Lady & the Vamp

Lady the Vamp Former vampire hunter Michael Quinn is living a nightmare he s been turned into a vampire His only hope is the Eye a long lost artifact that once every millennium will grant one wish to its possesso

  • Title: Lady & the Vamp
  • Author: Michelle Rowen
  • ISBN: 9780446618632
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Paperback
  • Former vampire hunter Michael Quinn is living a nightmare he s been turned into a vampire His only hope is the Eye a long lost artifact that, once every millennium, will grant one wish to its possessor Fortunately for Quinn, he has a map detailing the path to the Eye All he needs to do is find it, then he can wish himself back into humanity.Janie Parker has made aFormer vampire hunter Michael Quinn is living a nightmare he s been turned into a vampire His only hope is the Eye a long lost artifact that, once every millennium, will grant one wish to its possessor Fortunately for Quinn, he has a map detailing the path to the Eye All he needs to do is find it, then he can wish himself back into humanity.Janie Parker has made a lot of many mistakes in her life, not the least of which was getting tricked into working for a demon Not only is the pay awful, but she has to successfully complete all her unsavory assignments or risk a torturous death Her latest mission is to track a vampire who apparently knows where some stupid treasure is No problem Until she sees who the vampire is Michael Quinn, a man she s had a crush on since she was twelve years old Too bad she ll have to kill him to get to the Eye But Quinn and Janie are kindred spirits, and soon they re falling in love even though they re after what the other person is desperate for the Eye.

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    • Lady & the Vamp ¦ Michelle Rowen
      120 Michelle Rowen
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    About "Michelle Rowen"

    1. Michelle Rowen

      National bestselling author MICHELLE ROWEN writes paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and young adult fantasy, both light and dark, sexy and sweet, long and short it all depends on the story She s won a Holt Medallion for Best First Book and a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice award for Vampire Romance For information, please visit Michelle at her website at michellerowen.

    555 thoughts on “Lady & the Vamp”

    1. Reeally 3.5 or 3.75 stars. Only marked down for lack of sex as I'm such a horndog.A supernatural assassain named Janie and a former vamp hunter, now turned vamp, named Michael. Both are hunting for a magical artifact that can grant it's owner ONE wish. She wants it to stay alive, he wants it to be a human againd Janie's boss just gave her a terminate order on Michael. Now if they could just keep their hands off each otherFunny with a crazy cast of secondary characters. If you like your vamps ser [...]

    2. A little bit of humor keeps this light vamp romance from having too much bite.Nothing too original in the premise behind Lady & the Vamp but still Rowen delivers a lighthearted vamp romance and fans of her series will be happy to have former Vamp-hunter Michael Quinn in the spotlight as we take a break from Sara and Thierry. Quinn, now a vampire, sees himself as a monster and rails against his fate willing to accept death if he can't regain his humanity. He has one hope left, a magical artif [...]

    3. I did not realize until I sat down to read this book that it was not about Sarah and Thierry, from the first two books! In those books, Quinn was a secondary character, a vampire hunter who tried to kill Sarah. He was later bitten by a vampire, but left to die an agonizing death - vampire venom slowly kills the victim unless the victim is given vampire blood to drink, thus turning him or her into a vampire also. Sarah, who was still a "fledgling" herself, dragged him to Thierry, who reluctantly [...]

    4. This book was really good and one of the reasons I like it is because it gives readers a slight break from Sarah, the main character in the rest of the series. I like Sarah alot but its nice to know a little more anout the other characters as well. I'm actually hoping they're will be a book about Barkley since he seems funny and I've lways liked werewolves.The thing I didn't like about this book was how stupid these characters could be. Quinn actually really annoys me since he's all like "I'm ev [...]

    5. Unlikeable, whiny characters, hardly any romance in this so called paranormal romance novel. To be fair, this instalment wasn't going to get high marks as soon as I opened it up and realised it wasn't a continuation of Sarah Thierry's story. Quinn and Janie just aren't that likeable. He did well as a secondary character in the previous books when he seemed interested in Sarah, I would rather read a typical love triangle romance with Sarah, Thierry and Quinn than read the hardly there romance of [...]

    6. Michelle Rowen outdid herself this time. The third (and best so far) installment of the Immortality Bites series) has Janie (mercenary extraordinaire) and Quinn (long time hunter, first time vampire) meeting up, again. Both searching for the same fabled item, The Eye, the two are drawn into three different messed up character's bids for world domination and/or power of one sort or another. Janie's still got the hots for Quinn (her older brother's best friend growing up). When they were 12 and 17 [...]

    7. I really enjoyed the first books in this series so was disappointed when I just couldn't get into this book. I picked it up 3 or 4 different times and just wasn't interested in the characters or story. I finally gave up around page 200 and took it back to the libary unfinished - and I almost NEVER quit that far into a book. The story was pretty predictable and I guess Quinn just didn't do it for me. I'm going to give book 4 a try and hope to see more of my favorite characters from previous books [...]

    8. Unlikeable characters on a quest to find a magic artifact. They fight bad guys and each other along the wayORY BRIEF:Quinn used to be a vampire hunter. Two months ago he was turned into a vampire. Having seen both sides, he becomes sensitive and no longer wants to kill anyone, human or vampire. He doesn’t want to drink blood and nearly dies from starvation. The Boss is a powerful mafia-type bad guy who frequently kills those who work for him. Janie is a human mercenary who works for the Boss. [...]

    9. I really just enjoy this series. haha.This one wandered off from the main character which can sometimes be a very bad thing (especially when the first two books and the following two books are focused on Sarah), but it worked. I don't know if it was because I adored Quinn's character in the first two books, but yeah. ;) He was a little more emo here, but HE even realized he was being emo and would berate himself about that as well as continuing to beat himself up over everything else. Why Quinn [...]

    10. This was a cute story. Questions/Comments:The “Boss” has seers on his payroll, yet couldn’t find out where Janie’s ex-boyfriend ran off to? After running into Quinn, Janie has Lee take Barkley with him in her vehicle. So, had she just been planning on stealing a car to get her and Quinn to the Eye’s location?Had Malcolm not told the old woman at the gas station that he didn’t want anyone to know he was still alive? I just thought that whole interaction between her and Quinn was stran [...]

    11. Another winner in Michelle Rowen's Immortality Bites series. This book focuses on what happens to Michael Quinn after he walks out of Sarah's life in Fanged & Fabulous.Feeling sorry for himself because he can't deal with being a vampire -- one of the creatures he tracked and killed as a former hunter -- Quinn agrees to drive werewolf Barkley from Toronto, Canada to his pack in Arizona. But Quinn has another interest in Arizona -- tracking down an ancient treasure known as "The Eye" that his [...]

    12. Keine gute Idee, die bisherigen Hauptdarsteller der Reihe einfach auszutauschen. Hatte mir diesen dritten Band der Immortality- Bites-Reihe bis vor kurzem gespart, nachdem ich hier bei gelesen hatte, dass Sarah und Thierry bloß am Rande erwähnt werden. Aber dann war ich doch zu neugierig und bestellte mir das Buch. Zum Inhalt wurde hier schon genug geschrieben, es geht also nun um Quinn und Janie, die zuvor nur Nebencharaktere waren.Quinn ist süß, aber sein Charakter trägt kein ganzes Buch [...]

    13. I wasn't happy when I realized that this book did not have the main characters in the first two, Sarah and Thierry. I did not care much for Quinn in the first two so I didn't have high hopes for this book going into it. I must say though that I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this book. Quinn was a much better character in this book and not nearly as annoying. I loved that Quinn and his love interest hated each other for most of the book and their love did not come easy for them. The [...]

    14. The rating I give this book is close to a 1.5 stars rather than two but oh well.I really liked the first two books in the Immortality Bites series so I was a bit taken aback by the fact that I had great dislike for this, the third installment. I think the main issue with this book is that it does not revolve around the two primary characters from the first two books. Instead it revolves around two secondary characters - one that was introduced in book one and another that was introduced in book [...]

    15. Slightly different from the first two in the Immortality Bites because, rather than the story being told from Sarah Dearly's point of view, it's told in the third person and doesn't feature Sarah at all.Lady and the Vamp follows Quin (ex vampire hunter now vampire), his new werewolf (would be alpha) buddy Barkley (love that name) and Janie (yes, all characters we've seen in the last book)Quinn wants to be mortal again - he's on the search for a mystical relic that can give him one wish.Janie is [...]

    16. I'm really loving this series so far and how it really seems to be growing more characters are coming to play and evil is coming at them from all angles it's not just vampire hunters now now there is the Boss, who kills anyone who doesn't do as he asks or just because he feels like it and an insane vampire who wants to take over the world and in the midst of all of this is Quinn, who is trying to figure out what do now that he's a vampire and Sarah rejected him and Barkley, the werewolf, a humor [...]

    17. In Lady and the Vamp we have Quinn former Hunter now vampire tracking down The Eye. The Eye is a supernatural artefact that every one thousand years will grant one wish. Quinn wants to go back to being human, he has only recently been made into a vampire and is on a hunger strike. Janie on the other hand is human and works for an evil company (can anyone say that without an Austen Powers voice over?). The Boss knows where her missing sister is and unless she finds The Eye first, he will kill her [...]

    18. Supernatural assassin Janie Parker works for The Boss doing whatever nasty little jobs he devises. Her current assignment is finding The Eye and bringing it to him. Vampire Michael Quinn is currently hunting The Eye and Janie joins him in his quest. The only sticking point? Janie is supposed to kill him after they find it. However, once she falls in love with him, this is no longer an option. Now she has to think quickly to keep The Boss from killing her once he finds out that she has failed him [...]

    19. Si avec tout ça je ne vous ai pas dégouté de le lire, c'est que vous êtes courageux ou curieux. J'encourage toujours les lecteurs à se faire leur propre avis, ce que l'un n'aime pas, l'autre peut adorer. Le pire c'est que je n'ai pas détesté cette lecture, ça se lit et c'est tout en fait. Ce n'est pas ce qu'à fait de mieux Michelle Rowen, tout y est cliché et sans grande consistance, malgré un début qui s'annonçait plutôt pas mal. L'histoire ainsi que les personnages finissent par [...]

    20. New vampire and ex-vampire hunter, Michael Quinn, wants nothing more than to be human again. He sets off on a road trip to Arizona to locate The Eye, a magical object that can grant a wish once every thousand years. On his journey he meets up with an old childhood friend Jamie, who is also after the eye, but for different reasons. Attractions fly but with conflicting motivations, Quinn and Jamie have a road trip to remember.Quick and light hearted like the previous installments in the series, th [...]

    21. Yay a book about Quinn! And yay, finally some sex in these books. Not that I need that in my vampire stories, but the first two books felt like a tease. This book finally fulfilled the promise. And it was nice it was with Quinn and Janie, two characters I really enjoy.Which is good that I enjoyed them because the storyline was a bit weak. The ghosts, evil-eating tree, and demon felt a bit forced to me. Like needing extra paranormal aspects to make it more interesting but it just ended up being c [...]

    22. Complete disappointment. The only thing this author can do is rewrite TV. Every piece of this I have seen on TV. This is a mismatched mess of TV formula sandwiched together. Surprisingly she ties it all together, but that was a re-run too.Quinn is a newly turned vampire, formerly in search of a relic called the ‘Eye’ that allegedly grants 1 wish and his is to be human. Janie is a mercenary hired to retrieve the ‘Eye’ for her boss. Obviously along the way they fall for each other, and the [...]

    23. Meh. I am amused by the lead in to this text box is "My review/What I learned from this book." What I learned is that I really need a higher standard for myself when it comes to what I'll read.This really deserves 2.5 stars, but I'm in a generous mood today, so I'll up it to 3. It's not that these are bad books, it's just I have certain standards when it comes to my supernatural (and I hesitate to use the word) literature, and this one falls short. Not sparkling vampires, short, but still.This s [...]

    24. I go back and forth on this series. On the one hand, the plots seem overly simplistic, and some of the author's writing ticks drive me nuts (does EVERYONE have to have a trickle of sweat down their backs when they're stressed?), but I keep reading. And sometimes I can't put it down. So there's something here worth coming back to :) This story took a slight detour and focused on Quinn & Barkley, and Janie and Lenny from the previous book. Quinn hits the road for Arizona to bring Barkley back [...]

    25. Well, I'd have to say that I liked it. A lot, actually. But then again, I really liked Quinn. Some people who didn't like Quinn, or who just wanted to know Sara's story. It was kind of nice to see his point of view and to see him get his own happiness. It was actually really cute. I liked Quinn and Janie, and as always: Lenny. I also liked that there were a few plot twists. Some parts I feel were a bit anti-climatic, but over all the plot was good. It was also funny and light-hearted, despite so [...]

    26. I stayed up late last night because I wanted to read the last 100 pages of this book. And boy, I didn't regret it. I love the way it all wrapped up. I also enjoyed the constant stubborn nature of both Quinn and Janie. They were a match made in heaven it just took them ages to work it out. Lol.Anyway, I loved the pace of this book. How everything unfolded and how nothing was what it seemed in the end. Lots of cool surprises and many twists and turns. The characters were so real too - flawed in so [...]

    27. The third book in the "Immortality Bites" seriesd the best one yet! I wasn't sure about this book at first because, instead of being told through the perspective of Sarah Dearly (as was the case in the first two books) this book is told in the third person omniscience alternating between Michael Quinn and Janie Parker - two lesser characters introduced in the previous books. Because of this change in narrator, i thought this installment wouldn't be a good as the first two, but boy was I wrong! T [...]

    28. This book reading wasn't so much of a "guilty pleasure" than it was a "guilty-need-of-escape-having-nothing-better-to-read" for me.A story following a hot, blonde, female mercenary on a mission to retrive an enchanted, wish granting, relic while falling in love with a hot, blonde, hunky, ex-vampire hunter turned vamp, meanwhile her long-lost sister's life all depends on the retieval of this ancient relicoh yeah, there's a werewolf too.The dialouge between the characters is lame and almost too pa [...]

    29. Reluctant vampire and ex-Hunter Quinn is hot on the trail of the Eye, a fabled relic that could grant his wish to become human again. Janie is a mercenary who must retrieve the Eye or face dire consequences. The two form an uneasy alliance to track down the Eye, and must fight both ulterior motives and a growing spark between them.While I was glad to be out of the Sarah drama for a bit, I was a little disappointed with this book. The twists kept me very off-balance and a little confused. Additio [...]

    30. I'm giving up at 100 pages, I'm still counting it towards my reading goal because I feel I earned it after sticking with it that far. Like the series alright, not my favorite, but its okay. This book is a departure from the main couple and focuses on Quinn and Janie two characters that I didn't much care for in the previous books. The characters just aren't that likable and the story doesn't seem to be moving very fast. The next book returns to the previous characters being the focus again. If i [...]

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