Low He s every girl s rockstar fantasy And he wants me Zoe Lowell Stowe is the drummer for Ruthless the biggest rock band on the planet And all of a sudden he s one of the hottest faces in town A rock go

  • Title: Low
  • Author: Vivian Lux
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He s every girl s rockstar fantasy And he wants me Zoe Lowell Stowe is the drummer for Ruthless, the biggest rock band on the planet And all of a sudden he s one of the hottest faces in town A rock god turned modeld he s interested in me This can t possibly be reality His skilled musician fingers play my body like an instrument His lips make me forget about tHe s every girl s rockstar fantasy And he wants me Zoe Lowell Stowe is the drummer for Ruthless, the biggest rock band on the planet And all of a sudden he s one of the hottest faces in town A rock god turned modeld he s interested in me This can t possibly be reality His skilled musician fingers play my body like an instrument His lips make me forget about the stress of my real life It s fun to pretend that I m someone else for a while But it s going to all fall apart I know this I m not stupid Now, I ve got to figure out how to end this high flying fantasy before it crashes down on top of me Low Loyalty to my band meant I had to step out from behind the drumkit for the first time in my life Now my face is everywhere and there are paparazzi camped out in front of my building Zoe is a distraction from all this weirdness Her soft body fits in my hands like she was made for me and I can t get enough of the way she sounds when she cries out my name But I ve been down this road before She can t possibly understand the ties that bind me I m going to hurt her I m going to break her heart There is no denying this will end badly So why can t I walk away Note to readers, this special edition contains TWO FREE bonus rockstar books

    • Low BY Vivian Lux
      305 Vivian Lux
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      When I was little, my punishment for being bad was taking my books away.Once I walked into a wall because I had a book in front of my face and couldn t see where I was going.Fell down the stairs for the same reason I m a voracious reader of all types of books, but I write romance featuring bad boys who are good men If I m not writing or reading, I m probably picking up discarded laundry that s been dribbled through the house by my five year old twins Writing and reading is way fun.

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    1. I received this ARC book free in exchange for an honest review. This was a great book. I missed the members of Restless and now Low has come out onto his own. Low proves that no matter how bad you feel about yourself that you really are beautiful. It is amazing that he grew up into the man that could see beyond all that was around him. I fell in love with Low and hope to see him again.

    2. I received this book for a honest review. I loved Zoe et Low story . It's a Rockstar meeting a women he loves et the journey they take together.It's a easy one day read. It's great how Zoe introduces Low to Max who has autism et lets Low into her family life. It's a definite recommend.

    3. I loved this book. Low and Zoe are such awesome characters and their story is amazing. I was sucked in from the beginning and I couldn't put it down. Amazing story, great read. I would highly recommend it. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

    4. Low is about Lowell (aka Twitch, aka Low), the drummer for the band Ruthless, and Zoe, an unemployed music writer. Low is thrown into the spotlight when he becomes the face of the ad campaign for a perfume with the band's name. He's not ready for all the attention, glad to stay in the background, letting his bandmates get the attention. Zoe has had no luck getting a new job (or even interviews at this point) and accepts an invitation to go to a wrap party for the new perfume campaign from Scarle [...]

    5. Drummer/Model I want one. One drummer/ model/LOW. Holy cow low is sizzling. Everyone needs a Low. Sweet troubled hot as hell and all. I have wanted to read this book for a while and I have to say wow just wow. The author did an awesome job.

    6. This review is for the first third of the book. I only read Low and Zoe's story. (The other two stories were "stepbrother romances" not a genre I'm comfortable reading.)I did not realize this was three short, stories. I was hoping it was a full length novel. My fault for not reading the description better. I like the main characters, Low and Zoe. I loved that Low, the rockstar, was a real down to earth good guy. Both had special needs siblings that were their priority. Making dating and long ter [...]

    7. Rock band Ruthless is breathtaking. I loved reading the story of the drummer, Low. He likes to be in the background, and he can rock his beat however, his band mates push him into the limelight. In the midst, he meets Zoe - a friend of his band mate's girlfriend. He feels like he's met his mirrored soul and believe she's picture perfect!Vivian Lux has stolen my heart! I *jumping up & down* loved this book!I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

    8. ARC review For honest review .wow what a great and cute story .This story shows two people that have family issues but understand completely each other's needs.

    9. I didn't really know what to expect when I started reading this book. I loved Jax, Rane and Keir's stories a lot but Twitch was always in the background. This book tells you a little of the back story of Twitch and Pepper, his twin sister, who is also in the band. Now I can't wait for Pepper to get her story too. But I'm off topic a little.The band wants to take time off of touring so they had a cologne scent marketed for them and Twitch, now going to be called Low, is going to be the spokespers [...]

    10. In the latest from the Ruthless gang we get Lowell "Twitch" Stowe, the drummer for the band. He finds himself in the spotlight when he becomes the face of the band's fragrance and his popularity soaring in ways he never imagined, he was good with being in the background. Zoe Chandler has spent the last year wallowing after loosing her job and not being able to find a new one. For her the one bright spot is the time she spends with her little brother Max, even with his issues her family has dealt [...]

    11. This is the second book in this series about the band Reckless that I've read. And once again, this was a hit! Twitch was perfectly happy with his life as the band's drummer, hanging in the background and not having the spotlight on him. But then he reluctantly agrees to be the face of the band's fragrance, even dropping his nickname and "rebranding" himself as Low(ell) -- and suddenly finds his ad campaign everywhere, and the ladies are wanting him everywhere he goes. But a chance meeting with [...]

    12. I usually love rock star romances but I was disappointed with Low. The story equally portrays the difficulties each of the main characters have by living with siblings that are essentially a burden to them. Don't get me wrong they love their siblings but the author makes it clear it's a hardship. The other part of the story is beyond insta-love. I didn't feel like the story was fully fleshed out. There are also a lot of grammatical errors that a free beta reader could have found so they could be [...]

    13. This was a great read. Vivian brought to life the struggles of autism in one perspective. At first I thought Lowell (Low) and Zoe were gonna have the same thing in common but they didn't except the fact that they would choose family over anyone else. Zoe loves her brother whereas Low loves his sister. Zoe feels she is in a fantasy but Low will prove her wrong and wash away her insecurities. Low has found what he has been missing the other person who understands him, Zoe. They are are match made [...]

    14. Received an arc of this book for an honest review. I have been lucky enough to read all of the books in this Ruthless series. They are such passionate, easy, fun reads that I usually have them done in 1 day. This was Twitch, I mean Lowell (Low's) story. He is the drummer and has spent most of his time in the background, not eliciting much of the attention until he is asked to be the face of the band's new perfume. He meets Zoe in the beginning of the story and they hit it off. This story was so [...]

    15. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this bookAmazing story! I fell in love with Low and Zoe! Their chemistry was off the charts! The plot was interesting and flowed smoothly throughout. The characters were easily relatable. I loved Jason, Zoe's friend! I would like to read his story. Reading Low interacting with Zoe's brother is heart wrenching. Zoe underestimated Low in that aspect; however, she didn't know about his sister. That was one of the down sides to this novelZoe didn't ge [...]

    16. This was a really well written rocker book , the main character is Low the drummer, and how he deals with being thrown into the spotlight. I really loved Low is was a freakin sweetheart his main goal in life was to make people happy, he always went above and beyond to make his fans smile. I loved the banter between the band members it was funny and you could tell that they are a true family. Zoe, the female lead was great as well I completely felt for her and her family. This girl is strong just [...]

    17. Loved it! Low and Zoe are absolutely amazing characters who mesh together so well. I loved how their story started and progressed throughout the story. I've said this before about Ms. Lux's books, and I'll say it again about Low.a great writer is someone who makes you care about the minor characters as much as the main characters. Max is beautifully written and really makes the reader care about him and Zoe's connection with him. Also, would I be remiss in mentioning that from reading Low and th [...]

    18. I always look forward to Vivian's books. Low is a drummer in a band and modeling on the side. Zoe has been jobless for the last year. Wanting to get her out of her funk, Zoe's best friend takes her out to have some fun. Little does she know she'll be meeting the man that will change her life. After they had a hot, sexy night together, they both think they should end it before someone gets hurt. But just when they think it's not going to work, Low and Zoe realize they love each other. You cannot [...]

    19. I read this book and didn't want to put it down. it was a great romance. Rockstar Low formally twitch reluctantly becomes a model so his band can take a sabadical for a year, what he doesn't know is that hi will no longer be able to stay in the background he's front stage now. while he's at his party to promote their new fragrence he meets the girl of his dreams although he doesn't realize. She on the other hand has her own battles to fight no job and a little brother with autism need i say more [...]

    20. Absolutely LOVED this story! I have been curious about Twitch, er Low and I was pleasantly surprised and how great of a guy he is. Low is protective and intensely caring about his sister, his band mates and now this woman he meets, Zoe. I love how she isn't perfect, things have not been going her way lately and she still has an inner strength I admire. I adore Max, her little brother. The story has a wonderful flow, super spicy and a strong love of family and friends. A definite must read! I rec [...]

    21. Dang how can each of these men be my favorite? ? Every story leaves me all gaga over them and Low is no exception! . He's such a kind hearted , hot hunk of man. He's loyal, secure in his masculinity and a freaking rockstar . He's great with her little brother, he's the full package. I love how special he makes Zoe feel even though she feels frumpy with her sadfat. I'm glad he could finally have a little something all on his own. Zoe is also loyal and fiercely loves her family, especially her lit [...]

    22. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. LOW is book 4 in the Rockstar Romance Series by Vivian Lux. This is the story of Lowell Stowe, the drummer for the rock band Ruthless and Zoe, she use to work with her best friend Scarlet at Grip the magazine, now Scarlet is the girlfriend of one of the band mates. This story has it all, great characters, lots of laughs, hot love scenes, sexy rockers.What more do you want? It's a must read for any rocker romance fan. Can't wait for [...]

    23. I really enjoyed Low and Zoe. They were realistic characters that made you smile and laugh with them. Would have been 5 star, easy read but the editing got in the way. Stupid things like spelling words correctly (peace not piece), time line issues (ed him tie his shoes on to 4 paragraphs later going to closet to get his shoes to put on), etc. These little things made it hard to follow at times because it interrupted the easy, don't have to think to hard flow. As a reader, this is annoying!

    24. I really enjoyed the book. I'm not a fan of insta-love. I think it shortens a process of falling in love which is pretty awesome in storytelling. Low or "Twitch" is pretty awesome but Zoe is a great match for him. This is a pretty special story that I felt was too short. Low's twin sister, Piper, was interesting and friend, Jason got bare exposure in the book. Max and Zoe's family were pretty cool.

    25. Umm.what did I just read? Was this a novella? I literally turned the page and read THE END 33%. I realize there are 2 bonus chapters for other stories, but I was under the impression this was a standalone. I saw 746 pages so I guess I expected a little more. Not sure if I was confused by characters or there were grammatical errors (both I think): Pep is Pepper--is also Piper. Keir is Keith? Shaking my head

    26. Disappointed I absolutely loved low and zoe's story, the ending had not much closure that I didn't even waste my time reading the stories of others afterwards, I saw that there was an extended epilogue for them to sign up for ur newsletter, I think readers shouldn't be forced into anything just to follow u, maybe put the extended epilogue separately on amazon , I'm not gonna go through hoops and advertisement websites just to get it

    27. Wow!! I really loved this book Low and Zoe are two extremely likeable characters that are both existing in their lives and not actually living in their livesuntil they meet.Their chemistry is undeniable and even with that little voice saying "don't do it" they do it and both of their lives will never be the same again.Great story, with great characters that will leave you begging for more.**I received an arc in exchange for an honest review**

    28. When Low meets Zoe, there is something about her that he is attracted to. Two people from two different worlds, he is a rockstar and she is trying to find work. Two people not looking for anything serious. What if they have more in common than they think? Could they have something worth keeping? I enjoyed this story of caring families, strong attraction and a HEA. I am a fan of this series.

    29. Low is an unbelievably great story about relationships, family, loyalty, undeniable chemistry, finding one self, and ultimately, love. It is remarkably well-written, has a wonderful story-line that is easy to follow, and endearing characters you can't help but love. An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review.

    30. I enjoyed reading this book. Zoe's little brother has autism. My nephew also has autism so it hit home for me. Zoe and Low have instant chemistry. I loved them. I really liked how Low taking pictures of Zoe worked its way through out this book. Loved the ending. I volunteered to review a copy of this book.

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