Tinsel Time

Tinsel Time All is not comfort and joy at the North Pole Father Christmas is being bugged by a mortal who was affected by an ill supervised Christmas wish so he puts his most trusted adult department fairy on t

  • Title: Tinsel Time
  • Author: Emma Jaye
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • All is not comfort and joy at the North Pole, Father Christmas is being bugged by a mortal who was affected by an ill supervised Christmas wish, so he puts his most trusted adult department fairy on the case.Noah Spicer s life was already going down the toilet after he inexplicably failed a drugs test and got booted off the national dive team, but now he has to mow the lawAll is not comfort and joy at the North Pole, Father Christmas is being bugged by a mortal who was affected by an ill supervised Christmas wish, so he puts his most trusted adult department fairy on the case.Noah Spicer s life was already going down the toilet after he inexplicably failed a drugs test and got booted off the national dive team, but now he has to mow the lawn of the horribly successful woman he d teased at school This Mega Boner was very different to the uptight, rail thin girl he d known, both in looks and in personality But her offer of a substantial fee for some personal services reminded him of his father s motto smile and take their money.Tinsel doesn t enjoy humiliating the essentially harmless and most lickable Spice but with the exiled fairy Jingle also after the naive young man, there is at stake than Spice s slightly bruised ego and the petulant Dr Megan Bonham Something is serious up with Father Christmas, but as he literally holds all the baubles, is there anything one Christmas fairy can do to save Spice and produce a permanent Happy Ever After for all Christmas fairies, past, present and future Warning 18 story containing some strong language, M M F adult scenes and some significantly corny festive references.

    • Tinsel Time by Emma Jaye
      225 Emma Jaye
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    1. Emma Jaye

      Endlessly curious about the natural world and the human condition, Emma moved from writing essays on the biological, psychological and sociological aspects of human reproduction to writing fiction after papering the smallest room in the house with degree certificates Emma has been a tropical fish farmer, a development scientist for a pet products company, a preschool teacher, a lab tech, and an academic tutor and course writer In between these paid jobs, she did some practical human reproduction and had four sons before deciding to write down some of the daydreams that had been bugging her for years It turns out that getting reviews was fun than getting ticks from tutors although she still gives out ticks on a regular basis by reviewing prolifically and running the Review Group Her books range from contemporary to sci fi, paranormal and fantasy, and often involve characters with different patterns of social romantic interaction than are generally considered normal All her stories contain steamy scenes, angst, and sometimes violence Her stories contain M F, M M and M F M and occasionally higher multiples situations, and although there is always an HEA or HFN, her books could never be described as sweet.To sign up to her newsletter and get your hands on some ass kicking, steamy freebies eepurl bZKKGf

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    1. A fun continuation for the series. Some fairly strong scenes but they work well within the story and aren't just there to titillate. Worth a read.

    2. Generally, people recognize fate, destiny, and chance as the primary forces that shape one’s life. Tinsel Time, however, introduces a fourth factor – Father Christmas. And of the four, Father Christmas, or as he was nicknamed in the first book of this series, the Big Red Boss (BRB), is by far the most clumsy and heavy-handed. Case in point – this story.Originally, BRB granted Noah, the main figure of this book, a wish when he was a child. Noah wanted to be popular. The wish, however, backf [...]

    3. Don’t expect a White Christmas from Tinsel Time because what you get is a Dark Christmas Erotic story. Emma Jaye takes a nice (but slightly dim) young man and throws him into a tangled web of Christmas wishes gone wrong, illicit Christmas Fairy romance and the prowling tiger from Book One of this series that is the immortal human once known as Jingle. Our hero Noah Spicer is an Olympic diving star busted by a Christmas wish drug test failure. Now Dr Megan Bonham (the aptly named Mega Boner of [...]

    4. Wow! This was definitely the sexiest Christmas story I've ever read. The story begins when Santa's adult department fairies are given a special task. As a child, Christmas fairies gave Noah Spicer his wish and made him popular. However, the wish backfired since a girl Noah teased in school, Megan, has made a wish for revenge. Though Tinsel prefers giving happy Christmas wishes, she follows Father' Christmas's orders and takes Megan's place. Megan wants Noah to feel just as badly as she did when [...]

    5. Where do I begin, if you take the time to read the synopsis, then you will know exactly what happens in the story.So then I will get down to reviewing it. Personally, this is not the type of book I read, although this book has been beautifully written, I didn’t fall in love with any of the characters, Noah was too weak and Megan too needy in my opinion. At the beginning there were too many characters for me to get my head around and just when I thought I was starting to enjoy the book, I got t [...]

    6. The next in the series, Tinsel Time continues where the story left off, and once again we are transported to the Adult Dept of the North Pole. However, the focus, this time, is Noah. A childhood wish was granted to Noah Spicer, and as a result, he makes Megan Bonham's life miserable. A successful scientist now she makes a wish to get revenge on Noah. Tinsel takes Megan’s place to fulfill her revenge but finds herself feeling sorry for Noah. Add in some sexy scenes (although not my cup of tea t [...]

    7. A few words to describe Tinsel Time: Hot. Crazy creative. Funny. Coolly British. As an American reader, “hearing” Noah Spicer (aka Spice’s) voice in my head saying utterly British words like bogs, totties, and dosh made quite the joyful noise. I loved the unashamedly un-humble Spice – he knows exactly how fabulous his body is and enjoys showing it off. Lots of great opportunities for mental eye candy. I love the creativity of this book’s premise. Christmas fairies made by Father Christ [...]

    8. I have been waiting for this book since I read Holly Berry, last year, and it was well worth the wait!Tinsel, a fairy in the ‘adult department’ in Santa’s workshop, is summoned by the big guy, to help him fix a mishap with one of his previous wishes.Noah Spicer’s childhood wish has had a huge impact on Megan Bonham, a successful scientist, who has yet to get over being ridiculed by a popular Noah, and his friends, during their school days. Now she want’s payback. Tinsel takes Megan’s [...]

    9. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this book.A revenge wish, which the fairies are not happy about, puts the 'nice but dim' hero Noah Spicer firmly in the cross hairs of Tinsel, and she isn't meant to make him smile. Trouble is, he's hot, funny and very 'lickable'.Megan, the woman who wants revenge because Noah friends bullied her at school, after watching from a snow globe at the north pole, she has Tinsel do a 'dry run' with him pretending to be her boyfriend at a conference.But Tinsel is [...]

    10. I received a copy for an honest reviewI had requested Tinsel Time after reading Holly Berry. It hadn't been what I expected; not in a bad way; but I figured it was an interesting world and wanted to get to know the other Christmas fairies better.Tinsel Time was again not what I expected. I was warned about the m/m/f scene, but was surprised by the participants.Once upon a time BRB granted the wish of a little boy to become popular.Noah, did indeed become popular but he was still very insecure.So [...]

    11. Sexy fairy frolicsThis is Emma Jaye's second Christmas offering and although it features characters from last year's book, it's a completely new story. This time we have another fairy (Tinsel) fulfilling wishes, including her own as it turns out.There was a lot of angst for all concerned this time around. Would Noah do the right thing? Would Megan stop being so neurotic? Would Tinsel find sexual fulfilment? The author takes us through these dilemmas with her usual flair, though I have to say tha [...]

    12. This book is pretty well-written, has a nice, light tone (for the most part) and the premise itself is fun. It did take quite a while to engage me, and I found it a little on the long side for a book of this nature. When I've had to review erotic novels in the past, I get frustrated wading through reams of poorly-written dialogue and boring characters to get to the "action" scenes, but here I actually quite liked the premise, and the action scenes themselves werewell-handled.h. These kind of boo [...]

    13. Tinsel Time was a wonderful Christmas treat! I loved Holly Berry and was excited to read the next book in this series. Emma Jaye has a terrific imagination. She creates three dimensional characters that have both positive attributes and flaws. Spice is a guy that is the embodiment of be careful what you wish for. It seems even Christmas wishes may come back around to bite you in the hiney. Tinsel has to pretend to be a human to set things right again. In the end all is well, even if it's not the [...]

    14. It's always a calculated gamble to write a Christmas story, erotic or otherwise. What might appeal to the reader for one festive month might not jump out as a possibility for the remaining eleven. The second installment of the Naughty or Nice series sees the Christmas fairy, Tinsel, engaged in making a mortal's wish come true. It's a captivating story,both well-written and well-paced, with just the right amount of heat. The author introduces several interesting subplots and a bit of a cliff-hang [...]

    15. 5 glowing, sparkling, huge Christmas stars all the way. Before a couple weeks ago I never read any of Emma Jaye's work, but now I'm a lifetime fan. This book is amazing and so completely utterly different from other works I've read I can't help but love it. This is one series I hope will be continued in at least three more books. Love them! Can't wait for Jingle Balls next!

    16. GoodNot quite as good as the first book but Definitely a great Christmas erotica novel that's worth a read and will have you wanting more

    17. I thought it was ok. But like many Part 2 in a series (especially movies) in my mind it couldn't hold a candle to the genius of Book 1. What I loved about the first one just wasn't there in this one. Neither main character I couldn't really like that much. I thought the explanation of Noah's past was repeated too much in the beginning. And I didn't really care for the "ghost of christmas future" plot just past the middle of the story. I understand why it was there, but it wasn't what I cared to [...]

    18. What happens when the jolly guy in a red suit, aka Father Christmas, grants a wish for a woman to get revenge on her childhood tormentor, Noah? But he sends one of his fairies in to do Megan's bidding!All kinds of expected things, that's what. And to find out what those are you'll need to read Tinsel Time. Contains: Spicy MF, FMM & MM scenes and not necessarily between the main characters. And as I typed that, I realized I can't really say whose story this was.

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