Never Mind the Genetics

Never Mind the Genetics Since breaking up with his high school girlfriend seventeen years ago Kevin had no idea that he had left something precious behind with her Now at age thirty five his success has brought him everyth

  • Title: Never Mind the Genetics
  • Author: Mel Thorn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Since breaking up with his high school girlfriend seventeen years ago, Kevin had no idea that he had left something precious behind with her Now at age thirty five, his success has brought him everything in life that he might need all except companionship Since his birth seventeen years ago, Andrew and his mother haven t had a very peaceful relationship Born into a famSince breaking up with his high school girlfriend seventeen years ago, Kevin had no idea that he had left something precious behind with her Now at age thirty five, his success has brought him everything in life that he might need all except companionship Since his birth seventeen years ago, Andrew and his mother haven t had a very peaceful relationship Born into a family that couldn t afford him, and haunted him with threats of violence, he hoped and wished for a better life a life with the father he had never met After years of bickering and bitterness, Andrew s mother takes him not only to meet, but live with his long, lost parent What Andrew expects is a cold shoulder, but what he gets instead is a warm welcome Kevin s gentle demeanor and sweet words are all it takes for Andrew to understand the true meaning of what it is to be loved, but something else something bright and unexpected blossoms from their growing friendship a very different kind of love Never Mind the Genetics is the first book in the series Double Helix.

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      I m a self published indie author from Michigan, as well as an artist of various types Writing is my passion, and I spend time telling stories than I do anything else I m not satisfied unless I have a keyboard beneath my fingertips, and a document with which to pour my ideas onto.I m a digital and traditional artist I not only love to create characters to write, but I also love to draw them, and bring them to life in other ways.When I m not drawing or writing, I craft my own chainmaille jewelry, and do so as my own business When the ideas aren t flowing, it s nice to keep my hands busy, and to create something that someone might one day enjoy wearing.My favorite genres range from crime drama, mystery, and thriller, to fantasy, romance, and horror I have a wide range of interests in both books and films, and will usually try anything once.

    383 thoughts on “Never Mind the Genetics”

    1. **** 4 solid don't judged stars *****There are three types of taboo stories for me:1)The ones the author don't convince when showing emotional and physical chemistry. This type turns up gross. It fails big time.2) The ones that work well but there isn't much depth on it to be take seriously. They are basically smut.3)and the ones that knock me out and I do a double take as in WTH am I reading?! How did the author managed to do that?! Never Mind the Genetics was category 3. Soooo good! So full of [...]

    2. This might not be everyone’s cuppa so please read with caution. Contains incest, father/son relationshipBoy boy boy do I loveeee this book!!! I don’t even know how to begin how much I freaking loveee this book. It was that adorable. Andrew grew up in a hopeless situation with a loveless mother and an unwelcoming house. One day, his mother suddenly decided that she couldn’t take it anymore and decided to send him away to his biological father who had not a clue that he had a son. Kevin was [...]

    3. The taboo subject of incest isn't for everyone but I really enjoyed this book, the plot was well thought out and handled in a very delicate way. It's a sweet but sometimes heartbreaking story about Andrew, an introvert boy, who age 17 is thrown out of the house by his uncaring mom and handed over to his father Kevin, who he has never met. As much as they both try to hide from it, there is an almost instant attraction between the two of them and they become inseparable.

    4. Successful author, Kevin, 35, has just had a surprise handed to him. A son, Andrew, 17 yr. old high school kid. The hateful mother is finally letting Andrew see his father, for good. She doesn't want him anymore. Kevin steps up to be the dad Andrew never had. They get him in school, have long talks, bond playing games and watching movies, and settle in. Andrew begins to feel things for his dad he shouldn't. We are thinking Kevin's friend Kyle is going to be trouble. As things slowly progress, An [...]

    5. I found this to be a beautifully written story with well handled subject matter. Incest is not for everyone but personally I think that if there is no chance of conception that there is nothing wrong with it. After years of neglect and mental abuse, it was only natural that Andrew would adore his caring, easy going father. Kevin was a bit of a hermit in that mansion and needed someone to share his life with. Kyle was not the most stable casual lover and had a lot of baggage of his own. The physi [...]

    6. DNF. Stopped at the 55% marker.This was just too silly for me to continue. I could not believe this story was told in a serious tone. (view spoiler)[Andrew is this poor neglected kid (or abused, I couldn't tell which one exactly) by his mother. At the age of 17, his mother suddenly decides to ship him off to his father, whom he hadn't known until then. But he dreamt about him and envisioned him as this knight in shining armour. Which Kevin seems to be. He is caring and loving towards his son fro [...]

    7. I was so looking forward to this book, I love taboo especially a little father / son incest, but oh dear!I found it really hard to engage with either character. I think part of the problem was that although the son Andrew, knew of his dad's existence, he had never met him. Kevin, the father knew nothing of Andrew until his mother dumped him at his house when he was 17.Therein, lies the problem. For me although they are blood related, they had never met, they didn't have the usual father / son re [...]

    8. First, let me say that I loved this story and thought the slower pace was perfect. I've been reading edgier stuff for a while and did not think I could still be surprised. I was wrong. Andrew and his father meet for the firs time when Andrew's mother unceremoniously drops him off at Kevin's house after "tolerating" her son's presence for 17 years. I should note that the age, 17, left me waiting and expecting a birthday thatahem.r seemed to happen. Draw your own conclusions there.I should also ad [...]

    9. I know a lot of people will not like this book due to the incest, but I have to say this was a very beautiful story. I was honestly rooting for Andrew and Kevin to work out as a couple, they were just so perfectly in tune with one another and it was very touching. The love they grew into as father and son and then partners was so beautifully written.

    10. I pretty much read the first 80% of this in one sitting I was so engrossed in the story. I would have given this a strong 4.5 stars if not for the last 20% which I didn't enjoy as much. There were also A LOT of mistakes in this book and the constant use of "lied" instead of lay really got on my past nerve for some reason.

    11. This is a beautifully crafted story that has a slow yet steady pace. This book brought out a first for me such as incest with a non-step family member which included an underage character (view spoiler)[17 y/o (hide spoiler)]. Even though I was uncomfortable reading some passages I pressed on and ultimately enjoyed the story. Although this is fictitious, I wished elements surrounding certain scenes (view spoiler)[father/son exposure (hide spoiler)] were dealt with in a more serious and realistic [...]

    12. 3~3.5/5While this book is quite a good read, it was far from perfect. I must admit I did read the book for the taboo theme. However my biggest problem with the book is Andrew age. He's 17 in the beginning of the book and 18 by the end of it. He's just too young to be in the a commit relationship with Kevin. I felt that the book would have work out better had he been older, or had the book give the relationship more time to bake - perhaps making it spans out in the course of 3 years or so rather [...]

    13. Bewareis book contains father/son incest. It was just ok. No real plot development. The author just told us that the characters develop feelings for each other, but we don't actually see it.

    14. Mehis was very long and had way too much drama outside of the relationship to allow me to get invested in it. It's also written in third-person omniscient, so there's major head-hopping between almost every single character in every scene. But I did feel for Andrew. He went through some rough stuff, but what it comes down to is that I don't see this relationship as a lasting one.ButIf there ever is a second book published I'd still read it to see if I've been proved wrong.

    15. Star was too horrible and made this story feel super unbelievable. I am a little sad because I wanted to have my mind blown away by something so taboo, but I just wasn't feeling it.

    16. DNF. And not because of the incest aspect, if I had an issue with that then I wouldn't have picked this up in the first place, I actually took issue with everything else. The writing was painfully hard to read, when I wasn't skimming I was literally forcing myself to carry on and every word was slow and agonising. The POV would constantly change during scenes so It was insanely hard to keep up. The characters were dull, creepy and unlikeable. I never actually made it to the point where anything [...]

    17. I can't decide whether this is a 2 star read or a 3 star read, so I'm going down the middle with 2.5. I loved both MCs. Andrew was sweet and brave despite having a mother that callously ditched him on a stranger's porch. Kevin seemed so compassionate and understanding, despite having an ex showing up announced with his kid in tow. The beautiful thing about this story was being able to watch Andrew and Kevin's relationship develop and watch the relationship heal Andrew's past hurts. I think it's [...]

    18. Not too happy about the theme of this, the relationship between father and son, but I stayed with it mainly to see if they got away with it. Andrew has been raised by his mother and never known his father, until after seventeen years his mother has had enough I decides to hand him over to his father, Kevin. When Andrew and his mother turn up on the doorstep of Kevin's large modern, and expensive, mansion it is rather a surprise, he did not know he was a father. Fortunately for Andrew Kevin is qu [...]

    19. Something to know about me is that I love books about taboo subjects! I've read a few books about incest that I've enjoyed. A favorite being Rock by Anyta Sunday. Or Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma! All the ones I've read before though have been sibling incest so Never Mind the Genetics was something new for me.In fiction books nothing really bothers me or grosses me out. I can't say in real life that I would approve of a romantic relationship between a father and son, but it's fiction! At the same [...]

    20. 2.5 stars, but rounded up. Didn't have a problem with the subject matter (surprisingly), but the writing and editing left something to be desired. Sweet story, but there were some technical issues and sketchy scenarios that detracted from the somewhat simplistic plot line.

    21. WOW!!! what an ending!!!!****Little Spoilers alert****For the first 60% of the book I was on the verge of sleeting my wrists because ABSOLUTELY NOTHING kept happening. I was agonized, screaming to myself "will you f***ing kiss him!?" didn't matter to me who kissed who first or why, as long as it'll happen and the sooner the better.Technically speaking, the writing style was weird. The author kept jumping form Andrew's mind to Kevin's and it was quite a mess sometime because I couldn't keep track [...]

    22. Although a story that could be a little too edgy, I didn't find this story salacious in any way with no gratuitous intimacy. It is difficult to get too worked up negatively about a gay relationship between an almost 18-year-old, although entirely inexperienced, and a man he had never met previously, despite their genetic connection; a man who basically rescued him from a life of despair. "No matter how hungry he was, how juicy it looked, how delicious it must 'taste' it was a fruit not meant to [...]

    23. This book was boring. And you shouldn’t feel that way with a taboo relationship like this.I wasn’t feeling Kyle or Ben.And I also wasn’t feeling the main characters.

    24. Wow! This was quite a story. Completely taboo father/son gay love going on. And it starts off as a slow starter. But stick with it, because it definitely gets better & better. I enjoyed the twists & turns suspense. Along with the sexual tension going on especially in the early parts of the book.Gross as it is. A part of cringed about them being together. But at the same time you can tell they genuinely make each other happy. For whatever it's worth, it works.I could totally picture this [...]

    25. This falls under "not happening" because of mentioned grammar issues, not because of the subject matter. I have no issue with incest, but if you get lay vs. lie and subject/verb agreement wrong, I tend to vomit. =)

    26. DNF. As a fan of this trope, it just didn't draw me in and hook me. The flow of the story was too slow. Tried reading it over several months. As this was my Prime Borrow, I had to move on or waste another month's borrow.

    27. Well written but slow-paced. The subject matter was touchy for me. The author handled it well, but still

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