Seeking Redemption

Seeking Redemption He s headed for rock bottom She s not far behind Some would say Benjamin O Brien has finally reached rock bottom When you ve ruined your life and brought your loved ones to their knees in the process

  • Title: Seeking Redemption
  • Author: Kylie Hillman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He s headed for rock bottom.She s not far behind.Some would say Benjamin O Brien has finally reached rock bottom When you ve ruined your life and brought your loved ones to their knees in the process, you would assume you couldn t fall any further Lacey Marquis is done Broken Shattered Ruined Deserted by the man she thought was the love of her life, she s reached herHe s headed for rock bottom.She s not far behind.Some would say Benjamin O Brien has finally reached rock bottom When you ve ruined your life and brought your loved ones to their knees in the process, you would assume you couldn t fall any further Lacey Marquis is done Broken Shattered Ruined Deserted by the man she thought was the love of her life, she s reached her breaking point It takes a lot to make the Black Shamrocks MC abandon their family, yet Benji has almost managed it When the Club discovers Lacey s involvement in his deception, they re both given one final chance Make amends or die it s that simple.When two scarred souls find each other in the midst of chaos, is it possible for them to be the strength the other needs Or will their individual demons prevent the other from SEEKING REDEMPTION WARNING This story contains triggering content and is not suitable for all readers.Seeking Redemption is the third book in the International Bestselling Black Shamrocks MC Series If you enjoy gritty, authentic, and sexy MC reads, then you ll love Kylie Hillman s unique take on MC romance Continue the wild ride today

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      Kylie Hillman is an International Bestselling Author who lives in South Australia After spending the past fifteen years moving around the east coast of Australia, she has recently returned to her home state and plans to finally put down roots until her children finish school Wife to a Harley riding, boating and fishing, four wheel driving, quintessential Aussie bloke and mum to two crazy, adorable, and eccentric kids, Kylie is also a Crohn s Disease sufferer and awareness campaigner When she s not writing, she can be found sipping tea while she literally Netflix and Chills or sharing her appreciation for heavy metal and hard rock music with her neighbours As a devotee to the use of sarcasm and inappropriate innuendo, it is for the best that she chooses to venture outside her home only on special occasions Kylie is represented by Sarah Hershman of Hershman Rights Management Find her on Facebook facebook AuthorKylieHillmanWebsite kyliehillmanInstagram instagram kylie_hillmanTwitter twitter kylieahillmanOr, join her Facebook Reader Group, Kylie s Kollective facebook groups Kylie

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    1. ☆ I received an ARC via Enticing Journey PR in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ☆The third installment in the Black Shamrocks series, Seeking Redemption was basically what its title entailed. Seeking solace and resolve from life's spirals and influences.This book was kind of a conundrum of emotion. Much more than its previous two predecessors. It was about two souls finding from different spectrums colliding in more ways than once and finding love in between.Benjamin O’Brien is an [...]

    2. This is book three in the Black Shamrocks MC Series. Although this can be read as a standalone I certainly recommend you read the previous books first. Benji and Lacey's story gripped me from start to finish. They are both broken and struggling from drug abuse. Can they help each other fight the addiction and seek redemption from the club??I loved the previous two books but this is definitely my favourite so far. It's a fantastic read full of emotion and angst.Can't wait to see what else the aut [...]

    3. I a little bit conflicted on this book! While in the end I wanted to give it five stars I think I'm going to have to stick to 4. The author did a great job showing just how badly addiction can screw up, not only the addicts life, but the lives of those around them. She also did fantastic about letting the main characters take responsibility for their mistakes. Unfortunately there was just something about this book that I didn't connect with as I have the first two books in the series. Looking fo [...]

    4. What another great read.Again I devoured this book within a day. The twists were just as crazy. And I loved it .This is one amazing series. The author manages to shock me at every turn and keeping me on my toes. I can't get enough. I am just so excited for the next book. I just love how each book picks right back up where the last one leaves off. Give this series a read!

    5. Seeking Redemption (Black Shamrocks #3)Kylie Hillman5 starsSOOOOO I have to admit I was on the fence on with this series but Kylie hit this one out of the park. Im so happy I stayed in. Benji and Lacey wow. These two are two freight trains colliding and plummeting each other into hell. Benji is the son of the former President of the Black Shamrocks. He has become everything his father wanted. Benji has the football career, the scholarship and the way out of the club life. He is the chosen one a [...]

    6. This is the third book in Kylie Hillman's Black Shamrocks' MC series, and although it is told a little bit differently than the first two, the topic is none the less important. Drug use and abuse can and does effect everyone. Benji is the golden boy, the son of the former President of the Black Shamrocks - he has everything - the scholarship, the football career, and an out of control drug problem. But Benji isn't the only one - Lacey is his twin sister's best friend, a nurse, the former old lad [...]

    7. Black Shamrocks MC Seeking Redemption is the third book in this series. Benji is the son of the MC's president Beast. Benji's footy career is over due to his injuries and addictions. Lacy was Maddi's best friend and is left broken by a man who abused her. Together they find comfort in each other and their addictions. Thanks to the help of her parents, Lacy ends up in rehab and Benji falls deeper into his path of self destruction. I thought this was a great story of two lost souls who find each o [...]

    8. She grows on you. Her writing getting better with every book ! In this book , we see Benji Adulting . He is lost in a haze of meth induced fog and his partner in crime -Lacey , are both bouncing on the walls and hurting each other. A powerful story which brings clarity to Lacey and Benji and he sets on a path to right the wrongs he has committed. Seeking redemption for his sins. Very well written. Some wonderful characters and a Purple haired kick ass girl named Andi.

    9. Title:Seeking RedemptionAuthor:Kylie HillmanSeries:Black Shamrocks MCPublisher:Kylie HillmanReviewer:M AustinRelease Date:3-24-16Genre(s):MC RomancePage Count:217Heat Level:2 flames out of 5Rating:5 stars out of 5Blurb:Can the sight from rock bottom be sweeter than the view from the top?Rock bottom…Some would say Benjamin O’Brien has finally reached it. When you’ve ruined your life and brought your loved ones to their knees in the process, you'd assume you couldn’t fall any further.Lacey [...]

    10. Title:Seeking RedemptionAuthor:Kylie HillmanSeries:Black Shamrocks MC, Book #3Publisher:Kylie HillmanRelease Date:March 24, 2016Genre(s):MC RomancePage Count:242Heat Level:4 flames out of 5Rating:5 stars out of 5Blurb:Rock bottom…Some would say Benjamin O’Brien has finally reached it. When you’ve ruined your life and brought your loved ones to their knees in the process, you'd assume you couldn’t fall any further.Lacey Marquis is done. Broken. Shattered. Ruined. Deserted by the man she t [...]

    11. We're talking about Benji and Lacey in this book. We start out with the aftermath from the ending of book two, with Benji waking up in the hospital bed. His father, Beast, is there with him and saying really cryptic things to him that he is not catching on to. Eventually he figures out a couple of things and Beast leaves. Enter Lacey, who gives Benji the low down on what happened at his house and how his arm got broken. What all does Beast have in the works, that he wants Benji to prospect to th [...]

    12. Another great installment in the Black Shamrocks seriesThis is Benji and Lacy's story, and you really want to read the first two books in the series first or you're going to be missing out on a lot of background. The third story of five planned for the Black Shamrocks, like the first books there are a series of flashbacks so we see some of the events that set-up the current situation interspersed with present events. This is one of the few authors I've seen to use the technique effectively and w [...]

    13. #####4.95 Black Shamrock Hashtags#####Kylie Hilman once again flawlessly executes a dark, gritty MC experience. The way this book perfectly stands apart from any other MC book, but still intertwines within this series is a testament to Kylie's writing skills. While Seeking Redemption is a standalone of sorts, truly the whole series is so amazing that it should be consumed as a whole. While focusing mainly on Benji, son of the ex MC president, and Lacey, it still feeds you enough of the previous [...]

    14. I loved the first two books in the series and this one is no exception I really wanted to see if Benji could redeem himself and change his ways, since his addiction caused so much trouble for his sister and his family.If to Benji addiction you add Lacey’s addiction and their betrayalyou know you're in for a ride!I didn't particularly care for Benji. in I was neutral when it came to himI was mad because of his selfishness but I realised as well that the addiction was playing a part in it.Two lo [...]

    15. I was give an ARC for an honest review (there may be borderline spoilers here!) I was so excited to finally get Benjis story. His cocky attitude and I couldn't wait to see how Kylie was going to pull his head from his ass. She did it. Poor Benji had to go through hell to get to where he is by the end of this book. Lacey poor girl. She's been through hell over her time with the people in her life. From the highs and lows and just wanting love that feels like a high she gets it how ever she can. F [...]

    16. “I’m a cunt. An A-grade, fair-dinkum douchelord.”Seeking Redemption is the third book in the Black Shamrocks Series. This book revolves around Benji, the oldest son of the President, Beast. As we know by now, Benji has a serious drug problem and this story revolves a lot around that. There are a ton more issues pledging the club and the O’Brien family. A little more is revealed about Wendy, which I am happy to finally know; it’s been bugging me since book one. But, although touched upo [...]

    17. Seeking Redemption for s the third full length book in the Black Shamrocks MC series by Kylie Hillman. This author is totally hitting a home run with this book series. From the storyline to the characters this entire series has been spot on. Again, this book picked up right where the last one ended but with a new set of primary characters. I love that the author is creating a whole new book but continuing on with the previous characters storylines. Kylie has done a phenomenal job of reaching out [...]

    18. Seeking Redemption is Benji and Lacey's story l had a love hate relationship with these two. I understand their actions because they are junkies but sometimes I wanted to reach into my kindle and knock them both the f out, but that is the high & low of being addicted to drugs. However in the end I found them to both have. some redeemable qualitiese story itself was busy, lots going on and not knowing what was going to happen. I liked I wasn't able to predict the end because with all of Kylie [...]

    19. The Third installment in the Black Shamrocks MC left me with mixed emotions. God how I wanted to scream at Lacy and Benji wasn't much better.But what I realised was that Kylie's betrayal of these characters was so so so well done and I really applaud her for that. Even though I wanted to scream at them and often called them names, I was engrossed in the book and that's what we look for in a book isn't it. The way to escape our own reality! This reality was just so real.As the title suggests this [...]

    20. When there's addictions, abuse and drug use, you know the story is not going to be an easy read and it's not.Heartbreaking story with Benji and Lacey dealing with drug addiction, physical and emotional abuse. I found Benji and Lacey to be selfish, I guess that what drugs does to you, you don't realise your problems affects everyone around you. You hit rock bottom, how do you claw your way back to the top Gut wrenching read!!! I must admit I didn't enjoy this book as much as the first two.

    21. Benji and Lacey's story isn't a pretty one by any means. Theirs is a story of addiction, betrayal, and most importantly one of redemption and love. My heart broke for both of them as they fought not only their addiction, but also their way back to themselves and each other. I wanted a happily ever after for them. I can't wait to read more of them and the rest of their family that surrounds them. I give Seeking Redemption 4 hearts!

    22. AMAZING! Kylie Hillman does it again. Another 5 star read in the incredible Black Shamrocks MC series. This has quickly become my favorite MC series. These books are so intense. Seeking Redemption is a gripping story about drug addiction. How it not only affects the lives of the people who are using, but also the lives of everyone around them. Once again, Kylie takes you on such an emotional journey. Her writing is brilliant and I can't wait to see what she has in store for us next.

    23. He's headed for rock bottom. She's not far behind. When two scarred souls find each other in the midst of chaos, is it possible for them to be the strength the other needs? Or will their individual demons prevent the other from SEEKING REDEMPTION?iBOOKS: itun/au/iFvrbb.lKOBO: bit/1pVJGScBARNES & NOBLE: bit/1RbhLb3SMASHWORDS: bit/29dbH1x: amzn/2dehN4R

    24. Too much of a good thing??!!! Oh hell no the third instalment to the Black Shamrocks series saw my favourite character Benji get his story told Explosive, dangerous and hot that describes the chemistry between Benji and Lacey!! Two lovers that are so bad for each other but too good to stay apart Kylie you have outdone yourself again!! Highly, highly recommend this series!

    25. Seeking Redemption (Black Shamrocks MC #3)By: Kylie Hillman4/5 starsThis series is planned so far throughout 5 books. While the first 3 books have focused on 3 different couples, all couples were still integral parts of each book, and the drama is ongoing flows through the 3 books, so there isn’t a new drama that needs to be generated with each book. Many questions are answered in this book and new ones are posed.Benji is the family mess-up. His drug addiction was the blackmail needed to cause [...]

    26. Benjamin O'Brien has finally hit bottom, but he won't admit it to himself. He's ruined his life, and seriously hurt his loved ones on the destructive path of his addiction. Lacey Marquis has had enough. Deserted by the abusive man she thought she would spend forever with, she's broken, and she's on the same destructive path with Benji. She's hiding from everyone, except him, as they hook up and fall together. As things finally spiral out of control for both of them, the Black Shamrocks MC give t [...]

    27. The series continues with Benji and Lacey and oh my, it's getting better and better!!!!I've just got to say it, Benji is a dick and a lot of the time I just want to slap him up the head, but as you learn more about him you realise that this is a man who's not had the support he needed to get over his mums death and the emotional loss of his dad. You learn to love him and recognise that he doesn't want to hurt anyone but just that feelings are to hard for him to cope with.Lacey has been through h [...]

    28. Book 3 in my binge read of Kylie's Black Shamrock MC series was a lot tougher than the first 2 books, each book has had its particular trials and tribulations but in book 3 we get Benji's story. If you've read the first 2 books you know that he has a meth addiction. But it was his lady love, oops, that would be friend with benefit, Lacey that gives us some whopper of surprises as well. Seeing the lows, the highs and the climb back from rock bottom was gut wrenching but when our couple finally re [...]

    29. Benji no and lacy This book is of benji no and lacys story, we see them fighting their demons together and apart, we also get to see what is still happening with the club and mad dog -n-madi,also timber and JJ, we also see more of Joel, how this author manages to pull everything together so clearly and so well in a short book ( not actually short, but by my standards it's short ;) ) I'll never know but kudos to her on another amazing black shamrocks book. Very satisfied 5 stars :) happy reading [...]

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