First Against the Wall

First Against the Wall Who is leading the rabble to victory Toreth shifted against the wall trying to get comfortable Between bruises and handcuffs he didn t have much success On the first day in the first cell the ligh

  • Title: First Against the Wall
  • Author: Manna Francis
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  • Page: 226
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Who is leading the rabble to victory Toreth shifted against the wall, trying to get comfortable Between bruises and handcuffs, he didn t have much success On the first day, in the first cell, the lights had been on, the water dispenser working, and the prisoner feeding schedule still running Then the lights went out, and things had gone steadily downhill from there NoWho is leading the rabble to victory Toreth shifted against the wall, trying to get comfortable Between bruises and handcuffs, he didn t have much success On the first day, in the first cell, the lights had been on, the water dispenser working, and the prisoner feeding schedule still running Then the lights went out, and things had gone steadily downhill from there Now, he sat in darkness so absolute that he couldn t see a hand in front of his face, if he d been in a position to check The last time he d been taken out of the cell it had been light in the corridors, which was something If the power to the building failed totally, they would suffocate down here At the moment, the air cycling was still functional, feeding chill air into the cell like the lights, the heating systems had been switched off or had broken down He couldn t accurately estimate when he d last eaten Two days or so, probably, but he was starting to feel the effects The water system worried him most It worked only intermittently and the water had an unpleasant, overly chemical flavor The systems were failing Something had gone badly wrong, and had continued to go wrong for so long that he d been forced unwillingly to conclude that it had to have hit than II Revolution has come to the Administration, as the citizens rise up against government and corporate oppression With old and new enemies all around them, what will the new future hold for despised para investigator Val Toreth, and corporate highflier Keir Warrick And how long will that future last

    • First Against the Wall By Manna Francis
      226 Manna Francis
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    1. Manna Francis

      I m the author of The Administration Series, a near future SF dystopia published by Casperian Books You can find the series in paperback, e book, or partly on line at the Mannazone website.I ve been writing original slash since 2002 or homoerotic fiction, m m romance, yaoi, as you prefer Original slash is my personal term of choice because I feel it best represents my writing in terms of style and what readers can expect to find there Individual stories may or may nor be sexually explicit.

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    1. 3.5 stars.***Review posted October 20, 2013First off I'd like to say that I love this series. However, there's no getting around it to point out that I'm slightly disappointed with First Against the Wall. I really liked it but didn't love it, and I hope you won't throw any rotten tomatoes at me for confessing my honest opinion. In fact, the high average rating of 4.70 is somewhat intimidating, but I can't change how I feel about this book. As I see it, I won't bother writing an extensive and in- [...]

    2. oh god, karen, you are reading more gay smut?well no, not exactly. i love this series, and i am so glad dana turned me on to it. this one is her very favorite book of the series, and yet it also happens to be the least smutty one of all! for one thing, it is hard to focus on the lovemaking when you have a revolution on your hands, but even in the sexxy scenes that are included, a lot of them have that tasteful gauze curtain drawn over them and are more implicit than erotic what gives, dana? as t [...]

    3. WAHOOOO! Thank god…I’m STILL alive! After working myself up over what could possibly happen in this much touted and anticipated part of TA, I can say with confidence that…it wasn’t that bad! Look mom, I’m ok! (And at least 1000 less exclamation points than I’m used to using when a book tears me apart!)Now, on to the bookI am nothing if not predictable. I love me some romance. And unfortunately, for 2/3 of this book, there wasn’t much. Warrick was noticeably absent and I was startin [...]

    4. This is not the first time I’ve said 'this is the best of the series'; but THIS one really and truly ISthebest of the series. Manna Francis I bow to you,First against the Wallis astounding!Having gone to the effort of picking my jaw up off the floor; I still feel like I’m coming down from one of the most epic acid trips ever experienced (I’m a child of nineties- sue me).Reeling over the revelations, characterisations and sheer genius of the game play here. I have chewed my nails to the qui [...]

    5. I loved the book. I enjoyed it tremendously. The beginning of the book was instantly riveting. It was a really good start designed to trap you right away. All the things that happened towards the conclusion left me with a great sensation at the end of the book. Regardless of the problems I might have found during the body of the book, the last part erased most of thatE STORY-LINES:The plot was very interesting this time, better than any of the other investigative/mystery story-lines in the other [...]

    6. 4,5 starsThis instalment is the most difficult for me to rate. I loved it.I hated it.I loved it.The beginning was great, the ending was spectacular and the writing was brilliant, but I was struggling through the plot in the middle of the story and was really, I mean VERY CLOSED to skip. And it is always bad. I start to skip-I lose interest. Period.But Toreth-who is as always very reserved about his abilities-"I'm the best fuck in the solar system."Toreth has outdone himself.Forgive me my silly t [...]

    7. *Clears throat**Slips into New London accent*Listen, I'm going to keep this short and sweet.First Against the Wall is by far the richest, most brilliant installment of the Administration series. By far. Anyone who says otherwise is a complete tosser.In FAtW, Toreth has to navigate his way through a brutal takeover attempt by the resisters. He's working his damnedest to expose and take down the bloody prat Carnac. It's Toreth at his finest, people: calculating, planning, always thinking one step [...]

    8. First Against the Wall is one of my favorites in The Administration series. I never want to leave the feel of the words and world. I sipped my way through this re-read actually. Reading and re-reading small doses every night. Never in all my reading life have I read and re-read like this. I savor every word. Even polite, every day phrases feel so powerful between these men. The “Ssh”s or “Just you”s or pleases hold such meaning. I wait for certain words now. I feel the power and weight o [...]

    9. Awe has rendered me speechless. II'm not even going to attempt to write a review at this point. I need at least a day, or 2, to recover. Also what Diana said

    10. Very, very good. Read it on a business trip to Warsaw, and 4 hour flights (and several hours of delays) were never that short. I believe Manna Francis saved the lives a of some airline staff, too.

    11. Holy hand grenade!From the first sentence until the last, I felt as if a small bomb was about to explode. We begin with Toreth in captivity. The torturer has become the tortured. All hell has broken out and a ‘revolution’ is blasting through the Administration. My stomach started to flip and flop, and honestly it never stopped. Toreth believes his fight is over and stumbles to relay a message to Warrick;“Could you tell Warrick—"…."Tell him I"My heart is breaking for him. He has no idea [...]

    12. The revolution has come. Two inexorable bastards are pitted against each other in a battle for the future of I&I. This is the pinnacle of the series I've been waiting so patiently for. Finally, truths were brought to the surface and exposed, just when I had resigned to accept that they never might.And who else could be responsible for the destruction of so much single handedly? Why, none other than everyone's favorite narcissistic socioanalyst, Carnic! Francis developed him with the obvious [...]

    13. Review written after reading the book for the third time. Contains spoilers and ramblings, but I'm trying my best to be vague in terms of plot details.A few notes on the series in general: it's the best m/m original fiction I've read, probably because it's more than just an m/m story. There's more than enough m/m content to satisfy, but there's also some more than decent plot and interesting political and philosophical issues. And that is what I want in an m/m story (or, although at this point I [...]

    14. Re-read March 2015; April 2017- Still loved every minute of it!First Against the Wall is the sixth book in The Administration series and IMO the BEST so far. Manna Francis has written a brilliant, kick ass book with a fascinating plot while continuing to delve deeper into her character's psyche. There's non-stop suspense from the first page up until the very end. The story begins with Toreth beaten and held captive in a cell at I&I. The Administration, including I&I have been taken over [...]

    15. During this marathon read I’ve come to admire Manna Francis. She is able to make me root for a guy who’s fucked up in more ways than one. No charmer this one, a guy who makes me want to slap him till my arm hurts. But still I root for him. And moreover, what does she make me do? She makes me consider the guy with a solution, yes an extremely violent, pragmatic, logical solution, but still a solution, as the bad guy. I bow to you Ms Francis, I do marathon with Irina – otherwise know as Over [...]

    16. I decided to finally write a review for at least one of the books from The Administration series. It was really hard for me to choose just one for now, but I think that First Against the Wall is the best so far. The very beginning of the 6th book was so masterfully written that I was reading it with my mouth hanging open. This is how all authors should write, they should create a brilliant plot, make the reader unable to stop reading, not fill the gaps with meaningless scenes (usually romantic o [...]

    17. I did a slow reread of this gem. Slow = I didn’t zoom to my favorite parts, I actually paid close attention to the plot and in particular I have become interested in the pre/post revolt Administration. In many ways, the post revolt Administration doesn’t seem all that different. It just makes things a bit more confusing as to the good and bad guys are. Then again, that is kind of the point of this series. Anyway, this is deliciously good and the push-me/pull-you of the TW relationship will k [...]

    18. I'm not sure if I will be able to write anything coherent. The tension killed me.I was hurting, I was nervous, I was stressed to the extreme.And I craved for more.The best installment so far.

    19. Manna Francis is a genius. An evil genius.The whole story here is a giant rush, it gets your adrenaline going and your pulse up like mad and at the end you feel, again, thoroughly and utterly mind-fucked. This is what this is, a slow, deliberate, precise, and incredibly effective mindfuck. Holy shit.Theses sons of bitches, Carnac and Toreth. That's what I thought about every other page. You fucking son of a bitch. In a way too admiring inflection. So manipulative, so clever, so. pitiless. Who ca [...]

    20. I know I’m going to be the lone person who didn’t like this offering so before everyone yells let me say that I love this series so much and this particular book has moments of sheer genius that show why the series as a whole is one of the best written, most edgy urban fantasy series out there. The fact that it’s offered FOR FREE is astounding. Now after I’ve said that, I didn’t like this book for several reasons, which centers mostly on the characters themselves. The plot is superb an [...]

    21. I know some people have issues with Toreth's job but the stories that revolve around this are my favorites. So Mind Fuck, despite my unsuccessful try the first time, ended up my favorite on the second attempt. That's been knocked off the top spot with First Against the Wall. Since the plot contents have already been covered in the other reviews, I'll only comment on the characters and the relationships.I don't just love the Toreth character even though he's given me more grief than any fictional [...]

    22. MF does a great job of shocking a reader every time we start to relax. I loved the intensity of this instalment, the Apocalypse-like turn in the plot, the raising of the stakes in the game between two such masterful players and all the tangled mess of other pawns, Kings and Queens. It was very well thought-out and executed, in my opinion. However, to be honest, I lacked the sense of gratification in this book. Even those little crumbs of reprieve thrown our way on a rare occasion, didn't seem to [...]

    23. Carnac decided to cut to the end, regrettable as it was to lose any of the effect. It would be enough. He put every ounce of conviction he could summon into his voice, driving the words home like knives."And, finally, I know that in the end the pathetically little you have to offer Keir will no longer be enough, and he will leave you. And when that day comes, there is nothing you will be able to do to make him stay with you. You're not that good a fuck and, really, what else do you have?"The ult [...]

    24. I loved this one so very much!!!!!and I absolutely adore Toreth my sweet psychopath!!!! So vulnerable, so emotional, so scared like a lost puppie"Jealous, irrational, demanding and utterly unreasonable covers most of the relevant attributes" how can anyone NOT love him"Don't go yet. I want five miuites, that's all. One minute. I want you. This could be the last time I see you. This really could be the last time. I want you to - " Toreth "I want it to stop. That's all. I just want it to stop bein [...]

    25. Well, Slap my ass and call me SallyWhat a tremendously amazing ride that was. Firstly, thank you AGAIN Manna. This book somehow was better than the last one which I probably reviewed as the BEST book so far in the series(ha!)I am not even sure where to start. "First Against the Wall" started on a climax and then spent like 600 pages dangling me from a cliff. Then when I finally felt that I could breathe a sigh of relief (with everyone else at I&I) Manna then cuts my rope and I plummet like 1 [...]

    26. One of the most hair-raising reading experiences I've had in a while. The story line so far always pointed to the revolution being inevitable, but the author's skill in making it real is exquisite.There is a scene towards the end, the culmination of so much hatred, the ultimate revenge, so very well written and vivid that it robbed me of sleep the night I read it. You know the crazy slasher movies, where the girl always goes outside/down the stairs into the basement/whatever it is she shouldn't [...]

    27. I'll have to come back and add to this review because all I have right now are emotions and nothing coherent. I am satisfied and aching. Sad and hopeful. In love and in-complete. There is more to say, but just not now.Take a look at my Male/Male Romance Book Blog:attentionisarbitrary

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