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Games Players It s all fun and games until somebody losesSocioanalysts can read minds and motives at a glance predict the future manipulate the smallest actions of their unwitting puppets and crush careers with

  • Title: Games & Players
  • Author: Manna Francis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s all fun and games until somebody losesSocioanalysts can read minds and motives at a glance, predict the future, manipulate the smallest actions of their unwitting puppets, and crush careers with a single wordor so the popular rumors say Their arrival is dreaded everywhere in the European Administration, even the Investigation and Interrogation Division Para inIt s all fun and games until somebody losesSocioanalysts can read minds and motives at a glance, predict the future, manipulate the smallest actions of their unwitting puppets, and crush careers with a single wordor so the popular rumors say Their arrival is dreaded everywhere in the European Administration, even the Investigation and Interrogation Division Para investigator Val Toreth, accustomed to being feared himself, is about to discover the truth of the rumors at first hand, when he is assigned as personal liaison to Carnac, the socioanalyst seconded to II to root out anti Administration sentiments among its staff And to make matters worse, it seems that his admin Sara is smitten with Carnac and Warrick has a history with him With his closest allies straddling the line of Carnac s camp, Toreth must rethink the rules of engagement.The third book in the Administration series contains the novella Game, Set, as well as nine short stories in which virtual reality corporate genius Warrick and Toreth must face new players in the game, and discover whether their association can survive both the tensions between the unlikely pair and the pressures of life in the near future dystopia of New London.

    • Games & Players BY Manna Francis
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    1. Manna Francis

      I m the author of The Administration Series, a near future SF dystopia published by Casperian Books You can find the series in paperback, e book, or partly on line at the Mannazone website.I ve been writing original slash since 2002 or homoerotic fiction, m m romance, yaoi, as you prefer Original slash is my personal term of choice because I feel it best represents my writing in terms of style and what readers can expect to find there Individual stories may or may nor be sexually explicit.

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    1. happy valentine's day!!today i would like to take a minute to review this book - the third in the administration series - and confess that i am totally hooked. it is more than a dystopian s/f series, it is more than an m/m romance series. it has now worked its way into my brain and heart and if my star rating seems low, it is simply because some of these are stories and some of them are better than others, so i gotta round 'em. but i five-star these characters and their back-and forth because th [...]

    2. I loved it. This was great, great, great!There are incredibly strong moments in this book, truly powerful and deeply emotional without being sentimental or corny in the least. It made my heart pound uncontrollably many times. It was almost impossible to put the book down, it was so addictive! The sex is very hot. Their relationship is slowly progressing. We can feel the emotions, the angst even when we don’t hear the feelings expressed out loud (or even thought for that matter).It’s a beauti [...]

    3. Reviews for all the stories in the paperback version are here. In every case, the star ratings refer to my enjoyment of the content, not the quality of the writing which is, of course, par excellence throughoutME, SET: 5 STARSCarnac. Jean-Paul Baptiste Carnac. Would have to be another fucking Jean.Excuse my language this morning. 'Family' in Book 2 left me very upset with Toreth.Now, in Game, Set, I can't find the words to describe fucking Toreth. I'll post my rants later. I need some time to se [...]

    4. MF continues chipping away unfolding Toreth mostly though we are getting Warrick too. Yep I'm still on board, ready for more .(view spoiler)[I love how Warrick has wormed his way into Toreth heart, life, being and vice versa. What seemed so impossible is now impossible to live without. (hide spoiler)]Read the ebook for this one with Irina - part of my TA experience now.Online: 1. Game, Set (29k) (view spoiler)[The seducer being seduced made anxious reading. Found Carnac interesting, wouldn't say [...]

    5. This book was seriously pushing my buttons. I thought I could take a lot of angst but this instalment had made me question how well I know my own limits. Still, despite all that or maybe because of it, I ended up loving it most. A lot of pain and a constant feeling of hopeless despair kept me on my toes to the end and left me hungry for more. I only hope I'll see the light at the end of it all. I must add, I wouldn't have coped without Sofia's support. Some books are definitely better read in co [...]

    6. Re-read 01/2015; 03/29/2017Game, Set - 5 StarsAs Long As It Lasted - 3 StarsRules Of Engagement (paperback only) - 3.5 StarsIncludes Fuck of the DayWine, Women and Cushions - 3 StarsPlaying with Fire - 5 StarsAll Work And No Play - 4.5 StarsGee - 4.5 StarsShopping & Fucking - 5 StarsPool School - 4 StarsWithout The Game - 5 Stars

    7. Games & Players is the 3rd book in this seriesIts a total of 10 short and shorter stories about Toreth and Warrick Again, its a very mixed crowd, some I didnt have an opinion on, some I LOVED! The first story is Game, SetReview:This short is about Toreth and Warrick, yet again, having to deal with jealousy What about giving up, and just have each other, huh guys?Anywho. Toreth gets a socioanalyst, Carnac, into his life. Carnac has been assigned to write a rapport about the I&I and choses [...]

    8. I think this is my favourite so far, I'm now officially hooked. I really enjoyed seeing Carnac play his little mind games, he's such a rogue, though Toreth was the star of the show for me, so much fun and so unpredictable at times and so so jealous! I loved it!"You told him you didn't want to fuck any more, and he just said 'okay'?""Yes. Precisely so. And he put a very favourable mention of my work in his report.""Oh. Right. Then I'll tell him tomorrow."He grinned happily, a minor but irritating [...]

    9. Overall rating is 3.5 rounded up to 4*Game, Set: 2*The weakest so far, as per the prose and writing. Too many entirely needless and overly "clever" one-liners. Things are becoming a bit too repetitive, and boring in this. Carnac is yet another quite unreliable narrator, and if anyone is looking for a sociopath among the main characters, he's the one to target. Toreth starts to slowly slip into the role of the red herring in this whole thing. I even feel somewhat sorry for him by now.As Long As I [...]

    10. November 20134.3 Stars - Crazy weird and fun reading once again Book #3I read all the free short stories to book #3 ('free Adm books on website'). It is more or less the whole book (Games & Players, containing a new short story not yet available on the site).As so many other fans was I at once stunned by these men and addicted to this scary crazy "Adm" world in the near future dystopia of New London. Keir Warrick: Corporate Director SimTechVal Toreth: Para-investigator Investigation & In [...]

    11. Oh Lord… another fucking Jean…Another fucking Jean who drove me up the wall while reading. I I’m ever going to meet a Jean in real life the only thing I’m gonna do is run. Away. Fast!I think we learned a lot about Toreth in this novella. How his mind works, how he sees others persons, how he sees himself. I was shocked at his nearly complete emotional disability and non-existed empathy. At the same time he is jealous as hell. He knows that technically he does not deserve Warrick and that [...]

    12. A really good book. Best entertainment. I'm so glad to have taken the step. Toreth and Warrick are so special. Unique. The whole series is addictive. And the characters grow on you.Even Dilly. And no idea. Cele seems to me as an incarnation of Manna itself. Strange. I had this impression today. As Torreths stage appearance an end found. As Cele / Manna has completed the presentation with a whistle. My thoughts. Sometimes rather strange. I like this series so much. And Toreth sigh And always nic [...]

    13. Read 9 of the 10 stories (all the free on-line ones). These books just get better and better. Made me laugh out loud in places and such hot sex scenes'Toreth wasn't normal. Most of the time he could pass well enough, and then something like this happened, almost as if to underline how profoundly not normal he was.'

    14. These stories are so damn good--am in total awe of Manna Francis--when I need something really good to read I return to Toreth and Warrick--nothing can compare

    15. The first story, "Game,set" is so good I knew I should be writing a review for it, but was too busy reading the next volume after. The next volume, "Control" is so good it's taken me two days to emerge from reading daze long enough to do my "read" updates on . Friends and followers who've been getting spammed by my updates recently will understand the significance of thisRandom thoughts on this volume;(view spoiler)[1) In a game of Dragon vs Illithid, the Illithid will win on points.2) Carnac i [...]

    16. This may just be my favorite series of all time. The quality of writing never diminishes. Mind Fuck, Quid Pro Quo, Games & Players, Control and Quis Custodiet (and soon to be book #6!) are all equally good. One of my absolute favorite themes is dystopian future & totalitarian governments. So I am in heaven with this story! The characters of Torreth & Warrick are amazing. I love them both equally & that is rare for me as I usually have a favorite. The secondary characters are just [...]

    17. In New London, the heavy hand of the Administration has put yet another yoke on Toreth's shoulders--he's been assigned as the "personal liason" to socioanalyst Carnac. Carnac is a constantly talking, deeply annoying, creepily charming man whose training in reading and manipulating people and groups makes him far too dangerous for anyone's good. And when he decides to stave off boredom by breaking Toreth, it'll take all Sara and Warrick's wits to prevent him.

    18. With every layer of Toreth's past that's revealed, I feel more empathy/sympathy for him. Helps to explain his cold demeanor and why he is such a hard-ass. With Warrick's level of intelligence, it seems he is able to surmise that Val's early life has contributed to his fear of commitment and emotional intimacy. God, I hope Warrick is patient enough to wait for the emotional wall-breaking that seems imminent. Lovin' this series.

    19. Finally!!! Toreth gets just a taste of his own medicine. The crust is cracking and we are starting to see what lies beneath. Fabulous story, vivid characters that stay in a readers' mind long after the last page is read. Have all 4 of the next books in the series and can't wait to start #4.

    20. Remember that time when I actually eat and sleep at a healthy and reasonable time? Yeah, good times, good times. Toreth and Warrick would be a perfectly suitable replacement though.

    21. Man, I just LOVE Toreth and Warrick. I really do. And although I'm still a big Warrick fan, in this book I'm starting to see a side to Toreth that I like a lot!WARNING, SOME SPOILERS AHEAD!!Contrary to the previous installments, this book doesn't contain a mystery or investigation story. Instead the first longer novella Game, Set is all about manipulation and playing with people - and let's just say that this time Toreth isn't the player in control (and neither is Warrick). This story was hard t [...]

    22. It's farther down The Administration rabbit hole with our lovable, but monumentally screwed-up MCs: Val Toreth (think the vampire Lestat contentedly working for Homeland Security), and Keir Warrick (Irving Thalberg with even greater control issues.)Mrs. Francis has again chosen to use a novella (Game, Set) to fill approximately the first third of the book. It is herein that Toreth, fulfilling his duties as para-investigator for the Investigation and Interrogation Division (I&I), is forced to [...]

    23. 4.5 stars. I was pleasantly surprised by this book since I was starting to worry that all the Administration books would all follow the same patterns and contain a crime story. This book is rather more like a collection of short stories concerning Toreth and Warrick, and that makes me happy. Crime stories are not my favourites, and in this series, I just want to read as much as possible about the literary love of my life, Val Toreth. He continues to be absolutely brilliant. His actions are consi [...]

    24. Ok, these emotionally repressed men attract me like flies to fly paper, I just can't resist!This one left me all over the place I love/hated both of them throughout the stories and keep wanting more. They both made huge strides and completely scared the crap out of me during many of those moments.Must keep reading

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