Control Power Writes Its Own RulesGaining it keeping it or losing it control is than just a game it s a critical tool for survival No so than in the Administration where the Investigation and Interrogatio

  • Title: Control
  • Author: Manna Francis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Power Writes Its Own RulesGaining it, keeping it, or losing it, control is than just a game it s a critical tool for survival No so than in the Administration, where the Investigation and Interrogation Division s Val Toreth faces professional and personal hazards every day And when an attack on one of the most loyal and valued members of his investigative teamPower Writes Its Own RulesGaining it, keeping it, or losing it, control is than just a game it s a critical tool for survival No so than in the Administration, where the Investigation and Interrogation Division s Val Toreth faces professional and personal hazards every day And when an attack on one of the most loyal and valued members of his investigative team makes the professional very personal indeed, Toreth finds himself entangled once in the darker side of corporate life and crime He ll need help, not just from his colleagues but from his regular fuck Keir Warrick, to make it out the other end safely.Even away from their offices, Toreth and Warrick find that their jobs create challenges and tensions that threaten their relationship, because finding a balance is all about knowing when to keep control and when to let it go.The fourth book in the Administration series contains the novellas Control and Coming from America and six other short stories, continuing the lives, loves, and occasionally intricate problems of dedicated and opportunistic para investigator Val Toreth and up and coming corporate Keir Warrick in the near future dystopia of the European Administration.

    • Control By Manna Francis
      354 Manna Francis
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    1. Manna Francis

      I m the author of The Administration Series, a near future SF dystopia published by Casperian Books You can find the series in paperback, e book, or partly on line at the Mannazone website.I ve been writing original slash since 2002 or homoerotic fiction, m m romance, yaoi, as you prefer Original slash is my personal term of choice because I feel it best represents my writing in terms of style and what readers can expect to find there Individual stories may or may nor be sexually explicit.

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    1. this book reminds me of that old nursery rhyme:"when it was porn it was very,very porn and when it was not, it was boring"which is how i remember the rhyme, anywaynd of a letdown. this is my fourth book in the series, so it's not like i was surprised by the lovemaking: "wait, what is happening!! these are two MEN!!! they can't be doing that with their AAAAACK!!'but usually, the dirrrrrty stuff is paired with good character development and interesting stories, because i tend to skim sex scenes wh [...]

    2. This review is divided in two parts: About the novella, and about the short-stories.About the Novella “Control”:Rating 3 starsJust like with Mind Fuck (The Administration, #1), I wasn't really interested in the investigation, there was too much of it for my taste. I liked that this time we had more about Warrick and Toreth, but still, I would have liked the main story-line to revolve around Toreth and Warrick, not about the investigation plot. It’s the novella what made me gave this book 4 [...]

    3. **February 2015 Re-read**Have I mentioned yet how much this series takes over my…everything? Everything else in my life falls away. My thoughts constantly stray back to Toreth and Warrick. I’m in it. All in! I wonder and examine every word said or unsaid, every touch and look. So addictive! Toreth and Warrick are so addictive!What struck me most about Control this time out was how unguarded and vulnerable Toreth and Warrick felt to me. Both men struggled to maintain control through exhaustio [...]

    4. The fourth in a row and I see no signs of stopping. Caught up in this just like they are with Irina - onwards Read Online version:Control (view spoiler)[ as opposed to Mind Fuck this was such a lightning case, in and out. Great flow. Good piece.(hide spoiler)]Wait for It (view spoiler)[ I really enjoy seeing them both loose it :D (hide spoiler)]Caged (view spoiler)[ Shivery allegory. Sometimes we need to see ourselves in a mirror to recognise what we are seeing. The panther was Toreth's mirror. [...]

    5. Review written by hand, so as not to wake up sleeping people in my house with the tic-ticking of my fingers on the keyboard. *self-mindblown*Also, I took a one-day break from TA, and this story had me feeling as if I were taking my first breath of fresh air in weeks. Not to mention the fact that it put a stop to my jitters and twitching eyelids. Talk about addiction.Anyhow, on to the story.Basically, Sara's boyfriend beats her up (this is in no way a spoiler, I promise) and Toreth gets all prote [...]

    6. 4 starsI'm aware this is repetitive but Toreth is an asshole. For someone that doesn't care about people he really showed his ass in this one. First by stepping up to "help" Sara because of her jackass boyfriend. Then he continues to get his ass involved in problems and continuously uses Warrick for his smarts and connections. Just once I would like Warrick to turn Toreth down when he wants to fuck or needs info. Just. Once. I love Toreth but dayum. I also wish Toreth would just accept his feeli [...]

    7. Another great instalment in the series that is quickly becoming my favourite. To me, the most memorable story here was Caged. It was simply beautiful. ***4.3 stars***

    8. Excellent book that made a long inter-continental flight bearable. Thank you, Manna. The book contains two novellas and a number of short stories, ranging from light-hearted to pretty damn dark. It's a testament to Francis' skill as a writer that she pulls both off with the same effortlessness. I look forward to reading the last two books on the business trip/flight back.

    9. Re-read 02/2015; 04/2017Control - 5 StarsWait For It - 4 StarsCaged - 5 StarsUnaccustomed As I Am - 3 StarsHelen - 5 StarsShopping, No Fucking - 3.5 StarsLosing It - 4.5 StarsComing From America (paperback only) - 4 Stars

    10. Having finished my third reading of CONTROL I can honestly say this is one of my favorite stories in the wonderful ADMINISTRATION series--CONTROL--watching Toreth have total control of a situation--lose it and how he regains it---"An illusion of action, nothing more than killing time. Amazing how many metaphors used that word, when he thought about it."WAIT FOR IT--one of the best lines in all the book--- "He looked at Warrick sidelong, then grinned again. Because that was as long as I could sta [...]

    11. CONTROLToreth where I like him best - working a case.Sara's got herself another scumbag for a boyfriend and Toreth goes into uber-protective mode when he sees her all beaten up. Unlike Rules of Engagement where Rick made a quiet exit from Sara's life and the story, Jonny Kemp proves a little more problematic.I enjoyed this story as it gave me a breather from T & W's relationship. When, after the case is finished and Toreth catches a taxi to Warrick's home and climbs in to bed next to his lov [...]

    12. As far as a stand-alone read, this would be really interesting. The whole “going-after-a-shady-evil-powerful-man” storyline can be quite entertaining.But, as part of this series, it was a bit too Warrick-less for my liking. The few-and-far-between parts with Toreth and Warrick, however, were really telling of how far their relationship has come and I savored them. I love how Warrick knows how to make it all ok for Toreth. God, I want a man to put up with all my shit and idiosyncrasies and my [...]

    13. "He wasn't helpless, he couldn't be"Toreth always makes me think of a highly specialized predator, like those species which ultra-specialized to survive and stay on top of the food chain.

    14. Toreth to the rescue! Well, ok, Warrick helped him a little bit by tinkering away in the background, but Toreth was the muscle! Loved it!

    15. Control is the 4th book in this series, and there are 8 short/shorter stories in it.First story is Control. (Not available online)Review:This short (although a bit longer) is about Toreth, once again, beating up one of Saras bf's. This one had beaten her up, so Toreth decided to punish him for that Of course Its Toreth after all Anywho. Sadly for Toreth, the kid he beat up had a powerful Dad, and Toreth ends up beaten and chained to a wall, in a basement somewhere The plan is to kill Toreth, and [...]

    16. This is my rating for this particular story, not the whole book, as I'm reading the e-versions. This was my second favorite Administration story. My favorite is Without The Game the story right before this one where Toreth is really freaked out about Warrick and can't even admit it to himself. In this one we get more action and adventure and characterization like we got in the first novel. I really like that kind of thing. The plot whips along, there's danger and suspense, and it's nice to see T [...]

    17. Control was very, very good. I love how Toreth's mind works, and I liked that he lost his control for once - he's just human, eh. I liked how Warrick helped him more than once.The final statement of Wait for it: "Because that was as long as I could stand it" was simply perfect.Caged - I love Toreth being bored and stubborn. Just saying.I loved how Warrick played Toreth in Unaccustomed as I am. Helen was rough read - it hurt to see Helen so broken and I understood how one's mind could be fucked. [...]

    18. just perfectI loved "Caged", truly anything from Warrick's pov is always fantastic but this was just excellent. It comes at just the right time in the progression of their relationship too. When he's pondering where to take Torreth and just playing him so carefully, and then thinking about wanting children some day (imagine Torreth as a dad uh, yeah). Then the whole thing about comparing Torreth to a panther who has been caged his whole life and how Torreth reacts when he realizes Warrick is mak [...]

    19. This is only four stars because I am comparing with the other Administration books and I have to make a distinction between the merely great ones and the utterly awesome ones (i.e. First Against the Wall). If I were to compare with other m/m, this would probably end up with 7 stars out of 5 or so.

    20. Control 4.0 (5 stars)(view spoiler)[Control. Or how to lose it. Toreth gets in trouble trying to help someone close to him. Wind up.Yes, Toreth tries to help someone. Who is close to him. Toreth has a heart. But he messes up his good intentions by endangering those closest to him. Well, maybe they aren’t all good intentions. He has to save his own ass, too. This is a super ‘sting’ story. Toreth has to get someone who is out for him before they get him first. Glued-to-the-page reading. Love [...]

    21. Overall 5 stars because the stronger stories are so very, very good. The others are mostly fill-in fluff that neither detract from the what is building here or add to it. They're kind of extras--outtakes in book form.Control 5*Wait For It (cute)Caged 5*Unaccustomed As I Am (silly)Helen 5*Shopping, No Fucking (ok)Losing It (ok)Coming From America 4* (Interesting. From Barret-Connor's POV. It's a different look at Toreth from someone who is junior to him professionally and is a bit insecure/naive. [...]

    22. 3.5 starsA good suspense plot although requires a bit of voluntary credulity for the speed it'ss resolved with.Another layer from that future society —corporative, bureaucratic and perverse— disclosed.A new kind of intimacy between Warrick and TorethXT!

    23. Read 7 of the 8 stories (all the free ones). Just love these boys, gotta keep reading the whole series'The shock of a sober Toreth turning over and saying anything like 'hold me' would probably kill him.' - Warrick

    24. I liked the characters better in this than in Book 1Warning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS. Disclaimer: I have read the first volume of the Administration series, Mind F* [ doesn’t allow profanity in reviews], but I didn’t find the characters terribly appealing, so I skipped ahead to this book, Volume 4, in order to see whether the characters had evolved. As a result, I can’t comment on how well this volume fits into the series as a whole.Rating: 8/10 PROS:- [...]

    25. Way to keep me strung all throughout the story!(view spoiler)[I had almost forgotten the mystery solving and detective feel at the start of the series, in Mind Fuck. But this installment brough it all back into focus.The plot felt like a domino effect: Jonny abused Sara. Toreth roughed up Jonny. Kemp kidnapped and beat Toreth. Toreth brought down Kemp and his illegal operation. The summary doesn't do the story justice.There was an extensive analysis on control seen from Sara's point of view, the [...]

    26. Finding out actual facts about the Administration that previously were only hinted at was really nice, learning more about B-C waswell. Fact is, B-C was one of my favourite supporting characters and I don't know if that can still hold true for me after Coming from America. I love that he hooked up with Toreth and then was horrified by it. I hate that he conforms to the Administration so mindlessly--Warrick may conform as well, but he sure does his best to bend rules for what he thinks right and [...]

    27. ~~~Complete, satisfying, edgy and so twisted. Manna has complete control, heh, over this story and although the end result of the story may be somewhat predictable it doesn't matter. It's all about the getting there. Superb!~~~Take a look at my Male/Male Romance Book Blog:attentionisarbitrary

    28. The book was good, but not as good as the previous ones, and the novella's - i skimmed through the second one.I really dislike Toreth, and maybe thats one of the reasons i am loosing interest in this, can't seem to reconcile cold blooded psychopaths as one of the main characters, i just once want him to show a tiny bit of empathy and hence have hope for him, but thats never going to happen

    29. Me gusta muchísimo como esta evolucionando su relación y ninguna de las historias me ha aburrido, así que 5 estrellas de OTPcidad máxima aunque haya poco sexo en este libro.Espero que no termine fatal, tengo miedo :(

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