Medio Pollito/Half Chicken

Medio Pollito Half Chicken In this enchanting bilingual folktale about the creation of the weather vane an unusual chicken sets out for adventure Half Chicken who has one eye one leg and one wing has many adventures that ta

  • Title: Medio Pollito/Half Chicken
  • Author: Alma Flor Ada Kim Howard
  • ISBN: 9780440413608
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this enchanting bilingual folktale about the creation of the weather vane, an unusual chicken sets out for adventure Half Chicken, who has one eye, one leg and one wing, has many adventures that take him far and wide until he s carried straight to the top in this lively retelling of a traditional folktale.

    • Medio Pollito/Half Chicken : Alma Flor Ada Kim Howard
      211 Alma Flor Ada Kim Howard
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    1. Alma Flor Ada Kim Howard

      facebook almaflorada Dr Ada was the founder and First Editor in Chief of NABE, Journal of the National Association for Bilingual EducationShe has been active for many years in various professional associations including IRA, International Reading AssociationCRA, California Reading AssociationCABE, California Association for Bilingual EducationUSIBBY, US Branch of the International Board of Books for Young PeopleShe is a member of Advisory Board of Loose Leaf Public Radio ProgramsNational Television WorkshopBetween the LinesReading Up , Natural Head Start AssociationA frequent speaker at national and international conferences, Dr Ada also works in school districts with children, teachers and parents The award winning author of numerous children s books and a prolific translator, Alma Flor Ada is a leading mentor and philosopher of bilingual education in the United States She has authored several reading programs, among them two Spanish reading programs Cielo abierto K 6 Vamos de fiesta K 3 and of two English reading programs Signatures K 6 Collections K 6 and is a series consultant for Relatos de la historia 1 5 , a Spanish social studies program developed by Harcourt School Publishers.Among her most substantive contributions to the transmission of Hispanic culture to children are M sica amiga, a program for learning through songs, published by Del Sol BooksPuertas al Sol Pathways to the Sun, published by SantillanaLatino poetry, Art, and Biographies for children, published by SantillanaDr Ada received her Ph.D in Spanish Literature from the Pontifical Catholic University of Lima, Per and did post doctoral research at Harvard University as a Fellow of the Radcliffe Institute and a Fulbright Research Scholar.

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    1. One of our reading selections for school. It was just weird. And creepy. It's a half a chicken. With half an eye, half a face, half a beak, half a body, and one leg. And he hops around. And he's a jerk. Yes, it's a legend, so it teaches the historical significance of stories becoming a part of one's culture, but seriously, there wasn't something better out there? And my 5 yr old was like, wind doesn't talk! Fire doesn't talk! Water doesn't talk! I don't like this, Mom! So, I guess it was okay. I [...]

    2. This book explains the story of the weather vane and how its story came to life. One day, a chicken gave birth to baby chickens, except one was having a hard time hatching. When it finally hatched, a chicken came out with only one leg, one eye, one wing, and only half as many feathers as the others. The others soon started talking about him and he became well known. So he decided it was his time to leave town and head to the court of viceroy. On his way, he encounters some things and ends up as [...]

    3. Mediopollito was a the telling of a traditional Spanish folktale with the option to either be read in Spanish or English. I really liked this book because I could definitely incorporate this in my classroom if I ever have ELL students whose native language is Spanish or even students who come from a Spanish background. If we are ever discussing different cultures in the classroom I could read this book aloud during Mexican Heritage Month or Cinco de Mayo.

    4. When riding down a road in the country, have you ever looked up and saw a weather vane standing atop a barn? I have and when growing up I was always fascinated by them. Why was it up there? How did it get up there? Why does the chicken only have one leg?Well, there's a story for that and here it is. A cute story about how the one-legged chicken weather vane got it's life :)

    5. I thought this book was very informative and fun to show some folklore of Mexican culture! Overall, this book really looked into a chicken with one eye one leg and one wing!

    6. Grade/interest level: Upper Elementary (3-5)Reading level: Fountas-Pinnel O/Lexile 640LGenre: Traditional Literature/MulticulturalMain Characters: Half Chicken, Water, Fire, WindSetting: Mexican Ranch, Great Plaza in Mexico CitySummary: This is a Spanish folktale about a special baby chicken was born with only one wing, one eye, one leg, and half as many feathers as the other chicks. This chicken was named half-chicken. Because he was so much different than all of the other chickens, he decided [...]

    7. Half-Chicken is a folktale that originates from Spain. The tale is about Half-Chicken who is rushing to Mexico City to see the King but makes time to help a few friends along the way. The friends, which are the three of the four elements (wind, fire, and water), are the ones who rescue him from becoming diner in return for his help. Half-Chicken is a story for the weathercocks that stand on barns. The story is a cute little tale that can be read when teaching the four elements to help remember t [...]

    8. I am really loving these folk-tales. I now can say I know how those weathercocks came to be. I loved the picture where all the little chicks are hatching and running around peeping and flapping their little wings. This may have been a tale of vanity but I saw it more as a tale of helpfulness. When little Half-chick needed help his helfpful deeds were repaid. I can't wait to be out driving and see a weather vane so I can tell the story to someone. Again, the illustrations were so colorful and you [...]

    9. I like how it shows the chicken doing good deeds and that it has a happy ending. I think its creative to have a folktale about weather vanes. I would use this book to talk about manners and about helping others. I liked this book. I also liked how it had the Spanish translation on other pages. scholastic/teachers/boInterest LevelGrades 3 - 5Reading LevelGrade level Equivalent: 4.2Lexile® Measure: 640LDRA: 34Guided Reading: OGenreWesternTheme/SubjectBirdsAnimalsCharacter and ValuesAwards books.g [...]

    10. This is a Mexican folktale about how an unusual chicken becomes a weather vane. This half-chicken is a legend in his little town, but he does not get the regal reception when he goes to the Viceroy's court. A humbling experience for him, but he is now a legend for all time. The illustrations add to this story. I loved reading this book, and love that on one page is the story in Spanish and on the other page is the English version of the story. Great for a classroom for English Language Learners. [...]

    11. As I mentioned in my review of Alma Flor Ada's THE LIZARD AND THE SUN, I really enjoy legends that haven't been done to death in kidlit. I didn't love the art in this book, but I'm fascinated by the story, a reverse twist on the LITTLE RED HEN tale.I support independent bookstores. You can use this link to find one near you or order HALF-CHICKEN on IndieBound: indiebound/hybrid?filt

    12. This is the Spanish folktale (updated and adapted as a colonial Mexican version) explaining the creation of the first weathervane, and progresses with the familiar pacing of the folktale. The clever Mediopollito makes friends with the elements by helping them in a time of need, and they return the favor when his own fortunes turn around. Much fun!

    13. With only one leg, one eye, half a beak, and half a body, Half-Chicken sets out on an adventure. Throughout this story, the tale of how the weather vane came to be is told. The tale is very interesting and a fun way to see how stories can be altered. This is a fun way to introduce the elements wind, fire, and water to students. It is also a bilingual text having English and Spanish on each page.

    14. I love this story! The kids seem to like it too. It's a bilingual story about how the weather vane came to be. Next time I use this story I will try adding Los Pollitos dicen the song portion of class.

    15. This is the story about a folktale of a half-chicken who is very helpful and rewarded for his good deeds.

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