Bad Billionaire

Bad Billionaire I m no one A mechanic A getaway driver A thief I was born on the streets and I like it rough life sex everything My job is dirty My past is dirty So is my future Until I get out of prison and disco

  • Title: Bad Billionaire
  • Author: Julie Kriss
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I m no one A mechanic A getaway driver A thief I was born on the streets, and I like it rough life, sex, everything My job is dirty My past is dirty So is my future Until I get out of prison and discover I ve inherited a billion dollars I m not a good billionaire I don t care about penthouses, fancy dinners, or private jets I don t care about life and death HI m no one A mechanic A getaway driver A thief I was born on the streets, and I like it rough life, sex, everything My job is dirty My past is dirty So is my future Until I get out of prison and discover I ve inherited a billion dollars I m not a good billionaire I don t care about penthouses, fancy dinners, or private jets I don t care about life and death Hell, I don t even care about money I m willing to spend every penny of it on one thing Find the woman who gave me one unforgettable night before I went down The woman who is too good for me The woman I can never have Find her Get revenge on the man that hurt her And make her mine Full length standalone with no cheating and no cliffhanger

    • Bad Billionaire By Julie Kriss
      164 Julie Kriss
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      Julie Kriss Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Bad Billionaire book, this is one of the most wanted Julie Kriss author readers around the world.

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    1. This one surprised me. It's not the normal kind of billionaire story I read. Maybe it's because the hero isn't a billionaire at the beginning of the story. When I came onto GR yesterday I glanced at the cover in my currently-reading section and thought 'err, I'm not reading that book am I?'I flip flopped on a lot on the rating for this one because there was one thing about the relationship that seemed a little implausible (view spoiler)[the two-year wait for a man who you barely knew, who you sl [...]

    2. I really really like this authors writing style. Love it in fact. I also loved this story ♥️ I liked Olivia's POV but I LOVED Devin's but if you ever read any of my reviews you'll notice that I tend to focus mostly on the hero and not so much the heroine.We start out with Olivia talking about her sh*tty life and Mr. Hot Dark and Handsome (aka Devin) he's a neighbor that lives across the way in their crappy apartment complex. One rainy night after an extended art class Devin offers her a ride [...]

    3. I read this one back in May as you can tell. Then somehow this series slipped my mind and just recently I remembered. Why I can't forget the theme song for Gilligan's Island or The Brady Bunch but then forget other, more important stuff is beyond me. But anyway, I decided to reread this one again so everything would be fresh for the rest of the story. And what I say below.4.5 out of 5I tend to avoid any millionaire/billionaire/CEO type book as I'm much more fond of a blue collar, former type boo [...]

    4. This book was great.Usually I steer away from books with 'Billionaire' in the title (because, let's face it, it's just a fad, like all the vampire and werewolf stuff out there). But this book had a crazy high rating (and was rated by a lot of people. If a book manages to maintain a 4-star rating with hundreds of votes, I can't help but be intrigued).And let me tell you; this was good. Characters you can care about, insta-love (but I don't mind, when lightning strikes, it strikes), just enough ba [...]

    5. Enjoyable read. Devon is intriguing. Olivia slightly underdeveloped as a character. Sex is hot. There are a couple of completely unbelievable events: 1) Devon inherits a billion dollars right as he gets out of prison (not a few millions mind you, but a BILLION) 2) things get wrapped up a little too neatly in the last 20%.

    6. I voluntarily read an arc of this book for an honest review. This is the first book bt this author that I have read and was not disappointed. We all need a guy like Devon in our life. Wow I mean the way he talked and e way he felt for Oliva was just something else. Devon is a good guy at heart he just works for some shady people who hapoen to get him caught up and he winds up going to jail. When he gets out Devon finds himself the sole heir to his grandfathers estate which is considerable. While [...]

    7. ***FOUR STARS***Not too shabby of a story, and I got it for free (Thank you Cariad!!!)! I adored both Devon and Olivia's characters. Devon was delicious. He was sexy, dark, a true bad boy, and such an amazing filthy talker. The sex in this story was SMOKIN' HOT!!! The bad dudes and the way they were taken care of by Devon was an added bonus too. (view spoiler)[I wish Olivia hadn't held back from Devon for so long at the ending, kind of made me feel bad for him before they reunited again. Doesn't [...]

    8. Safety - (view spoiler)[ although they were faithful to each other even during the separation a couple of his thoughts annoyed me - these thoughts came after they had already hooked up and he had gotten out of prison. This was him thinking about a stripper he knew. - "She was starting to make my dick hard, I admit it. I’m a man, and we’re wired to respond to hot strippers in schoolgirl outfits coming on to us. But I’d been unenthused about mindless, quick-fuck sex for a while, though I cou [...]

    9. In terms of perfection; I think I just read it!! Oh. My GodLOVED ITIt’s FREE on too and that never happens to me – you all know my luck with freebies!I'm not going to over analyse this 'fairytale' or wonder about the convenience of the money, or her waiting for him - as some have, I don’t care – it’s fiction and I lost myself in it. I just went with the flow of a beautifully paced, beautifully written – beautiful story. I want to believe this could happen!! Just because well, isn’ [...]

    10. Let's kick this off by saying that this is my first novel by Julie Kriss, and I don't think it will be my last. Meet Devon Wilder. He's a mechanic who moonlights as a relocation specialist (and by that I mean he's a thief who drives the getaway car for his boss). He's poor, has some drama with his family, and is a bit of a manwhore - but all the best ones are, these days. Meet Olivia Maplethorp. She's a junior graphic designer stuck in a rut at her job. She's the type to bend over backwards to h [...]

    11. 4.5 estrelas.Primeiro livro que li da autora e, adorei a escrita dela.Adorei como ela passa pelas fases de crescimento da pessoa, como ela mostra o desenvolvimento interno dos personagens.Adorei o desenrolar da história. Uma mistura linda de romance com suspense. Uma crítica é que chegando no finalzinho do livro, tudo se desenrolou muito rápido, quase que com pressa. Queria que a autora contasse mais da história dos dois juntos, como ficarão e os planos. Além disso, também queria saber u [...]

    12. This book! I mean I am just going to start this off by saying I'm pretty sure if a man talked to me like Devon did to Olivia I'm pretty sure I wouldn't care that he was a driver for drug dealers/ whatever!So many lines in this book are awesome one of my favorites…“ I would burn down the world for you” I mean come on I would be signed sealed & delivered!Ok back to reality!! What a read! Devon and Oliva live in the same shabby apartment complex, they don't know each other, but they see e [...]

    13. I'm glad I saw someone else's review that this is not your everyday billionaire. Sure, it's nice to read about the glitzier side of life, and maybe this is far-fetched, but it's nice to see a guy seriously care very little about the money. Devon may not have made the best choices in his life when it comes to how he earns a living, but he's really a good, decent guy. Aside from the illegal stuff. And when the illegal stuff comes to a head, Devon and Olivia have a very short, but very meaningful f [...]

    14. An amazing read I absolutely loved! Devon and Olivia have terrific chemistry and the writer knows how to create a character. The story flowed beautifully and I never found myself bored or worse, rolling my eyes. Definitely on my list of series that I’ll be reading once I weed through my lengthy TBR list. The only reason for the lack of a five-star rating was the missing condom. Once again, I have to nail a fellow writer for refusing to use one. She doesn’t know this guy, is willing to hide h [...]

    15. Well that was a great read! Not at all what I was expecting but this Bad Boy is not only hot and passionate but he has a heart and it all belongs to Olivia since the first minute he met her. She tests him and pushes him to be better just being there. She has never had a man like him. He is the complete opposite of any man she would approach but he is exciting and makes her more than she ever thought, stronger and more excited than she ever was before. This is a book filled with passion not only [...]

    16. This is not your typical Billionaire bad boy book. Devon was a mechanic and a thief who inherited his billions while in prison. Olivia was his neighbor who he slept with the night he went to prison. For two years both could not forget each other. I loved the character of Devon, he is the ultimate book boyfriend, tough, sexy and yet so tender and giving to Olivia. He had a tragic past and lived by the philosophy of no time meaning he lived in the present never looking toward the future until he m [...]

    17. *I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book*BAD BILLIONAIRE by Julie KrissThis was a awesome book, such a fantastic read. The storyline was interesting, entertaining, and exciting, it had me gripped from start to finish. I loved Devon and Olivia, they were amazing characters. They were well suited and the chemistry between them was so intense. I loved that they were both strong and smart, and their attitude to life and each other. This author has a great style of writing, and it [...]

    18. There are a lot of bad books out there that you can get for free. This is not one of them. Romance/erotica is my go to easy reading. That doesn't mean that I think all romance/erotica novels are fluffy, fun reads or that none of them ever have any substance. I wouldn't love a genre of books as much as I do if it had no depth. Yet, it's easier to find a quick read that will satisfy the whimsical, dreamer side of me in a romance novel. I had just finished reading a story because I liked the idea o [...]

    19. Do you ever find a book, find a new author to you and think heck man I wish I had found them both sooner!! This read will a pull ya in . the very 1st page!!! so happy to read each and every page. Something about the way Julie describes each moment is just so appealing!!! One of my favorite scenes is the rainy bus stop. I see there are 2 more books in the series, I will be checking them out soon, when I have more time on my TBR list. Check this read out I so can not wait to read more from Julie [...]

    20. A man born on the streets and living a life of crime winds up in prison. When he gets out, he discovers he's inherited a billion dollars. But he doesn't care about the money; all he wants is the woman who lit his body on fire right before he got sent to prison and get revenge on the man who hurt her. A down and dirty crime romance that just didn't appeal to me. I guess I like my bad boy a little less bad and a whole lot more redeeming. Wasn't my cup of tea.My Rating: 2 stars

    21. Bad billionaireLoved it. Definitely will look after the works by this author.Devon was a guy working illegal jobs which made him go to prison. After his release, he founds out he became a billionaire. But the old life is waiting for himOlivia was working in advertising but she was unhappy with the job. She likes art and drawing his hot neighbour.I love Devon's honesty since the beginning he met her. This author didn't disappoint this time either.

    22. Wow. life couldn't get any more complicated for both characters. Throw in drugs, getaway driver, prison time, strip clubs and billions of dollars You get your self a full on action story.

    23. Devon and Olivia couldn't live more opposite lives. Olivia is trapped in the mundane, nine to five world of advertising and no matter how many coffees she delivers or extra hours she works, she seems destined to be stuck on the bottom rung of the corporate ladder.Devon however, is a little more… freelance. When asked what he does for a job, he answers that he’s a driver. When asked what he drives, he admits that it’s almost always illegal jobs, either as a getaway driver in a larger scheme [...]

    24. This is the first book I have read by this author. Our H is Devon Wilder and our h is Olivia Maplethorp.Olivia Maplethorp is boring. She is a junior graphic designer hoping to move up the ladder at her job. Sadly, she does everything that is asked of her and more and she never gets promoted. She is also an artist and has been using her hot neighbor as her muse. He is the tattooed bad boy that she likes to watch out her window. One night Devon (said neighbor) gives her a ride home and fixes her c [...]

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