النورس جوناثان ليفنجستون

  • Title: النورس جوناثان ليفنجستون
  • Author: Richard Bach ريتشارد باخ محمد عبد النبي
  • ISBN: 9789776467606
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1936 50 .

    • النورس جوناثان ليفنجستون By Richard Bach ريتشارد باخ محمد عبد النبي
      308 Richard Bach ريتشارد باخ محمد عبد النبي
    • thumbnail Title: النورس جوناثان ليفنجستون By Richard Bach ريتشارد باخ محمد عبد النبي
      Posted by:Richard Bach ريتشارد باخ محمد عبد النبي
      Published :2019-06-15T07:30:51+00:00

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    1. Richard Bach ريتشارد باخ محمد عبد النبي

      Since Jonathan Livingston Seagull which dominated the 1 spot on the New York Times Bestseller List for two consecutive years Richard Bach has touched millions of people through his humor, wisdom and insight.With over 60 million copies of his books sold, Richard Bach remains one of the world s most beloved authors A former USAF fighter pilot, Air Force captain and latter day barnstorming pilot, Bach continues to be an avid aviator author, exploring and chronicling the joys and freedom of flying, reporting his findings to readers.His most recent works include Travels with Puff, which recounts Bach s journey from Florida to Washington state in his small seaplane, Puff, and Illusions II The Adventures of a Reluctant Student, which incorporates Bach s real life plane crash.In October 2014, the never before published Part Four to Jonathan Livingston Seagull was published.Readers can find about Richard and his work at richardbach

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    1. Basically, you've got a seagull who just can't fit in with other seagulls. If this was written within the last decade, Jonathan would be coping with his outcast status by wearing a black trench coat and rolling 20-sided dice for fun. He would also achieve a loyal following of other socially awkward birds by totally kicking ass in Guitar Hero.Sadly, this was written in the halcyon days of the 70's, so Jonathan goes on a soul searching quest and learns how to fly better than any other seagull. Gra [...]

    2. Jonathan Livingston Seagull - a story, Richard BachJonathan Livingston Seagull, written by Richard Bach, and illustrated by Russell Munson is a fable in novella form about a seagull who is trying to learn about life and flight, and a homily about self-perfection. It was first published in 1970. In 2014 the book was reissued as Jonathan Livingston Seagull: The Complete Edition, which added a 17-page fourth part to the story. The book tells the story of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, a seagull who i [...]

    3. I read this book after hearing for years that it was great and life-changing. I expected at worst that it wouldn't be quite as good as advertised. Boy was I in for a surprise!What I read was the biggest load of self-indulgent, pseudo-inspirational tripe I've read in my life!Apparently, the moral of the allegorical tale is that being "ordinary" is bad, ignoring practical needs to pursue your passion is good and if others don't understand you it's because you're a misunderstood genius/spiritually [...]

    4. Don't read this. Go look at a seagull and think about life on your own if you must. What you come up with will be better than this.

    5. This one belongs to the prestigious & almost elusive group of "Huge Imposters That Became Famous By People Who Suddenly Decided to Read a Novel." The book with its cute aura of a birdshape on its cover, was a mega-hit for no other reason than everyone read it. Basically, its a huge ripoff of the Judeo-Christian messiah story, with little birds that never fully become characters, grounded (ha ha) or are even particularly memorable. Is it bad to just want a mean hunter come along & shoot t [...]

    6. "Most gulls don't bother to learn more than the simplest facts of flight--how to get from shore to food and back again," writes author Richard Bach in this allegory about a unique bird named Jonathan Livingston Seagull. "For most gulls it is not flying that matters, but eating. For this gull, though, it was not eating that mattered, but flight." Flight is indeed the metaphor that makes the story soar. Ultimately this is a fable about the importance of seeking a higher purpose in life, even if yo [...]

    7. You know, sometimes you should just leave fond childhood memories alone.But I have a hard time resisting any kind of challenge, at least if it relates to reading, so when Karly threw it down (see the thread to this review for her very funny and half-hearted trolling efforts), I felt compelled to go dig out my old copy of Jonathan Livingston Seagull--and it did take some digging--to see if I could justify my then-three-star review.Unfortunately, I can't.This flimsy and fluffy little book was a ma [...]

    8. ok, like I just wrote in a comment . . . this is probably one of those books that you have to read at a particular moment in your life. for me I was 15, had just run away from home and was in utter despair that the entire world was as mean, strict and narrow-minded as my peers seemed to be at that time. I longed for a friend, I longed for a sense of the world being more than what was drowning me. the friend who put this book in my hands also gave me Blind Melon's first album - and together these [...]

    9. چرا دشوارترین کار در جهان این است که پرنده ای را متقاعد کنی،آزاد است؟این کتاب اول از شناخت خویشتن و مطابق آن زندگی کردن و نه بخاطر نان زندگی کردن می گویداغلب مرغان رنج آموختن پرواز را در حدی فراتر از یادگیری ساده ترین حقایق به خود هموار نمی کنندمی اموزند که چگونه از ساحل به سوی [...]

    10. 2.5*I was recommended this book by a friend. As I had no intention to buy this in case it proved to be dreadful I decided to finally get a library subscription. I’ve been wanting to go to the library for a long time as I am hoping this way I will buy less books. That might not work out as intended but a girl can hope. I am not a fan of inspirational fables. Call me cynical but I do not believe a nice little motivational story can change your life. It can provide an extra nudge to change if you [...]

    11. When I was a lad, I had to endure my hippie science teacher's self-narrated slide show of the entire book. It beat listening to a lecture about photosynthesis, but not by much.

    12. image: I WAS gifted Richard Bach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull by my elder brother when he visited Karachi from Frankfurt for his vacation in 1973. However, I did not read the book until 1987. To be honest with you, I did not think much of it at the time and gave it away to a friend.Learning more about birds with the passage of time, I wanted to read the book again. I regretted giving it away. Luckily another friend of mine had a copy. He lent it to me for just one night in 2005, saying that i [...]

    13. I don't even know what to say about this book. One of my favorite books ever. It's very short and extremely easy to read. Great for children, even better for adults. JLS is my hero, pretty much.Our copy of this book no longer resembles a book so much as a stack of papers.

    14. This reminds me of Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist (the only one of his I've read). It's self-consciously "beautiful" and spiritual, but doesn't really have much depth. I enjoyed it in my late teens, when I had delusions of profundity, but I don't think it has much to impart to adults.It has 2* for nostalgia. If I read it now, I expect I'd only give it 1*.

    15. This book is a response to the flawed and disappointing underbelly of humanity, revealed for author Bach in Vietnam, the Kennedy assassination, the battles for Civil Rights and Feminism, and the Sexual Revolution. Unfortunately, it is not a work which embraces or explores those changes, but seeks an escape from the difficult questions of the world.Perhaps it should be unsurprising that the author would want to escape the everyday anxieties which mark the changing world. There is a sort of blind [...]

    16. داستان مرغ دريايي اي به نام جاناتان كه برخلاف بقيه ي مرغ هاي دريايي_ كه فقط براي تهيه ي غذا تلاش ميكنند و ميجنگند_ به پرواز علاقه دارد و براي يادگيري پرواز تلاش ميكند. به همين دليل، به علت نقض قوانين و با بقيه فرق داشتن از گروه تبعيد ميشود. جاناتان همچنان براي پرواز بهتر تلاش ميك [...]

    17. I'm a sucker for this book. Throughout early Christianity, and especially in the second and third centuries, it was commonly believed that Jesus was just a really exceptional guy that God "adopted" and put to use as a redeemer of sins. Even after the Mark and Q Gospels were written and the circumstances of Jesus's birth were decided, the vote at Nicea was pretty slim that made Jesus the only begotten of the Father. Well, here's a book that goes back to the roots; any gull with a mind of his own [...]

    18. Ενα πολυ ομορφο βιβλιο το οποιο με γεμισε με αισιοδοξια. Αυτο που διδασκει ειναι να ζεις κ να πραγματοποιεις τα ονειρα κ τις επιθυμιες σου!!! Αυτο που ολοι αναζητουμε αλλα δεν προσπαθουμε φοβουμενοι την αποτυχια.Αν θελεις κατι το πετυχαινεις εχοντας θαρρος, υπομονη, επιμονη [...]

    19. شیفته ی این کتاب شدم , خیلی ساده و کوتاه با داستانی شیرین و نمادین شاید حرف هایی رو زد که قرن ها پیش پیامبران سعی میکردند به مردم دوره ی خودشون یاد بدن , نماد زیبایی از تمام وجود های اوج گرفته و سیراب نشده اما رشد کرده ای بود که همچنان هم در حال رشدند و به دور از محدودیت هایی که جام [...]

    20. bu martı ise yemeyi değil, uçmayı önemsiyordu. uçmayı her şeyden çok seviyordu. martı jonathan livingstonartık tamamen ikna oldum: ben kitapları bulmuyorum, kitaplar beni buluyor.kütüphanede arkadaşlarım ile muhabbet ederken hiç beklemediğim bir anda önerildi sevgili martı jonathan ve hemen edinip okumaya başladım daha fazla ayıplanmadan.daha önce şu yorumumda ilgi duyduğu alanlarda derinleşen, o alanlarda daha kapsayıcı bilgilere sahip olan birine evrilmek istediği [...]

    21. اول چندتا جمله از کتاب رو مینویسم.برای اغلب مرغان دریایی پرواز اهمیت ندارد، خوردن مهم است.اما برای این یکی خوردن اهمیتی نداشت، پرواز مهم بودجاناتان بیش از هرکار دیگری ، عاشق پرواز بود.اوفهمیده بود این طرز فکر باعث محبوبیت نزد مرغان دیگر نیست.اکنون زندگی مفهومی به جز تقلای یکن [...]

    22. I am so glad, I got to know how other people feel about Jonathan Livingstone Seagull. All these years I was under the impression that some great philosophy and inner meaning had flown past my head, I was one of the very few who had missed it all. Seems I was right, there is no great philosophy. Phew ! I am not a dumb idiot after all.

    23. Ethan just finished reading this book to the kids, and I had to update my rating from a three to a four. I guess this book just meant more to me right now than it did when I read it in the past. And I think the fact that it is one of Ethan's favorite books and he read it with so much adoration kind of helped it to grow on me. I feel like there is so much going on in both our lives that is exciting, but that personally I have become a little stagnant with where I am going. It is like I have becom [...]

    24. خیلی رو بود. بعضی جملات جالب بود. ولی داستان خاصی نداشت.من ترجمه "سیده مبینا شاهری" رو خوندم. جالب بود تو مقدمه از خودش تعریف کرده بو. البته ترجمه بد نبودآنچه را چشم هاست به تو نشان می دهند، باور نکن! تنها چیزی که آن ها نشان می دهند محدودیت است. با آگاهی ات نگاه کن.

    25. مثل هذه الروايات الرمزية يُمكن أن تُرى من عدة جوانب، البعض سيراها من جانب ثوري، والبعض سيراها فلسفية، رأيتها من الجانبين، ويمكن أن يرى أحد جانب مختلف آخر. للوهلة الأولى بعد الانتهاء من الفصل الأول والثاني توارد لذهني مثال الكهف ونظرية أفلاطون عن عالم المثل والمدينة الفاضلة [...]

    26. جاناتان مرغِ دریایی، داستان پرواز است و رهایی، پریدن و دل بریدن، اوج گرفتن و رسیدن به معنا. یک مرغ دریایی به نام جاناتان برخلاف مرغان دیگر که پرواز را تنها وسیله ای برای زندگی و به دست آوردن غذا می دانند و به حداقل آن چه می توان داشت قانعند، دوست دارد شوق پرواز را تجربه کند؛ شوق [...]

    27. Ode to the Paper Book: Holding a paper book in yours hands,smelling it ,feeling the pages as you flip them.Touching the cover.Looking back as you pass the bookshelf at an old friend.No, a computer can never replace that!A machine, cold ,impersonal,dead!As long as there are people in this crazy world of ours , the paper book shall survive!-Jonathan Livingston Seagull is a different kind of bird.He would rather fly as high as possible,than catch a fish.Recklessly diving,for fun, he cheats death ma [...]

    28. I read this first at least three decades ago. At the time I thought it a nice tale, a little light, but with an uplifting message, when most stories were tragic. Rereading it this year, I felt exactly the same. The plot is simple: a seagull wishes to no longer squawk and squabble, but rather soar out in the more pure ocean waters - and teach others in turn to do the same. Like before, the story is a light, uplifting read. I suppose if I were to be critical, I'd say that the whole metaphor is hea [...]

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