falls to her death from a sixth floor window in Moscow the same week that a mob billionaire, Grisha Grigorenko, is shot and buried with the trappings due a lord No one makes the connection, but Arkady is transfixed by the tapes he discovers of Tatiana s voice, even as she describes horrific crimes hidden by official verThe fearless investigative reporter Tatiana Petrovna falls to her death from a sixth floor window in Moscow the same week that a mob billionaire, Grisha Grigorenko, is shot and buried with the trappings due a lord No one makes the connection, but Arkady is transfixed by the tapes he discovers of Tatiana s voice, even as she describes horrific crimes hidden by official versions The trail leads to Kaliningrad, a Cold War secret city and home of the Baltic Fleet, separated by hundreds of miles from the rest of Russia Arkady delves into Tatiana s past and a surreal world of wandering dunes and amber mines His only link is a notebook written in the personal code of a translator whose body is found in the dunes Arkady s only hope of decoding the symbols lies in Zhenya, a teenage chess hustler.

    • Tatiana By Martin Cruz Smith
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    1. Martin Cruz Smith

      AKA Simon Quinn, Nick Carter.Martin Cruz Smith born Martin William Smith , American novelist, received his BA in Creative Writing from the University of Pennsylvania in 1964 He worked as a journalist from 1965 to 1969 before turning his hand to fiction His first mystery Gypsy in Amber 1971 features NY gypsy art dealer Roman Grey and was nominated for an Edgar Award Nightwing was his breakthrough novel and was made into a movie.Smith is best known for his series of novels featuring Russian investigator Arkady Renko Gorky Park, published in 1981, was the first of these and was called thriller of the 80s by Time Magazine It became a bestseller and won the Gold Dagger Award from the British Crime Writers Association Renko has also appeared in Polar Star, Red Square, Havana Bay, Wolves Eat Dogs, Stalin s Ghost, and Three Stations.In the 1970s, Smith wrote The Inquisitor Series under the pseudonym Simon Quinn and penned two Slocum adult action westerns as Jake Logan He also wrote the Nick Carter Killmaster series under the alias Nick Carter with Mike Avallone and others.Martin Cruz Smith now lives in San Rafael, California with his wife and three children.

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    1. Among the many jobs I’d never want is working as a journalist in Russia, and probably right behind that one on the list is being a detective in Russia.Moscow police investigator Arkday Renko is back in his eighth book that finds him getting mixed up with the events surrounding the death of famous investigative reporter Tatiana Petrovna. The official verdict is that Tatiana killed herself, but official stories aren’t worth anything in a Russia where the police and government are available to [...]

    2. Cruz Smith is in back in high form here with chess-inspired plotting and well-drawn characterizations of a set of people trying to avoid being collateral damage in a massive corruption scheme in Putin’s modern Russia. It could make a great first read of the series featuring Arkady Renko, a Moscow police detective whose successes at achieving justice never seems to reduce his supply of enemies. But knowing some of Renko’s history from prior reads makes me want to know more about his character [...]

    3. This is another jewel in the Arkady Renko series. It begins with the murder of a translator. Renko finds himself at the funeral of a murdered gangster billionaire presided over by his heir apparent, Alexi, and attended by the cream of gangster society. Arkady then finds himself caught up in a protest about the so called suicide of the investigative journalist, Tatiana, a thorn in the side of the Russian authorities. Anya, a reporter who has been sleeping with Arkady, gives him a notebook which T [...]

    4. Like so many mystery fans, I met Arkady Renko in 1981 when he first appeared in Martin Cruz Smith’s brilliant, best-selling novel of suspense, Gorky Park. Seven more tales about the troubled Russian crime investigator have followed at intervals of three years or more. I’ve read nearly all of them; recently, I read and reviewed Three Stations. Tatiana is the latest.Smith, a Bay Area resident (Marin County, I believe), has somehow managed to craft a series of compelling and all too credible st [...]

    5. Corruption, particularly government corruption, is one of the elements that make Arkady Renko such an appealing character. His investigations follow the trail, no matter where they lead. Here, it would seem that he has found an ideal ally. Tatiana Petrovna is an investigative reporter who has angered both politicians and mafia figures. She was relentless, even in the face of constant threats against her life. Unfortunately, she's dead. Suicide. That's the first difference in this book. Without p [...]

    6. Classic Renko, this book feels as if it is starting off slowly, but soon you find yourself hooked and, at least in my case, up until 3:00 AM finishing it. Renko is the Russian Philip Marlowe, a relentless investigator who simply won't do what is in his own best interest, so concerned is he with solving the puzzle. And this is a puzzle indeed, the essential clues locked in the personal shorthand of a murdered interpreter. How is the murder tied to a journalist's suicide, a mobster's assassination [...]

    7. "If you don't mind me saying so, you are a difficult person to be in love with.An interpreter speaking six languages attends a meeting in Kaliningrad. A loner, he jots down the proceedings as a series of symbols, letters and the odd reference in a notebook, and in his spare time he rides an expensive Italian-made racing cycle. He is in contact with Tatiana, a crusading journalist before his body is found in the dunes, while Tatiana apparently commits suicide by plunging six floors from a Moscow [...]

    8. Within a few days, the fearless reporter Tatiana Petrovna falls to her death from her sixth-floor apartment in Moscow and a mob billionaire name Grisha Grigorenko receives a bullet to the head and is buried with all the trappings of a lord. Meanwhile, Tatiana's body is "lost" by the morgue, then found and secretly cremated. Investigator Arkady Renko is suspicious of connections between the two deaths. No one else cares to see any connections.As usual, the cynical and analytical Renko is on his o [...]

    9. TATIANA. (2013). Martin Cruz Smith. ***.I’ve been reading Smith’s novels for years now, and particularly like his stories featuring Arkady Renko, his Russian detective. Renko has an approach to officialdom that manages to allow him to find out all the facts of a case through his quick read of “whose ox is being gored.” In this novel, we are immediately faced with the death of Tatiana. She was either pushed, fell, or slipped from her sixth-floor balcony and ended up on the sidewalk below. [...]

    10. Rosado on the road!'Where were the anti-putins?'4* Gorky Park (Arkady Renko, #1) 4* Polar Star (Arkady Renko, #2) 3* Three Stations (Arkady Renko, #7)CR Tatiana (Arkady Renko, #8) 4* December 63* Nightwing

    11. ****This review is based on an advance uncorrected proof from the publisher, so the version that appears on bookshelves on its release date may be somewhat different from the version I read****I don't know how I have missed ever reading a Martin Cruz Smith novel. Smith's hero is a Russian investigator named Arkady Renko, a good man in an extremely corrupt world. "Tatiana" is, I believe, his twelfth novel in the series, which started with the best-selling "Gorky Park" (which was made into a decen [...]

    12. This is the second Renko book in a row that I've given two "it's OK" stars to here on . At the end of my last review for THREE STATIONS I wrote:"Maybe I'm letting nostalgia cloud my eyes and make me think the previous volumes in the Renko series were much better than they truly were, but I just can't help it-- I'll keep reading the Renko books as long as Smith keeps writing them, but I hope the next one is better than THREE STATIONS."Oddly enough, TATIANA has even LESS insight (in my opinion, an [...]

    13. On the same day as the funeral of a Russian gangster, Investigator Arkady Renko hears of the death of Tatiana, a journalist noted for tackling corruption in Moscow. The two events don't seem entirely coincidental to Renko and, as usual, he decides to ask a few questions.Martin Cruz Smith has long been a favorite author of mine--starting with Gorky Park right on until Wolves Eat Dogs. However, he had lost his way with his next two novels, and so I approached Tatiana with apprehension. What I got [...]

    14. Tatiana is the latest of Martin Cruz Smith’s Arkady Renko novels, and is published in the shadow of the writer’s struggle with Parkinson’s Disease. I understand that it was dictated, and it seems to me that this process has altered the texture of his writing. MCS was always a very good prose stylist, but the writing in Tatiana is particularly graceful, with a distinctive rhythm to it. It’s one of the best of the later Renko novels, maybe even the best.

    15. Πρωτότυπο, εφυέστατο, ρεαλιστικό Μοναδική επιλογή, αν θέλεις να διαβάσεις ένα καλό αστυνομικό μυθιστόρημα. Ο επιθεωρητής Αρκάντι Ρένκο με τον βοηθό του, Βίκτωρ Ορλόφ, αποτελούν το σπουδαιότερο -και πιο ταιριαστό- δίδυμο που έχω συναντήσει στην αστυνομική λογοτεχνία έως τώ [...]

    16. Arkady Renko remains one of my favourite series characters. A police investigator in Moscow and the son of a revered Soviet general, he has survived the transition from communism to captitalism with his cynicism and integrity intact. He shares the cynicism with all the other characters in this book but the integrity sets him apart from almost all of them.A crusading journalist dies in a fall from her balcony. Murder? Nobody except Renko is interested in finding out but his investigative efforts [...]

    17. The following dialogue sums up the life of Arkady Renko, senior investigator for Moscow's chief prosecutor:"That will be on your tombstone, 'Things got complicated.'" The fact that Arkady carries a bullet fragment in his brain, and that it could dislodge, causing his death, leads him to live for the moment. At this set of moments, he is investigating the death of a crusading woman reporter named Tatiana Petrovna, and looking into the consequences of the murder of a major crime figure. No one els [...]

    18. I've been following Arkady Renko's depressing investigative career since Gorky Park, through 30 years of political change, as he drags his Russian soul into hopeless tasks because every government, no matter how bad, knows that having an honest man is useful--if only to sic him on enemies. This installment finds him in a corrupt and violent Russia, although the crime is from a stable and expected confluence of bad government, greedy mobsters and far-reaching oligarchs. The death of a journalist, [...]

    19. Another great addition to the ongoing and improbable life of Arkady Renko. Though I really love them all, this installment is right up there as one of my favorites. The character arcs are so engrossing and the window into various less-illumed aspects of Russian life and history is fascinating.

    20. There were fourteen morgues in Moscow, some as clean as model kitchens, others abattoirs with carts of bloody saws and chisels. Arkady fell into a kind of fugue state, seeing with a cold professional eye, being there and not there.This was more of an "it-was-ok" spliced with but-I-liked-it-sort-of. This must be the tenth Martin Cruz Smith I've read since Gorky Park way back in the eighties, you'd think things would have improved more noticeably in thirty years, but well, there you go. Somehow no [...]

    21. Martin Cruz Smith, whose early Cold War era works like Gorky Park and Red Square, depicted the inner turmoil of a good detective in a badly politicized society.Now in the new democratic nation, the oligarchs have replaced the nomenklatura as the czars of all Russia. Crime remains relative, a sometimes necessary practice to advance a deal.Arkady Renko, growing long of tooth and short of respect undertakes to solve the mystery of what ever happened to the body of Tantania, a new age investigative [...]

    22. I was so looking forward to reading this after I heard that one of the characters was based on Anna Politkovskaya. I've always like this series, mainly because of Arkady Renko, the Russian police investigator, but this one let me down. I felt that Tatiana Petrovna, the character based on Politkovskaya, didn't do her justice. Anna was truly an amazing woman, courageous beyond belief. It felt a bit cheap to see her image used superficially to further a plot without more time/weight given to the in [...]

    23. I am a fan of Mr Smith's Arkady Renko novels. It's hard to believe the author is an American.Tatiana is only too short. Tightly plotted, and classically cynical this episode has Arkady as cynical and hard boiled as ever. Sidelined in his career, he takes on the investigation of the suicide of a noted crusader and journalist Tatiana Where everyone else was satisfied to call it suicide, Arkady reveals murder, corruption and international intrigue.Well done.

    24. Martin Cruz Smith's first big bang bestseller was Gorky Park, still held up as a remarkable example of the detective/spy thriller genre. My genre, in fact. The one I write in. And I happen to consider Mr Cruz Smith to be among the very best of his kind. What's perhaps depressing is that after Gorky Park he's never really seemed to become a massive international bestselling author along the lines of Deaver et al. Sure, he's popped 'em into the NYT list every time, but I never felt he got quite th [...]

    25. “What do you want? The murder of journalists, the beating of protesters, corruption at the top, the rape of natural resources by a circle of cronies, a fraudulent democracy, the erection of palaces, a hollow military. If you had been a source, the mention of any of this could earn you or someone close to you a bullet in the head. It’s all here in single-spaced articles.” (237) What follows is the culmination of Martin Cruz Smith’s 8th installment of his Arkady Renko series, TATIANA, a st [...]

    26. (Somehow, I've read 3 books in a row with contemporary Russia as the back drop. And now I feel I know, for better or for worse, far more about the place than if it was given as an academic research assignment. Haven't read Martin Cruz Smith since Gorky Park, and that's been a while, so hopefully preconceptions were faded by the time I started this.)Smith presents a twisty tale of Russian gangsters and corrupt politicians made to run around in circles by feisty, smarmy, vigilante journalist, Tati [...]

    27. Not the best Arkady Renko novel I've read. In fact it's probably the worst. And yet it is still a solid three-star read. Here's my review of Martin Cruz Smith's previous Arkady Renko novel, Three Stations:Every time I read a Martin Cruz Smith novel, I marvel again over just how good he is. This one, the latest Arkady Renko novel, is the shortest one yet (under 200 pages). It's fast-moving, not just because it's short but because it's tightly plotted. As with other Arkady Renko stories, it takes [...]

    28. Arkady Renko is a loner, and outsider and a despised investigator for the Moscow prosecutor. He rarely shows up at work, to the usual satisfaction of all concerned, and he is given the least desirable cases to investigate. Most of the time, this doesn't provoke even the slightest protest from Renko.Much to the dismay of many, he often finds something worthy of investigation that provokes consternation among those who surround him. Once he gets started, it is almost impossible for any one or any [...]

    29. Investigator Arkady Renko is attending the funeral of businessman/mafia leader Grisha Grigorenko in Moscow when he encounters a group of demonstrators protesting the death of Tatiana Petrovna, a journalist who uncovers government corruption and exposes government officials who collude with criminals. Tatiana's death was ruled a suicide but Renko doesn't believe it and - against department regulations - starts an investigation. Tatiana's death seems to be linked to the recovered notebook of a mur [...]

    30. I received an ARC through .----This is the first book of the Arkady Renko series that I have read. The first 2 chapters captured my attention and left me intrigued. However, as the story goes on, I found parts of it to be abrupt and very one dimensional. I felt like more of the storyline could have been explored and further developed. Especially the climax, which was so anti-climatic that it was rather boring, (view spoiler)[ like I wanted an all out gun fight or an ultimate take down of the vil [...]

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