Hers To Captivate

Hers To Captivate M M M F M M F M F M K stand alone romance with kinky sex toys shibari ropes o denial evil alien assassins and nasty cyborgs from the future Freed after years as a sex slave only a unique man

  • Title: Hers To Captivate
  • Author: Patricia A. Knight
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • M M, M F, M M F, M F M 68K stand alone romance with kinky sex toys, shibari ropes, o denial, evil alien assassins and nasty cyborgs from the future Freed after years as a sex slave, only a unique man could capture Angelica s heart She never anticipated finding two Recovering from years of sexual slavery and attempting to evade the death relentlessly stalking her on TallM M, M F, M M F, M F M 68K stand alone romance with kinky sex toys, shibari ropes, o denial, evil alien assassins and nasty cyborgs from the future.Freed after years as a sex slave, only a unique man could capture Angelica s heart She never anticipated finding two.Recovering from years of sexual slavery and attempting to evade the death relentlessly stalking her on Talleo IV, celebrated neuro psychologist, Dr Angelica Giverny, crosses vast reaches of space Committed to a higher purpose and in repayment to those who rescued her, she makes a new home on isolated, remote Verdantia A technical wizard and natural leader of men, Magellan DeLan rose rapidly to the position of captain on the converted star yacht, VNV Revertar His priority passenger, the lovely, intelligent doctor, attracts him immediately and Mage plans a careful pursuit of the petite beauty when they arrive in port.Landfall brings the unexpected Tristan DeHelios, a nobleman whom Mage had worshipped as a young man Tristan s hungry appreciation for the now grown star captain is carved on his elegant features Tristan blatantly declares his dishonorable intentions, and while Mage yearns to say yes, he doesn t trust his heart to withstand the fallout This man s rejection had devastated him years before.For Angelica, Tristan DeHelios, her designated bodyguard, is entirely too enticing When he pursues her as well as Mage, her emotions seethe and tangle How can she chose between the honorable and gorgeous starship captain and a rogue whose carnal dominance challenges and provokes her at every turn The suggestion she could have both upends her world.When a dark menace tracks Angelica to Verdantia and pursues extraordinary lengths to terminate her life and those around her, the answer may become moot.

    • Hers To Captivate by Patricia A. Knight
      164 Patricia A. Knight
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    1. ★★★★★ ~ 5 Stars*A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.*This is book 5 in the Verdantian series and Ms. Knights continues to write this series with inventiveness, interesting characters and sexy times.We revisit Ram and Steffania [Vixen} who rescued Dr. Angelica [Pansy] from Hers To Cherish who's been working on neurologically remapping the kidnapped noblewoman who were turned into sex slaves. Tristan has been assigned as Angel's bodyguard becau [...]

    2. Ahh, so nice to be back on Verdantia. It's such a fascinating planet and every time I learn something new about it I have six more questions added to the list!I really liked all three of the main characters of this story. Magellan, Tristan, and Angelica are pretty great. I think I wanted a bit more of Mage and Tris, they were hot, like holy hell hot.I think my only issues are small ones. Battle sequences get a little confusing and the passage of time is muddy, but the sexy times are great. It al [...]

    3. **This was an ARC copy given by the author for a honest review**4-4.5 starsThis was a really good story. I really liked Angelica, Tristan and Mage and their story was well done. It fit well in the series but I actually think it could be read on it's own without major confusion.Angelica is a doctor that was kidnapped and put through a brain wipe/wash technology to turn her into a subservient woman for men that wanted her as nothing more than a sex slave. She underwent that hell for 3 years until [...]

    4. Welcome back, Ms. Knight and your smexy hotness! This book is light on the plot movement but hot & heavy on the sex. Oh boy is this book is delicious. Angelica Giverny features in her own story. We met her in book three when she was a mind raped sex slave. Angelica is now free from the asshats enslaving her as a sex slave with a side helping of medical expertise. Freed by supernova hot couple Ramsey and Steffania, she comes to help the Verdantian women who have been mind fucked. These women [...]

    5. ** I was gifted this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. **Another really strong story in the Verdantia series. And typically steamy. In this one, someone is after Pansy/Dr. Angelica Giverny. She needs to continue her work "deprogramming" the Verdantian noblewomen, and this requires lots of electronic equipment, meaning she can't just do her work on Verdantia proper. So, while she's doing her work, her personal bodyguard, who did *not* make a good first impression on Angelica, i [...]

    6. Love, love, love this story. So many things to gush over. The characters are fabulous, insightful, complex and leave you wanting for more. Just more. My most favorite part is the shibari training. I have seen pictures, but to read the sensations as they were happening is positively blissful. I am not a big fan of male to male sex scenes, however after reading these scenes, I have reconsidered for this author only. So many feels. Gah! I am positively speechless, but don't take my word for it, rea [...]

    7. DNFI just didn't feel the love.I didn't like that H1, Mage, the only one of the trio who seemed genuine wanted the menage relationship only to keep Tris, H2 faithful during his long absences. Tris even admits he would cheat if Mag was gone long enough!!??The h didn't seem all that much in love either, more in lust. The book may have gotten better but Tris didn't seem a character who deserved or even wanted a HEA and so I wasn't really compelled to stick around.As always this is my honest opinion [...]

    8. One steamy ménage! This is an excellent combination of sci-fi and steam. Tristan is to be Dr. Ginevry’s bodyguard, Dr. Ginevry is a former sex slave and is being hunted and Mage is the Captain of the ship transporting them. And both men want her. Great read! Plenty of suspense and a whole lot of steam. Loved it!

    9. First, a word of warning for the weak of heart. Second, an invitation to all those nymphos out there. THIS BOOK IS CHOCK FULL OF SEXK's books have always had copious amounts of tremendous sex in them--and not just sex--sex that moves the plot and story forward.Hers to Captivate is the same only more.And when I say more, I mean marathon more.If you read this book and have dry panties at any point, you are officially a zombie. Or dead. Really what's the difference. Anyway, onward to the reviewYes, [...]

    10. I received this copy from the Author for an honest review. Hers to Captivate is the fifth book of the Verdantia series. I will like to start by underlining two facts: a) If I could choose where to be born in any fantastical/alternative universe I have ever read (and I've read of plenty) it would be Verdantia, and b) I found out about the art/discipline/kink of Japanese Bondage from the third book of this series Hers to Cherish. Something that has changed my life in an extremely awesome way. Sayi [...]

    11. 4 StarsOne of my favorite things about reading is the escapism; wrapping yourself up in another time and place, a new and exciting world. And when it comes to building a fascinating, unique world, Patricia Knight is the queen and Verdantia my guilty pleasure.While it’s possible to read Hers To Captivate as a stand-alone, I would definitely recommend reading the series in order, starting with Hers to Command. It gives you a more in-depth look into the characters, their backstory and the history [...]

    12. Ms. Knight continues her Verdantia series with Hers to Captivate (Verdantia #5). As usual this author delivers the sexy, well-wrought, naughty love scenes that we all enjoy. If you love erotic with a BDSM twist, or you love sexy Futuristic/Sci-fi or both genres craftily melded together, then the Verdantia series is definitely a great place to start. Dr. Angel is a cool, polished beauty with a traumatic past that just the right male (or males!) can help her to overcome. Captain Mage is the space [...]

    13. I absolutely love Verdantia and am so glad to be able to revisit this amazing world. This series just gets better and better with each installment. I can't begin to say how much I enjoy each new layer that is brought to life with exquisite skill by Patricia A. Knight. This book fits in right along the others in all aspects. The characters are so much more than who they appear at first. The depth of strength, caring and emotion is by far the best part of this story. I love the intrigue and excite [...]

    14. What , for me, placed Verdtantian books in category of their own, was not the sizzle factor, which is present in this book in spades, but strong story lines as well as courtly, gracious, almost Renascence feel to them. It was in everything - elegant language,charm and humor, descriptions and even in the behavior and attire of the characters. In this respect, with much more "modern" feel to it, much heavier emphasis on sex and less of the story, "Hers To Captivate" was disappointing and on Verdan [...]

    15. Another great book in the Verdantia series. This menage story has everything: heart, heat and for once -- God love her -- a male virgin over a female. Written with lots of wit and humor, expect a great storyline, several budding romances and many erotic encounters in this well-crafted story.

    16. As usual, the stories in this series are pretty good and I like the writing style. I just didn't get as "involved" with the characters as in the other previous books, but that's more of a personal thingPS: Tristan was my favorite.

    17. I didn't enjoy this book as much as all of the previous books in the series. This book really relied on the reader having read all of the previous books. I think the author should have spent more time on developing the characters so that the book could have been a standalone. I believe that this book was written to set up an arc for more to be added to the series. Tok and Eva Sweet's story should be next.

    18. I've read many. many books over my lifetime. Quite a few of them by masters of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and Ms. Knight's writing could easily stand in their company. Her world building is excellent as is her dialog, plotting, and pacing. Her characters are so easy to get wrapped up in and hard to forget that it's wonderful.This is our fifth trip to Verdantia, the author's magical (literally) world, and I couldn't wait to get back! The plot was a real nail biter and rarely have I encountered [...]

    19. This story is about Angelica, the doctor/psychologist rescued from sexual slavery on Vxlonica in Hers To Cherish. There is a bounty put on her head so she is repatriated to Verdantia by Captain Magellan DeLan (Mage) on his ship VNV Revertar. Once in Verdantia she is put into a safe house and given a bodyguard, Tristan DeHelios.Tris and Mage know each other from over eight years ago when Tristan spurned Mage's advances due to his young age(he was only 16 at the time). Consequently Mage isn't too [...]

    20. Great Sequel to a Great SeriesThe planet Verdatia lives as a sentient being and certain people with a specific genetic sequence can contact her and channel her energy to everyone else while engaging in a great rite of love. The highest form is with a triad of lovers and this book follows the development of a new triad, amidst a dangerous assignment to protect Dr. Angela from Her's to Cherish. The protection is provided by Tristan De Helios, brother of Prince Hel both from Her's to Claim. Althoug [...]

    21. I received this copy from author for an honest review.If you already read Verdantia books you know what to expect. If you didn’t, and you like science fiction in combination with epic fantasy and mixed with hot sex scenes, you will love these books. I really enjoyed the story of Tris, Mage and Angel, but I missed a little more action outside the bedroom. You have two fights, and that is it. The problem is probably in the fact that the story is happening in one city, but it could be a bit more [...]

    22. I received an ARC to review from the author.I love the Verdatia series!!! And true to the other novels in this series, it’s steamy, hot and sexy. Unfortunately I was left wanting more. This novel lacked the character depth that I usually found in the other stories. It’s hard to understand Angelica’s inner turmoil if you haven’t read Hers to Cherish, or Tristan’s tense relationships without having read Hers to Claim. It felt like a prelude to the next chapter in this series. Still a goo [...]

    23. Awesome addition to the series. Another great story about Verdantia. This series is so good I am really looking forward to the next book. The three main characters, Tris, Mage and Angelica, are awesome together and I really enjoyed the interaction between the three of them. And, hot, hot, hot. Each book in this series is a valuable addition to the series as the world building is very good. I highly recommend this series. I received this book from the author for an honest review.

    24. I just absolutely adore this series. It sucked me in right from the beginning and here I am anxiously awaiting the next book. I need more! I absolutely cannot wait for the next one. *A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

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