My Neighbor Seki, Vol. 1

My Neighbor Seki Vol Seki anak laki laki yang duduk di sebelah Rumi selalu melakukan sesuatu di mejanya tanpa mengundang perhatian dari gurunya seperti bermain domino catur Jepang dan bermain dengan kucing Ternyata Ru

  • Title: My Neighbor Seki, Vol. 1
  • Author: Takuma Morishige
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Seki anak laki laki yang duduk di sebelah Rumi, selalu melakukan sesuatu di mejanya tanpa mengundang perhatian dari gurunya, seperti bermain domino, catur Jepang, dan bermain dengan kucing.Ternyata Rumi yang mulai tertarik dengan permainan yang dibuat oleh Seki Namun akibatnya Rumi malah sering mendapat teguran dari guru.

    • My Neighbor Seki, Vol. 1 by Takuma Morishige
      399 Takuma Morishige
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    1. Takuma Morishige

      MORISHIGE Takuma Older sister is the mangaka Akiko Higashimura.

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    1. Intensely silly. Yokoi sits next to Seki at school, and Seki amuses himself by building bizarrely elaborate dioramas on his desk. It can be interesting to see what Seki is getting up to, but it's really one joke told over and over: Seki does something strange, Yokoi gets overinvolved. I feel like this is the kind of thing that I'd like much better if I was reading just one chapter a month, instead of fifteen in one sitting. Still, good for unwinding after a stressful day, and I might save future [...]

    2. My Neighbor Seki is a manga series about the "adventures" of a long-suffering girl named Rumi Yokoi. In the midst of her normal life as a (middle-school or high school) student, she has to tolerate the antics of her "neighbor" in the homeroom, Seki.The thing to understand is that, until the seating is changed, she can't escape Seki. In Japanese schools, they stay in one room throughout the day (other than PE, lunch, or clubs) and the teachers for each subject come to them to conduct classes. Who [...]

    3. If you haven't read this manga but you have a general idea of what it is about, you'll be probably as impressed as I was when I read it. And yes, I say impressed even though I gave it 3 stars. The author manages to do two great things: one, make Seki endearing, when he doesn't even speak a word in the manga, and two, despite the story's simple background (two characters, Seki and Yokoi, always in the same place -their classroom- while Seki always does anything that crosses his mind to keep himse [...]

    4. Pulpettinaapurit kertoo Yokoi-nimisestä tytöstä, jonka vieressä istuva Seki-poika keskittyy oppitunneilla kaikkeen muuhun paitsi opetukseen. Seki on mestari keksimään ajavietettä mm. taittelemalla origameja, pelaamalla gota ja virkkaamalla. Yokoi ei voi sietää Sekin leväperäisyyttä ja yrittää ohjastaa tätä keskittymään tunnilla - huonoin tuloksin. Yokoi ei itsekään voi keskittyä opettajan puheisiin vaan jää katsomaan mitä kummaa Seki seuraavaksi keksii.Pulpettinaapurit on [...]

    5. Short and immensely, impressively random. Has to be the most offbeat slice of life manga I've ever come across (and yes, that includes Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou). Seki is a schoolboy who makes weird creations in class when he should be studying, also distracting his neighbor Yokoi, the point of view character. That's basically the plot. He builds incredibly weird things and never gets caught.I found myself thinking "WTF am I reading" "why am I reading this" "should I pick up the NEXT volume??" I'm [...]

    6. It was funny and my kind of humor the first 30 pages, but then it kind of took a nosedive. While I like the silly aspect, the lack of plot really made it boring. Yokoi & Seki were interesting characters, but it got repetitive at the end. I may or may not pick up the next volume (but only if I see it discounted somewhere. I don't think $11 for it is all that worth it?)

    7. This is a cute manga. Yokoi sits next to Seki, and he is always doing some activity during class that distracts her. While Yokoi does try to resist distraction she gets caught up in Seki's games. My favorite chapters were the ones with shogi, the cactus and toy robots. Honorable mention the chapters with Chess. It has some humor in Yokoi's thoughts and actions on whatever Seki happens to be doing.Seki is not like other people, he's unique because of what he does during class. It makes me wonder [...]

    8. No nytpä löytyi manga, joka kutittelee mukavasti myös minun huumorintajuani! Takuma Morishigen "Pulpettinaapurit 1" (Punainen Jättiläinen, 2016) on absurdia huumoria sisältävä koulukomedia, joka keskittyy Yokoi-nimisen tytön ja hänen vierustoverinsa Sekin edesottamuksiin. Yokoin on vaikea keskittyä opetukseen, kun hänen vieressään istuva poika harrastaa tunnilla mitä eriskummallisimpia pelejä ja leikkejä - ikebanasta minigolfiin ja spiritismiin asti - jotka alkavat elää omaa e [...]

    9. 4 starsQuirky read. I felt bad for poor Yokio, whose studies are disturbed daily by the goofball who sits next to her. Seki's little diversions are too interesting for Yokio to ignore, however, and she spends more time watching Seki and his creations than she spends paying attention in class. I don't think either one of them is going to score very high on their exams.

    10. All of the humor of the anime, with even more content. Not a single objectionable scene or panty shot either. This series is up there with Azumanga Daioh and Barakamon as my favorite slice of life manga.

    11. Read up to chapter 73.Silly and over the top while at the same time still being charming and plausible. It almost makes me want to try something like that, and also reminded me of the Bakuman theme of incorporating "serious humor" into their manga.

    12. It's a bit kooky. About a girl with a very odd in-class neighbour doing odd things at his desk. I'm intrigued how long this can play out in the series. It's nice to read something so bizarre and cute.

    13. Having watched the anime on Crunchyroll, I was really excited to see there was a graphic novel. After reading the first period, I was a little afraid it would just be the same thing I watched, but there were some new content as well - so I was happy :)

    14. Poor Yokoi. Cursed to sit next to Seki, a boy constantly goofing off and making her accidentally goof off too. But his goofing is detailed and precise. It's almost like he's doing more work than anybody else in the class

    15. From the cover, the story, and art style, this series sounds adorable. And it was. Looking forward to reading more from this series.

    16. Of course, I read it in English, and I LOVE Seki-kun. He is just so funny! I mean, the things he does! And NOBODY seems to realize it! Great!

    17. Currently enjoying my recent plunge into Manga, I really enjoyed the first book in this middle-grade Manga series.One boy and one girl sit next to each other in class. One is obedient and peeved at her next door neighbor's indifference to what is happening around him. While she insists she will be ignoring his antics, building chess games on his desk, varnishing his desk with multi-finishes to make it a mirror ( which delights her); bringing two cats to class to sprawl on his lap and desk, while [...]

    18. I first stumbled across this as a short anime series on Crunchy Roll, each episode about 8 minutes long I think. I didn't even think about if it was based on a manga, though that is a safe assumption for most anime. But when I saw it pass through the library, it seemed like it might be worth reading. Much of it is familiar from the anime, but there are some new episodes in hear, especially events that happen outside of the classroom. I worried that the static image version wouldn't be as much fu [...]

    19. Rumi Yokoi is trying to be a good student, but there's one problem: her neighbor Seki is doing anything but pay attention during class. There are crane wars. A postal service rises and falls. Seki makes up his own rules to play Go, chess, and use a ouija board. Yokoi always tries to apply the rules of reality to what Seki will do next, but just because she knows the rules doesn't mean that's how things will work out. This is a short, silly read, but I loved it as a visit to my childhood and Cart [...]

    20. Light-hearted, episodic silliness as a normal student tries desperately to pay attention in class but keeps getting distracted by the increasingly wacky 'what will he get up to next' shenanigans of the kid at the next desk--building domino courses, having elaborate chess-battles, making sand-castles, and more.

    21. Very funny. Yes, as other reviews have suggested, it's the same joke over and over again. But -- and maybe and I'm just easily amused -- I found myself laughing over and over again. And I did keep feeling surprised by the way things turned out each time. I thought I would just read this as a one-off, to get a sense of what age the series is good for, but I've already requested the second volume.

    22. This is funny for all the reasons I loved reading Azumanga Daioh or Yotsuba!, lots of hilarious reactions from a straight lace character to their exaggerated foil. It's somehow made even funnier by the fact that Seki never seems to actually get a line of dialog. It's been pretty great so far and took me no time to rip through the first two. Will update review when I read the other 6.

    23. I thoroughly enjoyed this. It's just plain silly and fun, and I was definitely interested to see what sort of weird, elaborate project Seki would come up with next, and I sympathized with Yokoi for being distracted. Heck, when I was teaching, I would have had to give Yokoi a pass, since she had legit reasons for being distracted.

    24. This is a cute little series with a bunch of quick funny stories about a girl named Rumi Yokoi who is always sat next to a boy named Seki. Seki always coming up with crazy and over the top way to entertain himself in class, which is always very distracting for Yokoi. The stories are very imaginative and playful making the books really fun reads.

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