Pearl's Blaze

Pearl s Blaze Pearl My husband committed suicide two years ago Leaving me with two small kids I thought my life couldn t get worse Then I meet Tank I fought the attraction that I felt for him Giving into it might

  • Title: Pearl's Blaze
  • Author: G.M. Scherbert
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 435
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  • Pearl My husband committed suicide two years ago Leaving me with two small kids I thought my life couldn t get worse Then, I meet Tank, I fought the attraction that I felt for him Giving into it might be the best thing that has ever happened to me As it turned out I was wrong, our worlds do not play well together Tank The first night I saw Pearl, I knew I wanted her.Pearl My husband committed suicide two years ago Leaving me with two small kids I thought my life couldn t get worse Then, I meet Tank, I fought the attraction that I felt for him Giving into it might be the best thing that has ever happened to me As it turned out I was wrong, our worlds do not play well together Tank The first night I saw Pearl, I knew I wanted her What I was not ready for, was her fighting against this attraction we have I want her, I don t care that she has kids, or that she doesn t know shit about the type of life I have She thinks that the fact that she s ten years older than me is an issue its not But the biggest thing she s mistaken on is the fact that she thinks this thing between us is just a casual thing She will be mine and there is almost nothing that could happen to come between us Or is there DISCLAIMER THIS BOOK CONTAINS CONTENT NOT SUITABLE FOR SOME READERS IT CONTAINS GRAPHIC VIOLENCE AND EXTREME SEXUAL SITUATIONS FOR MATURE AUDIENCES 18

    • Pearl's Blaze By G.M. Scherbert
      435 G.M. Scherbert
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      G.M. Scherbert Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Pearl's Blaze book, this is one of the most wanted G.M. Scherbert author readers around the world.

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    1. Cliffhanger Alert!How I hate myself I kept reading to see if the fool was going to change her attitude and create a backbone.But she just traded a jerk on the other asshole.She jumped from one relationship to another without even breathing and logically that led to the disaster.I'm still impressed as a woman is raped and assaulted the way she was and then are wanting sex again shortly thereafter.She is a poor excuse for a woman. And bareback too that's a DealBreaker. She hardly knew the man and [...]

    2. Good second instalment, I don't have the same emotions as I did with the first book but it doesn't mean it's a shit story.

    3. Once again GM Scherbert did it again with another amazingly written book. This one took you on the crazy ride of Pearl's emotional repair and keeping a level head for the sake of her family and the new one to join. Blaze swooped in to be the man that Tank was supposed to be all the while of staking his claim.? Just as things started to feel normal again, another traumatic event happens. As if Pearl hasn't been through enough already, at least she got to heal some wounds on her own. Just when thi [...]

    4. Just damn! If you thought that the first book was good, you are in for one hell of a treat! Book 2 is so much more! Pearl is finally getting through the issues that have had her tore to pieces and then bam something else happens to mix everything up! Her and Blazes relationship is taking off, the girls are doing great and they find out what the sex of the babe is! But then BAM again things change and Tank is back! What a wild ride and I can't wait for more! I need more and like now! Lol amazingl [...]

    5. This story showcased Pearl's badassery. It was softer, sweeter, but incredibly hot. Some jaw droppers, and the author continues to weave the story such that you are dying to know the answers. The stark differences between Tank and Blaze really show in this one, keeping you from figuring out which one she'll actually choose.

    6. GM Scherbert really knows how to take you for an emotional ride! Once again, she had me on the edge of my seat, anxiously reading to know what would happen next. I couldn't put it down. Looking forward to her next installment :)

    7. Now she wants time alone! Who has sex as soon as getting their kidnapped girls back. Her kids are just a background only coming out when convenient.

    8. No words. Too many words. Weird writing style. Weirder concept. It's a Biker, BSDM, secret dungeon, voyeur sex play shitstorm, combined with some of the worst dialogues and unrealistic moments I've ever come across in my humble romance reading history. I so laughed the whole time. Well, not the whole time but when I realized how unbelievable this whole thing was. Could have sworn this was written by a 14 year old. And also, I never heard such well spoken bikers. They must have all gone to privat [...]

    9. So I wasn't sure if I would like this one because I was so set on Pearl being with Tank but OMG I LOVED Blaze. GM did an amazing job writing this one for sure. I like the first book but I LOVED this one. There are things in here that might trigger some if you aren't into the D/S lifestyle than this is not for you. Pearl is trying to deal with her rape, her unexpected pregnancy, and raising her kids. Her attackers haven't been caught and just when she thinks she can trust in Blaze he says hurtful [...]

    10. An ARC was received for an HONEST ReviewAfter events occur in the first book, Tank's Pearl, Pearl is left broken. She feels like she will have to overcome the tragedy she has suffered alone, just like she gets through everything life has thrown at her. Blaze is the President of the Devil's Iron MC. After finding Pearl alone and broken, he tries to give her the space she needs to heal and work through the tragedy she has suffered through. Even though he wants to be with her, he tries to give her [...]

    11. Pearl is too distraught when Blaze comes in to save her. She wants to forget what was done to her not only the rape but also Tank's departure and his belief of her being a whore. She is trying to regain control of her life and her new found pregnancy when Blaze comes into her life. Blaze knows he wants to claim her as his own. He knows she is not available but he will try to help her forget about what Tank left behind about the rape and he will bring those responsible to justice. Devil's Iron Ju [...]

    12. Amazing! I actually started backwards and am currently reading Tank's Pearl, but it is so well written that I don't feel like there are holes in the story. Pearl's trying to get her life back on track after the events at the end of Tank's Pearl. Markus aka Blaze or Prez is determined to right the wrongs done to Pearl and claim her as his in the process. Get yourself ready for super steamy scenes as well as having moments where you'll feel like getting punched in the gut and not being able to hol [...]

    13. I actually liked this part of Pearl's story a whole lot more than the first book. I hated what Pearl suffered at the end of the first book, but absolutely loved that Blaze stepped up and took care of her and loved her through it. I fell for Blaze hard. I love this naughty talking bossy man. I wanted to give Pearl a shake or two along the way. I want her to pick the man who will stand by her. That's Blaze in my opinion. When Tank comes back into the picture, I really wanted him to walk right back [...]

    14. Pearl's Blaze ( Devil's Iron MC Book 2) ReviewWow, This book picks up right where book 1 left off. The continuous flow of the story line keeps you in tune with the book and not loose one step. I didn't think it was possible to improve upon perfection, but Mrs. Scherbert has taken story telling to the highest level! The roller coaster ride of adrenaline this books gives off is just mi d blowing! You've done it again, Mrs. Scherbert, another page turning, can't put down until I read the whole thin [...]

    15. Book 2 takes place directly after the ending of book 1 and is no less in the wow and shock factors! When Tank leaves Pearl in Book 1, devastated and alone, what is Blaze to do but swoop in and proclaim his own love for Pearl. While the reader is lead to believe that it takes Pearl a short time to get over Tank we discover that's not exactly true. For those that thought Pearl was a doormat in book 1e becomes a bad ass in book 2! Can't belive there's going to be more!! #teampearl

    16. Omg this was f**kin amazing, I'm not going to lie I'm a little pissed at Pearl cause it seems she's going to have her cake and eat it too. Although I see how she can be torn besides it's all one big misunderstanding but shew I love Blaze he's been there to pick up the pieces and protect pearl and the girls but my heart belongs to Tank but I'm pissed at him as well hell I'm pissed at it all but I love it, this was awesome I'm so ready to see what happens next. great job.

    17. Pearls blazeI loved this book. The way blaze was in love with his pet was so captivating. He tools care of her like she was a queen. He took in her girls like they were his own. Pearl had a horrible tragedy to get over and the way she became a strong woman was refreshing. Tank was devastated when he finally resurfaced. I cannot wait for the next one. Very well written once again. A must read.

    18. Pearl's Blaze : Devil's Iron MC Book # 2 - GM Scherbert ( 5 Stars ) Will their worlds keep Spinning Deliriously out -of - Control or will Inescapable Bonds Bind them Together Forever ???My amazon review link below on/review/R14GGPB

    19. Fell in love with the first book and well this one not so much. Don't get me wrong, it was a great readjust not where I'd hoped the story would go. Its a world of emotions from beginning to end. I hope in book 3 we get to see some resolution for Pearl and her Men. What I really hope is Tank gets his chance to show her what he should have done at the time.

    20. I couldn't finish this book, Hell I couldn't even get past the 18th page. The writing was horrendous and robotic. The characters were flat and had no dimension. It was just awful. I've read better written and more insightful stories from middle schoolers.

    21. Liked the book. Not really a blaze fan though. I dont know. He was just too much in this book. I hope Pearl gets a little of a backbone in the next one. Curious to see how it ends.

    22. Devil's Iron MC book 2 takes you to the point of Blaze being introduced to Pearl at the BDSM club that the Devil's Iron owns. Tank brings Pearl there to scratch the itch that she so desires, but it's part of her punishment for disobeying Tank. Tank while much younger than Pearl knows he doesn't belong in her world, she is the widowed mother of 2 small children yet he can't stay away. Pearl has known she has dark desires but never reached out for them until she met Tank. Not knowing if she could [...]

    23. I LOVE IT!!So far this series has kept me wondering what the Hell is gonna happen next. I definitely like Pearl with Blaze alot more than I did with Tank. Blaze is a a better lover with more compassion. He makes it so obvious how he loves Pearl and the girls. What Tank did is unforgivable. If I were Pearl I'd never let him back into her and the girls lives. He's bad for her. Blaze is so much more more mature and you can feel his caring and love for them coming off the pages. And you can also fee [...]

    24. Book 2 picks up where book 1 left off. Pearl is trying to recover and heal but is having a hard time and Blaze is doing all he can to be there for Pearl! She's still tore up by Tank abandoning her in her time of need and Blaze is livid about what happened but now he has a chance to claim Pearl for himself! He's wanted her all along and now that Tank screwed up, he's got his chance to love Pearl and her girls! Blaze gives Pearl what she needs to start healing but she's hesitant to put herself out [...]

    25. Well! Well , I did not see that coming!This is book 2 ( not a stand alone ) If the first book left me shattered this one did more so. I could not believe the choices Pearl has made ( or were made for her ) , but eventually I was glad they were made. This book is also a cliffhanger. I never have liked to be left hanging , but find myself not minding with this series. Off to read the next book now. I absolutely recommend this series

    26. This is book 2 in the Devils Iron MC series and continues right where book one ended. The story flows through perfectly from the first book to the next. I could not put it down as it takes you on another roller coaster ride of emotions. I love the supporting characters as they add a nice touch to the story. Looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

    27. Devoured it!!Wow this story just keeps you riveted to find out what is happening. Again hot sex scenes, action packed and fast paced storyline. Its like a drug and I am the addict I can't get enough of this triangle. So in saying that I am off to read the third book I gots to know what happens lol.Thanks Jamie Nibarger Ellis

    28. Erotic MC and bdsmI enjoyed the continuing story of Pearl, Blaze, and Tank. The storyline is very good and intriguing. The execution however is sorely lacking, and editing could be better. Sometimes the characters seem likeable, then other times I am left wondering if it is the same person. I will continue reading these books because the storyline has caught my attention.

    29. President of the Iron Devils MC, Blaze, never really knew what was so special about Pearl. There was nothing about her that was phenomenal as Tank said there was, but after one shared Dungeon encounter with Peal, she is all he seems to think about. Now even more after she was brutally attacked and rapped at a club party, she needs him more than anyone. Who cares if she is someone's else property! Tank stormed off and left his beloved behind and now Blaze had no choice but to step up. With his fe [...]

    30. Title:Pearl’s BlazeAuthor: GM ScherbertSeries: Devil’s Iron MC, Book #2Publisher: GM ScherbertRelease Date: January 30, 2016Genre(s): MC RomancePage Count: 111Heat Level:4 flames out of 5Rating:5 stars out of 5Blurb:They almost took her away from me. When I find them they will pay and be put to ground. I will let her heal, but I will not live without her for much longer. She will be mine and there will not be a day that she questions who she belongs to. I don’t know how I will do this alon [...]

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