For Certain Values of Family

For Certain Values of Family Every silver lining has a cloud After the revolution stability returns for most of the citizens of the European Administration Revolution has delivered a little freedom if not as much as its archite

  • Title: For Certain Values of Family
  • Author: Manna Francis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Every silver lining has a cloud After the revolution, stability returns for most of the citizens of the European Administration Revolution has delivered a little freedom, if not as much as its architects hoped Some, however, are finding that change also brings complications and fresh dangers.For Para investigator Val Toreth, the Investigation and InterrogationEvery silver lining has a cloud After the revolution, stability returns for most of the citizens of the European Administration Revolution has delivered a little freedom, if not as much as its architects hoped Some, however, are finding that change also brings complications and fresh dangers.For Para investigator Val Toreth, the Investigation and Interrogation Division isn t quite the home it used to be With a reduced investigation team, fractured relationships, and political uncertainly about the future, the last thing he needs is trouble from someone else s family, or unexpected news from his own Keir Warrick has enough to deal with, too, as financial uncertainty threatens his virtual reality corporation SimTech might turn out to be the least of his worries, though, as a family reconciliation turns into a fight for survival Someone is tying up loose ends, and if Warrick digs too deep for the truth, could he become one of them The personal becomes political and professional, as family history delivers present danger And even a socio analyst can learn something new about family values for certain values of family The seventh book in the Administration series contains the novel Family Values and two further short stories set in the near future dystopia of New London.

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    1. Manna Francis

      I m the author of The Administration Series, a near future SF dystopia published by Casperian Books You can find the series in paperback, e book, or partly on line at the Mannazone website.I ve been writing original slash since 2002 or homoerotic fiction, m m romance, yaoi, as you prefer Original slash is my personal term of choice because I feel it best represents my writing in terms of style and what readers can expect to find there Individual stories may or may nor be sexually explicit.

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    1. this book should be called for certain values of family and also some sex with weaponsd now that i have your attentionhave you ever found yourself sitting down to write a book review for the seventh installment in a near-future dystopian m/m BDSM erotica series and been kind of stymied about how to begin? because that's where i am right now. for me, reviewing has two purposes: 1) for me to organize my thoughts on my own reactions/experiences with a text and 2) to be all readers' advisory-y and o [...]

    2. DNF @24%. No rating.I found two good quotes:Toreth to Warrick:"For God's sake. All right." Finally, he managed to roll over. "The fuck will do fine; I don't need your bloody schedule for the day."He said that at 4% and I was like "Yep, I'm going to enjoy this." Sadly, I was so very wrong. While the writing was good, I had to abandon ship due to a case of massive boredom.Another good one:The sudden exposure of the subtext infuriated him. Treating him like a fucking child, and it only made the ang [...]

    3. My client, who keeps nagging me about that presentation, will probably be pleased. My friends, if that's what they still are, too. Butbut I just don't know what I'm supposed to do with my life now? the hell am I supposed to survive, knowing that there is no book 8?! Review to come. Eventually. After I've read that fucking hot knife scene a few more times.;)

    4. Knife play, gun play, possessive lovers, oh myHave you ever eaten a completely delicious meal and you're nearing the end and you can't decide what your last bite will be? The tender, juicy steak? The creamy, buttery potatoes? Maybe that crispy-on-the-outside, soft-and-fluffy-on-the-inside ciabatta roll? You know what I'm talking about, don't you? So what's it gonna be? Which one will be the last bite? It's hard to decide, right? That's what it was like reading For Certain Values of Family. This [...]

    5. I'm hesitant to review this last (for now, anyway) book in the series mainly because I find myself rather worn out by those three - Toreth, Warrick and yes, even Sara. Much as I have enjoyed TA, I confess that I'm relieved to have come to an end. It's not a series I foresee myself reading again, either.The main story in this book is Family Values and is interesting enough in that I got some idea of why Warrick is the way he is where sex is concerned. Only I'm feeling too lazy to go into details. [...]

    6. For me this was one of the best installments in the series. Either because I took a break before reading this as I had read the rest in a two week continuous streak and I was seriously overdosing. Or because this was a good and compact read.Lately I noticed that Toreth is seriously growing a pair, yes true, no need for those stares of disbelief. Confronting our fears and starting to stand up to be counted is always a turn on for me.This has left me in a good place whilst I impatiently wait for a [...]

    7. This serie mindfucked the shit out of me. Well, I tried to go slow, very slow with the installments of The Administration serie. I knew there's only 7 of them.And now I'm done.And now I'm miserable.Manna Francis - please write us some more

    8. Well, that's the whole series finished in a week! The 7th book 'For Certain Values of Family' consists of 21 chapters followed by 2 sexy shorts: 'Boys Toys' and 'Make it a Surprise'. Just love the humour and pace of these books. Tells the story of Warrick's family and how Toreth saves the day. Great stuff!'Relax, Warrick had said, but what he'd meant was surrender. Everything would be fine. In fact, everything would probably be absolutely fucking wonderful, but even if it wasn't, that wasn't Tor [...]

    9. I am only giving this 5 stars because of the ending of Family Values. The series really should have ended there. Toreth's vulnerability and trust was at an all time high at the end of FV. While I liked reading Boy's Toys, Make It a Surprise just pissed me off. It would have been perfect but one line of thinking on Toreth's part ruined it for me. (view spoiler)[Toreth trying to remember the name of the girl he had kissed then slept with the night before (hide spoiler)]At least the ending to Famil [...]

    10. re-read in progress: probably the best series i've ever read. Let me rephrase: without a doubt the only series I've read that improve till the very end. Don't think about the end. shall probably re-read this a few more times during my lifetime. Looking forward to it :)Perfect.just perfect from beginning till the end!Toreth & Warrick: a couple made in hell but they manage :)Thanks Manna!!

    11. Incidentally, one can get beaten up in school simply by referring to oneself as one.If that were true not only for Sheldon Cooper, but also for Carnac and Warrick, they would have gotten beaten up A LOT. Their language is so overly precise and correct, so formal and so stilted, that it's almost funny to read. And it fits them so well, their controlled and controlling characters - it's just another piece of genius in these stories that Manna Francis so flawlessly adapts the narration to the narra [...]

    12. This was not as brilliant as FAtW, but almost! It continues the storyline with Warrick's mother and reveals other family secrets.There was a bit too much "one step forward, two steps" going on between W&T. Moving in is obviously a big step, and Toreth's feet goes Antarctica on W's ass (well, no big surprise there). A lot of times while reading this story, I just wanted to tear my hair out!The knife play in the end was HOT, and when the excellent second story "Boys' Toys" brings upGun oil as [...]

    13. What can I say?I knew that this book series is something special. Already with part 1 of this series. As Toreth goes through the Department of I&I and also reflects on the decorative plants. These disappearing at odd way. Because the people there steal like magpies. Manna's special way to describe something. So natural. Although it is a dystopia, I often find myself in these descriptions.The addiction to T&W began insidiously. After the 3rd book I was thoroughly addicted. Now I have only [...]

    14. Me through book 1-6: It doesn't matter that Toreth is cheating bastard, as long as he's with Warrick and they continue their relationship. *heart eyes*Me through book 7: Toreth is cheating bastard and that's all. I understand that's the only way how Toreth can deal with his feelings towards Warrick, but i just hoped that after five years he will deal with his desires and compulsions to fuck random strangers differently every time his relationships with Warrick just becomes too real and he's figh [...]

    15. Book 6 makes any other book look kind of bad, but every book can't be as dramatic as that one or the readers will all go numb and stop caring. So this is still very good. One thing I haven't praised Manna Francis for so far is the distinct voices she creates for Warrick and Toreth. You don't have to read the "said X" part to even know who is speaking, it is obvious from their vocabulary and syntax, and that is brilliant! You could write a socio-linguistic paper on literature on that! "The distin [...]

    16. The main story and the first short story (Boys Toys) are available on Manna's website; but there is a new story, Prodigal Son, which is about Carnac and what happens to him a few months after the events of Up Against the Wall. I'm a fan of Carnac, so getting this book just for that story was well worth it. I hope there will be more of Carnac in the next Administration book.

    17. OMG I finished this book thinking I had one more to go but it's not out on Kindle yet! I am lost without T & W!!!!!!

    18. This is the 7th book in this series and it has one long and 2 shorter stories. The first story is Family Values (available online)Review:Holy crap It took me 3 days to get through this WowThe last book, 'First Against The Wall' really screwed this series up for me, I guess God, I hated what we didn’t get in that book, so I just couldn’t get into this novella It’s about Tarin getting in trouble, and Warrick wanting to help him in some way Which of course leads to Toreth getting him through [...]

    19. Last book a lingering frustration of "TBC". The last story is good to close the story about Warrick's family, and we get to follow the final step he and Toreth take towards a (somewhat) steady relationship. But it feels incomplete. Their back and forth love tango is both enjoyable and unerving and I felt unsated when I put the book down. The online version ends with "Make it a Surprise", which while not being the best short story of the serie, brings some kind of finality. It lets us believe tha [...]

    20. 3.5 stars overall.The main plot didn't really grab me this time around (and God, Carnac made an appearance again! I wanted to murder him on sight!). And can I just say that if I never saw Dillian again it would be too soon? I don't know why, but she just irks me to no end.What I did enjoy immensely was Toreth and Warrick's continuous weird dance around each other and their relationship. Warrick trrying not to push and Toreth freaking out about gasp! moving in together after five fucking years. Y [...]

    21. I really want to like this series but I just can't. Toreth just messes this series up for me with the childish ways he reacts and deals with things. Nobody in this series has the guts to speak up and say anything of truth to him except Carnac, all the more reason that Carnac is my favorite character and I love him. He pulls no punches and tells it like it is. Warrick and Sara both make me sick the way they handle Toreth with kid gloves all because they don't want to piss him off or scare him awa [...]

    22. Here we once again get to experience a virtuoso performance from the author, and from Warrick in particular, about how to handle Toreth. Ms. Francis has created a perfectly delineated Ying/Yang with her main characters in this story and nowhere is it more clear than in this book. But, don't be fooled that all the dark is in Toreth and all the light is in Warrick, 'cause it's not. It's just that they are the perfect pieces to their own puzzle.The Administration has been an unforgettable experienc [...]

    23. Well, Manna Francis has done it again. Another wonderful read: The Administration #7. In order to have a clear understanding of what is going on, I recommend reading (or reviewing) the previous book in this series 'First Against The Wall'. I didn't remember it too clearly so I struggled through the first half of this one. As with all of the Administration Series, this is excellent. Superbly drawn future world with fully developed characters you can love or hate. I must mention that this story ha [...]

    24. Couldn't put it downToreth & Warrick are definitely at a transitional point in their relationship; Keir knows this but Val is simply terrified--will he ever be able to trust or love without trying to own and control? And that crazy-assed Carnac is still lurking about. What a manipulative, mind-f*cking creep

    25. Most of the time Warrick feels like the teacher's pet. Most of the time he is the one without actual feelings. All cold. Calculating. The sound of reason. The good guy. The one you can trust. So what happens when he takes impulsive decisions? What happens when he has to trust Toreth? And what happens when Toreth is trusted with the safety of Warrick?

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