Perfect Imperfections

Perfect Imperfections Hollywood royalty Jeremy Jameson has lived a sheltered life with music as his sole focus and only friend Before embarking on yet another international concert tour he wanders into a bar in what he co

  • Title: Perfect Imperfections
  • Author: Cardeno C.
  • ISBN: 9781627988780
  • Page: 419
  • Format: ebook
  • Hollywood royalty Jeremy Jameson has lived a sheltered life with music as his sole focus and only friend Before embarking on yet another international concert tour, he wanders into a bar in what he considers the middle of nowhere and meets a man who wins him over with his friendly smile and easy going nature Accountant slash bartender slash adventure seeker Reg Moore hasHollywood royalty Jeremy Jameson has lived a sheltered life with music as his sole focus and only friend Before embarking on yet another international concert tour, he wanders into a bar in what he considers the middle of nowhere and meets a man who wins him over with his friendly smile and easy going nature Accountant slash bartender slash adventure seeker Reg Moore has fun talking and drinking with The Jeremy Jameson and can t say no when the supposedly straight rock star makes him a once in a lifetime offer keep him company on his tour by playing the part of his boyfriend Listening to music, traveling the world, and jumping off cliffs is fun Falling in love is even better But to stay with Jeremy after the stage lights dim, Reg will need to help him realize there s nothing pretend about their relationship.

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      Cardeno C CC to friends is a hopeless romantic who wants to add a lot of happiness and a few awwws into a reader s day Writing is a nice break from real life as a corporate type and volunteer work with gay rights organizations Cardeno s stories range from sweet to intense, contemporary to paranormal, long to short, but they always include strong relationships and walks into the happily ever after sunset Heartwarming Stories Strong Relationships Forever Love.Website cardenocBlog Shared Blog caferisque Twitter CardenoCFB Profile facebook CardenoCFB Group facebook groups CardeYouTube youtube channel UCX6M Pinterest pinterest cardenoC

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    1. Delightful re-read June 2016OK folks, even with calm-the-fuck-down time, I'm still in serious fan-girl mode with this book. I so fucking loved it! So incredibly witty, fresh, funny, smart and absolutely delightful! It is, hands down, my favorite Cardeno C. book to date. MC Jeremy Jameson, 31 year old living-in-a-bubble rockstar, born in the spotlight to an Oscar Award winning actress (with a heart of stone) and a Grammy Award winning father (already dead from a drug overdose) who has no idea wha [...]

    2. Loved it, loved it, LOVED IT! This is my favorite Cardeno C. book. By far. My average rating for my previous CC books is 2.62. That is crazy low, and it isn't because I'm not a fan! I am, I just tend to feel passionately one way or another about this author! I loved Walk With Me (my favorite CC up to this point), but this book simply blew that out of the water. When CC writes the slow burn romance, I'm just putty; melty, gooey putty. When you combine a slooow burn GFY with some heavy petting, na [...]

    3. 4.5 I-want-a-pretend-boyfriend starsIf you're looking for a gritty rock star book, this is not it. There are no drugs or sex escapades, no dirty laundry, booze fests, or groupies. Our rock star, Jeremy, could be anyone in the public eye. We are told he's a rock star, but there's nothing in here about his music, who writes his songs, his band, or his albums. Jeremy isn't your typical musician either. Yeah, he's temperamental, self-absorbed, and conceited (he was raised by famous parents in Hollyw [...]

    4. Usually I wake up like this:This morning I woke up like this:I love this book. I love this book SO HARD. It’s like cotton candy. It’s like marshmallow fluff. It’s like the creamy inside of those new birthday cake oreos.I love both Reg & Jeremy, they were so FUCKING SWEET together:With Reg’s muscular arms holding him, Jeremy felt safe, like nothing and nobody, himself included, could pry him away from this man.And don’t worry,” Reg said. “If you push me away, I’ll remind you w [...]

    5. " A rock star walks into a bar"It sounds like the start of a joke but what it actually is, is the basic premise of yet another great story from Cardeno C and the start of a really enjoyably sweet yet hot romance between another pair of his (always) endearing characters.Oh and before I go any furtherhave you guys seen that cover! Does the word "Rawr" come to mind? Okay I digress butHOT DAMN!!All righty then, back to JJ & Reg. What a brilliant combination of opposites. A regular small town bar [...]

    6. 2.5--Every Party Has a Pooper--Stars!Looks like I'm the party pooper! But this one DID NOT work for me. At first I thought Reg and Jeremy were kind of sweet. They had a slow build to their relationship. Jeremy doesn't even know he's gay. He's a rock star--if you can even call him that. I found him to be whiney and annoying. It takes him FOR-FREAKING-EVER to realize he has feelings for Reg and he might actually be gay afterall.Jeremy is needy. He's in constant need of companionship, reassurance, [...]

    7. My first read of 2017 was a success!!I wanted to start out with some man loving and that's what I got. It had it's moments where I was rolling my eyes but for the most part it was really good!Perfect Imperfections was sweet and pretty much drama free. I love me some drama but sometimes I just need sugar fluff. Jeremy is a rockstar that wonders into a bar where he meets Reg, the bartender. Jeremy is trying to hide from the paparazzi and just be a normal guy. Reg knows who he is but doesn't make a [...]

    8. This story just gets better every time I read it.Jeremy and Reg are two of my favorite M/M characters ever.When 31 year old Rock superstar Jeremy Jameson steps into a seedy bar in Munds Park, Arizona it turns out to be the best thing to ever happen to him.Jeremy is not your typical "rock star"ere's no drugs, or scores of sexual exploits, or crazy publicity anticshe's quiet, a bit shy, and, most of all, lonely. When he starts up a conversation with bartender, Reggie Moore, he finds himself relaxe [...]

    9. This novel is Cardeno C. at his best - super cute, super sweet and super awesome, with great humor and banter, a powerful, intense and strong relationship, character growth, plus a GFY/OFY butt virgin and smoking holy hot boysecks, Batman. I adored the two main characters, JJ and Reg, and loved absolutely everything about this, marshmallow fluff and all. Yeah, yeah, some cynical person might say that Reggie was much too perfect, but I don't care. And some cynical person might also say that JJ wa [...]

    10. Written May 25, 20144.2 'cuddling' Stars - Charming, delightful light and nicely inviting - a sweet gem that made me giggly and happyThe girls here on GR said it was fluff, angst-free, a sweet rockstar, a sexy "hero" and all in all a very cute story. Then it must be a one for me to read. ~ And it was The cutest and sweetest romance I've read in a long time without even rolling my eyes or raising my eyebrows. What a delight - a sweet lollipop!!A lot of thanks to sweet Mishyjo (4 stars) who gave m [...]

    11. I am crazy about this freaking book. LOVE LOVE LOVE Charlie David's narration. His voice is the epitome of sexy. Re-listen 11/18/2015 (I know I've listened to it more than twice, but I forgot to log it).Re-listen 12/30/2015Re-listen 10/18/2016 I needed some fluff in my life.Re-listen 6/21/2017, 2/21/2018

    12. ***3.5 stars***This was a nice, quick read for me. Low on angst and high on cute. Just what I was looking for.Jeremy is one of the world's most famous rock stars. He's Hollywood royalty. His mom is an A-list actress and his dad is a music legend. He stumbles upon Reggie in the middle of nowhere, in a no name bar and the two strike up an easy going conversation. Reggie doesn't treat him like anything other than a normal guy. What's an A-list rock God to do but come up with a fake relationship so [...]

    13. Jeremy is a famous rockstar, but he is so tired of being in the spotlight and not being able to be himself. He gets drunk at an unknown bar at one night and meets Reggie (Reg). They hit it off and Reg takes Jeremy home because he is no condition to drive.Jeremy is dying for someone to go on his tour with him, someone he can trust. So he asks Reg to come. Reg is an adventurous kind of guy so he says yes immediately.Jeremy is ‘sure’ he is not gay… Reg is gay and is sure Jeremey is not as str [...]

    14. Re-read 28April'16After hating a series by this author returned to remind myself why I'd splurged ;)And, I still LOVE this book. It's ridiculous, but so damn adorable, and hot. Still a favourite.Audio is good too.-- --Beyond feel-good, this book is snuggle-some sweet.Don't go in expect a gritty rock-star story; you've got to be patient waiting for the Sex to happen and there's no Drugs or for that matter any Rock and Roll! Let's be honest - it's also not in the least bit realistic or believable. [...]

    15. A sugary sweet 4 star readA totally good angst free sugary sweet bookJeremy is a famous rock star who visits the bar where Reg works. After a night of drinking where Jeremy feels relaxed around Reg, he proposes Reg to accompany him on his tour as his 'pretend-boyfriend'. This is the story of how Reg and Jeremy's pretending turns into a real relationshipI loved this book! It is a sweet romantic read. I simply fell in love with Reg and Jeremy. Reg is a very easy going, open, frank, adventure seeki [...]

    16. This was a wonderful, feel good, not a lot of angst read that just melted my romantic heart! LOVE LOVE LOVE!Jeremy is the rockstar who is only surrounded by people who work for him or want something from him. What he really needs a friend, someone he can trust and have fun with. So he asks the friendly bartender he spent a night chatting up to be his “pretend” boyfriend while he is on tour. Jeremy is absolutely adorable and Reg as the “pretend” boyfriend was completely swoon-worthy!! Isn [...]

    17. This book was completely adorable. Jeremy Jameson is the product of Hollywood and music royalty but as a result he's grown up quickly and pretty isolated. He wanders into an out of the way bar and strikes up a conversation with ex-accountant and adrenaline junky, Reg Moore. The men strike a bargain and Reg comes on the road with Jeremy as his pretend boyfriend for his grueling six month road tour. Jeremy is clueless and a diva but completely the cutest thing ever. This book had me laughing at hi [...]

    18. Yep, I loved this one! What a sweet story! Jeremy is Hollywood royalty, born into the spotlight. He travels the world as one of the best musicians of our time. Yet he is completely clueless when it comes to love. And then there’s Reg, an accountant turned bartender, living in some small town in Arizona. I loved him!!! He’s the kind of guy that can strike up a conversation with anyone. He’s friendly and outgoing and so good for Jeremy. I loved their story. I loved the slow burn and all the [...]

    19. Reg is my father's name. As a character in an m/m this makes me shudder in horror. I'm glad it's an unusual MC name, at least.

    20. My first Cardeno C. book, and it was perfect! There is no angst, there is not much drama or tears What we have here is a beautiful love story, with two amazing MC's! They are sweet, funny, and most of all, perfect for each other!Jeremy is a rock star! He only knows love for his music. He is needy and lonely! Reg, a bartender, is an amazing man, funny and laid-back! He wants to travel and discover the world!They meet and became best friends very quickly! What was born as a great friendship, turne [...]

    21. 3.5 starsA fake-boyfriend-becomes-best-friend-becomes-love-of-my-life storyI really enjoyed the immediate LOYALTY and TRUST between Reg and Jeremy. And watching it build into more made for an entertaining read. The banter and the interactions between the two are funny, sexy, and sweet. What's not to like?

    22. 4.5 stars and ♥♥♥♥♥ from me. Loved this one, my heart having been melted and left in a puddle of goo by one person and one person only, that He-Man with a heart of gold Reg, but Dude seriously, REG?? What had he ever done to deserve being called that **shakes head in disbelief**?? I really enjoyed the fact that there was no insta-lust in this one, the GFY/OFY was based on a friendship that took nearly a year to come to the boil as far as the guys getting between the sheets was concerne [...]

    23. 4.5*I'm having a tough time in RL right now so I am in need of sweet, fluffy feel-good reads.Cardeno C. has written some of my favorite feel good books, so I was very hopeful that this one would work for me.And boy did it ever.I loved it! Sweet, fun and sexy ( and kudos for the sex scenes starting very late in this book).Great and likeable MCs, no real angst or drama, no big problems or misunderstandings, just a happy Mandy at the end of the book. Although on a personal note I disagree with Jere [...]

    24. I agree with many readers that this story was adorable, sweet, cute and the two characters were divine.The reason that I didn't rate it higher was because after waiting for 72% of the story to finally see this two guys get together and kissing for the first time and moved the relationship to the next level, I was expecting firework, tingles down my spine, I thought I was going to need a fan next to me on the coolest setting for what I was hoping would be steamy and gorgeous sex scenes.I little b [...]

    25. So sweetd fluffy, and warm and sticky and gooey and lazy and amazing like Sunday morning Perfect comfort GFY read. Recommended.

    26. AMAZING!! This book hit all the right places for me. It was sweet, loving and super cute.Thank you Eva and Bev, my lovely galsr making my day with this rec xx

    27. This gets an extra star purely for the entertainment value of the following sentence."Ungh," Reg moaned around the pulsing dick in his mouth. "Ungh. Ungh."With prose like this, what more do you want?

    28. Have you ever thought, ‘this person was created solely to love another’? As I was reading, or listening in this case, it struck me; Reg was made to love Jeremy. To be honest, I can’t think of another couple that hit me with a similar realization. After countless love stories this was a first and did it ever rock my world.Jeremy Jameson is a true blood rock star. He was born into the life and has lived up to his expectations. He is amazing on stage and happiest when he is performing. His pr [...]

    29. 5 Amazing starsThis book was funny and sweet and no unwanted drama - just an amazing book about love and soooooo original!!!! Reg was the perfect partner for Jeremy. This was a beautiful story and I loved every word!!!"Darting his gaze around the room, Reg tried to find the source of Jeremy's fear. "Was someone here?" he asked as he quickly checked the door. The locks were in place. All four of them. "JJ?" "Spider," Jeremy said, his voice high pitched. He was pointing at the bed and seemingly tr [...]

    30. First of all, that cover is gorgeous!!! And the book itself is fluffy, romantic, cute, and completely angst-free. Loved it!Jeremy Jameson aka JJ is a 31 year old talented and handsome rock-star. He was basically born famous, because his grandfather, mother and father all work(ed) in the industry, and he's been in the spotlight ever since he started his career as a musician. To most people, he is The Jeremy Jameson, which means everyone has expectations of him. His team feeds him lines for the pr [...]

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