Exposed When a young boy goes missing shortly after his father is arrested for murdering the boy s mother the residents of Twisted Cedars are in a panic They would be even fearful if they knew a serial murde

  • Title: Exposed
  • Author: C.J. Carmichael
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When a young boy goes missing shortly after his father is arrested for murdering the boy s mother, the residents of Twisted Cedars are in a panic They would be even fearful if they knew a serial murderer has secretly moved back to town Local Sheriff Wade MacKay, and true crime writer Dougal Lachlan, finally realize that unless they pool their resources and work togeWhen a young boy goes missing shortly after his father is arrested for murdering the boy s mother, the residents of Twisted Cedars are in a panic They would be even fearful if they knew a serial murderer has secretly moved back to town Local Sheriff Wade MacKay, and true crime writer Dougal Lachlan, finally realize that unless they pool their resources and work together, no one in town is going to be safe Read all the Twisted Cedar Mysteries Book 1 Buried Book 2 Forgotten Book 3 Exposed

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      With than 3 million books in print, USA Today Bestselling and RITA award nominated author C J Carmichael still can t decide which she enjoys , writing small town romance or page turning mysteries So she does both She is currently working on the last book in the multi author series, Love At The Chocolate Shop, as well as her new Bitter Root Mysteries Her 2015 release, A Bramble House Christmas, is scheduled for release as a Hallmark Movie in 2017 Reader favorites, including her Carrigans of the Circle C ranch stories, as well as her Twisted Cedar Mysteries are available in both ebook and trade paperback formats The Carrigans of the Circle C novels are also available as audio books.When she isn t writing, C.J loves to be out hiking, cross country skiing or biking, either in the Rocky Mountains near Calgary, or around Flathead Lake, Montana where she and her husband, and their four adult daughters, have a cottage To be kept current on her upcoming titles and reader giveaways please visit her website at cjcarmichael and sign up for her newsletter Visit C.J s website at CJCarmichaelFor information on C J s new releases and giveaways please sign up for her newsletter.

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    1. I was disappointed with the book. Does anyone know why Ed kills his grandchild and daughter? I'm still trying to figure it out. The second book "forgotten" is irrelevant because it's basically about a character that is killed by her father without a reason and never explained. We do finally get the story behind the librarians murders in this book. Oh and a two year old murdering his mom. Really? Third book was a let down for me.

    2. Not impressed with this series of books at all. Firstly, it could've been one good book. However the author decided to spin it to three by constant repetition of previous events from the preceding book. I thought it would be apparent that the reader would know the history because I don't consider that book 2 or 3 could be stand alone books. I believe the characters themselves would sigh as they return to events or recall for a reader, especially since they don't need the reminder. What a shame.

    3. 2.5 I really enjoyed the first book in this series but didn't really enjoy the next two. Some of the scenarios presented in this book were just too far fetched and some were down right silly and not necessary. These few scenarios totally ruined the book for me. Without them, this could have been a great book.

    4. A Wonderful EndingVery satisfying. I loved the series, the suspense and the way the author infused hope to offset all the tragedy and darkness. Well done!

    5. A thrilling conclusion to the trilogy. When Chester disappears after school one day, Dougal and Sheriff Wade have their hands full trying to find him. Could his disappearance be connected to the death of his mother, Daisy? Could it have something to do with the librarians that were killed all those years ago?My only complaint about the series that the author constantly reminds the reader about what happened in the first and second installments. I've made it this far, guy, I don't need to be bash [...]

    6. A great conclusion and good twists. The straight forward writing and fast pacing made it easy to read and get sucked in.

    7. In the last of the Twisted Cedar Mysteries everything is made clear-ish. The mystery turned soap opera continues. It seems that the main character, Dougal, is correct, he is just a chip off the old block. Just as there is no explanation of how Dougal could possibly become a successful writer with a trailer park upbringing and no formal education, there is also no explanation of how Dougal's father, Ed, could go from being a trailer park murderer ex-con to a multi-millionaire master of disguise a [...]

    8. WOW! This book, this trilogy actually will run readers through an entire course of emotion. I felt differently for each character. I am thoroughly impressed with the depth given each character and the way the stories and family ties wove through for a complete picture of a town affected by a shocking history. Ed was a true villain in the same vain as serial killers listed on the FBI most wanted list. His crimes, as detailed in his own words, were heinous, but well thought, plotted and carried ou [...]

    9. Wonderful!!I loved this series! The characters were real and down to earth. You could feel what they were feeling, it was like you were there. The books need to be read in order to understand what is happening in the town and with Dougal, Charolotte, Jamie and Wade. I wish there was another book in the series. Great series!!

    10. Wonderful characters! Story kept me guessing!This is the last book in this series and I loved all three books! Day reads if you have time. Hard to put down! Very suspenseful without being gross! A must for me. Awesome ending that surprised me. Good enough to read again! I loved this story!

    11. This is a compelling read in the 1st book. You get interested in the characters and the mystery but as the 1st book ends there are a lot of loose ends. I enjoyed the series less as I reached the 3rd book. Basically you have to buy the whole Twisted Cedars Trilogy to learn the entire story and the original 1st book "Buried" mystery isn't solved until the last book. This trilogy should have been published as one book. I'm getting really tired of paying $16.00 (trilogy) or more for substandard stor [...]

    12. Last of a trilogy and the best of the lot. The storyline is interesting enough and there is enough mystery and mayhem to go around. However, as I have mentioned in my reviews of the first two installments, one could do just as well to read this entry without investing in purchases of the first two books. She used exposition freely and often so that story points previously established are reiterated so the narrative flows. The characters are varied, good guys/bad guys not always clearly defined a [...]

    13. Best of the seriesI thoroughly enjoyed the first book and the second was good, though not quite as strong as the first, so it was great to realize the third book in the series would be the best. There are three families whose lives are intertwined by the sins committed by previous generations. Ed lauchlan committed four murders to punish his mother. When his son won't write the story of the librarian murders, Ed goes after others and more deaths follow. But when one of the twins, just nine years [...]

    14. Wow, what a great ending to a great series. All of the characters were well-developed and the story was gripping from beginning to end. The secrets and mysteries kept you guessing, and many had to readjust their perceptions of the past and people in it. I loved the evolution of the characters, and not just Dougal and Charlotte. CJ Carmichael continues to write books that are impossible to put down until you finish the last word. This is a series, and, to really know what is going on, you should [...]

    15. I knew I wasn't going to get any sleep until I finished this series. We finally have all the pieces as to Doughal's father and he is one wacked out psycho! In order to get Doughal to finish and publish his story, his father may or may not have kidnapped a young boy. Doughal can't be sure and so he writes as his father dictates his sad and seriously disturbed exploits. My only question is why, after doing something so heinous to one child to achieve his ends, wouldn't he just have done the same t [...]

    16. This mystery/thriller trio was unexpectedly a fantastic read. The “twisted” in the Twisted Cedar Series is truly perfect. A lot of twists and turns focusing on the Laclans, Hammonds, and their family held secrets. I don’t agree with others calling this book series repetitive or having unbelievable plots. This author impressed me enough that I am trying another of her writings. All have their own opinion, but for me I recommend this series. No major sexual scenes or provocative language whi [...]

    17. This series was a pretty fun read. Some of the plot twists were predictable and "Scooby Doo," but I did like the characters and the author's development of them. I'm not quite clear how Ed Lachlan became such the computer guru out of a trailer park, and not quite sure why he was such a bad ass that nobody could recognize or find him. Whatever quick read that had my interest. I liked the last book the least of the three.

    18. Overall I found the Twisted Cedar's book to be interesting with a good plot. I've downgraded my rating though, because I read the three related books and very much felt that the three books should've only been one or two. It felt as though the books had been stretched to make into three and the excess was annoying as I was reading them. If the books had been edited and published as one or two books, I probably would've given a 5 star rating - good plot.

    19. I enjoyed all three Twisted Cedar mysteriesI finished the first book in the series of three and immediately purchased and started reading the second book. When I finished the second, 24 hours later, I purchased the third, and last of the series. I honestly can't remember when I've last read a series in such quick succession--I enjoyed them that much. After taking a little break from C.J. Carmichael, I plan on purchasing the CJC mystery taking place in Montana.

    20. This trilogy really should be just one book and not a trilogy. The three parts each are relatively short and the repetitions in each book are super-annoying. Apart from that, I found the story pretty enjoyable, even though the author's writing style was not my thing (a bit too simple, as if he is writing for small children)

    21. Great series!I really enjoyed reading all three books in this series! After finishing the first one, I had to purchase the remaining books. My only complaint was that there were so many characters, twists and turns that I had trouble keeping it all straight! I do plan to read more from this author!

    22. Very good seriesI usually dont care for romantic mysteries but this series changed my mind. I really liked the characters and the story line. Stayed interesting till the end. Would recommend this series and this author.

    23. The books were "ok" felt like the author leaves a lot of questions unansweredI think this could have easily been one book and not three. Felt like the author added a lot of unnecessary info. just so the readers would have to buy another one of the books. I don't recommend.

    24. 2.5 i loved the first book but the next too were so repetitive in an effort to catch up the readers that may have missed the first book the third one i was ready to throw the book away every time basic info was repeated about the characters. Good ending

    25. Great TrilogyI could not read these books fast enough. I downloaded the first one as a Kindle Unlimited book. Before I was even finished with it I bought and down loaded the second book just in case I was somewhere without service when I did finish it. Same for the second.

    26. A must readThis series keeps you glued to each and every page! The characters are so real with all their quirks and flaws. Excellent thriller that will keep you up until the very end!

    27. Read these books.I just love these books. The characters are so real! I want to reach out and comfort the characters. My heart ached for them. Please read them. You will love them also.

    28. The final book in this series was certainly not a disappointment. It started where the other left off and offered the intrigue and charm of the previous two books. Easy to read and get into I was sad to see its end.

    29. Excellent The whole series was very good. Pulled you in from the beginning and when one book ended you could not wait to start the next. Very likeable and relate-able characters.

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