Emphyrio Halma a world where humans were ruled by a race of effete and arrogant lords where a neo feudal system banned all work by machines where a mock welfare state rewarded painful hand labor with a pitifu

  • Title: Emphyrio
  • Author: Jack Vance
  • ISBN: 9780440023456
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Halma, a world where humans were ruled by a race of effete and arrogant lords where a neo feudal system banned all work by machines where a mock welfare state rewarded painful hand labor with a pitiful dole.Young Ghyl Tarvok was a rebel In a pirated spaceship, he began his search through the civilizations of the galaxy, hunting the elusive key to the time shrouded secreHalma, a world where humans were ruled by a race of effete and arrogant lords where a neo feudal system banned all work by machines where a mock welfare state rewarded painful hand labor with a pitiful dole.Young Ghyl Tarvok was a rebel In a pirated spaceship, he began his search through the civilizations of the galaxy, hunting the elusive key to the time shrouded secret that could free his people Inexorably he moved toward his last desperate hope the place his ancestors had left many thousands of years before, the mysterious and terrifying planet called Earth.

    • Emphyrio By Jack Vance
      153 Jack Vance
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    1. Jack Vance

      Aka John Holbrooke Vance, Peter Held, John Holbrook, Ellery Queen, John van See, Alan Wade.The author was born in 1916 and educated at the University of California, first as a mining engineer, then majoring in physics and finally in journalism During the 1940s and 1950s, he contributed widely to science fiction and fantasy magazines His first novel, The Dying Earth, was published in 1950 to great acclaim He won both of science fiction s most coveted trophies, the Hugo and Nebula awards He also won an Edgar Award for his mystery novel The Man in the Cage He lived in Oakland, California in a house he designed.

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    1. Ghyl Tarvok is the son of a kindly but distracted woodworker on Halma - a planet that is ruled by an aristocracy, tightly managed by its public welfare department (which incorrectly calls its governmental system a "Welfare State"), and exhibits traits of a dogmatic but not entirely authoritarian theocracy as well. 'Emphyrio' is a legend out of time: a heroic young man who calmly challenged invaders and who ushered in a period of peace for his people. young Ghyl dreams of many things: owning a 's [...]

    2. Another superb Jack Vance novel. I would argue that this is among his strongest "stand-alone" works. The plot revolves around a young man, Ghyl Tarvoke, who hails from from the city of Ambroy located on the planet Halma. Halma's ruled by unseen, mysterious Lords who run the planet as a giant "welfare state". Workers are paid a stipend for their labor and all forms of mass production or duplication (including prinitng) are strictly, and I mean strictly, prohibited. Unhappy with the way things are [...]

    3. With a somewhat slow beginning, I gradually found myself more engaged with the story and immersed in the dystopian, theocratic vision Vance created here.The intransigence of the bureaucratic regime, the resistance to change and the desperation with which people will cling to the status quo when they have even the smallest vestige of power is demonstrated wonderfully here. However unlike other writers in the dystopian vein, Vance seems unable to resist temptation and allow a hero to arise and all [...]

    4. Jack Vance is quickly becoming one of my most-favorite authors. His imagination astounds me, his witty irony makes me giggle, and his language is a joy to read. No one can create whole imaginary societies with such richness and ease, or write venomous insults in such a courtly manner. Very talented and very underappreciated writer. This book is not quite up there with the Dying Earth series, but still it's fun, quick, and enjoyable read.

    5. Emphyrio je ozbiljna priča o surovom svijetu unikata na planetu Halma. Diktatura Lordova seže toliko duboko u pore društva da nitko ne smije koristiti tehniku, serijski proizvoditi dobra i s. DA ne spominjem porez koji je nametnut svima. Ghyl Tarvoke je sin, nazovimo stolara, koji kroz djetinjstvo ni ne razumije o čemu je riječ, ali kako godine prolaze shvaća da je njegov otac kršitelj pravila i kako prezire vlast kojoj se moraju pokoravati. Ghyil se konačno odmetne u trenutku kada mu Lo [...]

    6. Jack Vance's catalog is an embarrassment of riches and this standalone novel is no exception. Emphyrio is wonderful and charming and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise.

    7. Ghyl Tarvoke is an uncomplicated child who, under the supervision of his genial and folk-wise father, grows up to be an uncomplicated young man in the city of Ambroy on the planet Halma.Halma - and the city of Ambroy in particular - is under the control of the Lord class who rule the 'recuperatives' from their almost insurmountable eyries, and are distinguishable from the general population by sight, alone, such is their separation and seclusion. Ghyl's life of simplicity is gradually eroded as [...]

    8. Emphyrio was first published in 1969 and is currently in print in a Spatterlight Press edition. My out of print copy has 201 pages of text, and this is my second reading of the novel in recent years. I rated it a 4 both times and liked it about the same each time that I read it. I highly recommend it to all Vance fans.Emphyrio is a rather serious and bleak novel for Vance. It has excellent world building, a good plot and decent character development (mostly in the first half and focused on Ghyl [...]

    9. Far in the future, young Ghyl rebels against the system that would have him carve wood his whole life, without hope of luxury or travel. He is raised by his thoughtful, brave, but slightly unworldly father. His father teaches him to read archaic script, including the ancient covenant of their world and the legend of Emphyrio. Inspired, Ghyl first tries to run for mayor, (view spoiler)[but this leads to his father's arrest and eventual death. Then he and his friends sieze a space yacht, only to f [...]

    10. The great Jack Vance is sometimes described as a "gardener of worlds", a description that encompasses much of the strength of Emphyrio. But unfortunately, for all the brilliant world-building, the novel lacks a certain dramatic tension, as well as a real appeal for the world it portrays.The world of Emphyrio is interesting, but strangely placid. There are otherworldly lords and ladies, and puppet-makers who build puppets of the flesh. There are spaceships and a plethora of worlds. But most of th [...]

    11. Read for the SF Masterworks Reading Challenge and the Science Fiction Masterworks Book Club.I had a really hard time getting into this book. At first I was ready to dismiss this whole thing as a bunch of right wing propaganda claptrap. Ghyl, our protagonist, is an anti-hero (in the traditional sense of the word, which is to say an ordinary man fighting heroism every step of the way) who becomes a victim of circumstance. His father questions the system in which they are raised, which is a world k [...]

    12. Having read, and greatly enjoyed, a number of Jack Vance’s more recent novels I decided to see what his early work was like. Amazingly, he had been writing for nearly 60 years by the time he died, so there is a huge back catalogue!Emphyrio is a short science-fiction novel set in the far-future, at least two thousand years, probably more. Although it doesn’t explicitly mention the intergalactic civilisation that Vance created for other books, called the Gaean Reach, it appears to be set in th [...]

    13. Jack Vance was a master wordsmith, albeit a woefully neglected one. He knew how to turn a lovely phrase, sometimes with some wonderfully obscure language, and though his dialogue was quite unrealistic, it was always clever and usually pretty funny. All this is true in Emphyrio, and actually Vance tones down his prose somewhat to better suit the rather bleak and prosaic setting of Ambroy. His prose throughout the novel is lush without stepping over the line into what Eric Flint refers to as the S [...]

    14. From my review:I found this novel by chance, as part of a collection of classic science fiction works. I knew Jack Vance from his Dying Earth novels (The Compleat Dying Earth) but this book is different. Although it takes in the future, with many futuristic bits of technology (such as interstellar starships), the science fiction background is not particularly important. It is really more a parable than anything else. A well written parable, with beautiful use of language and description. But li [...]

    15. A commercially unstable dystopia lasts a rather unlikely two millennia, guided by flighty and cold hearted descendants of Mr Punch. It succumbs to a languid threat to reveal the true state of affairs, an even less likely event, though followed by a proper riot and revolution.As dystopia's go, this is a decidedly utopian one, static and unyielding, yet full of individual endeavour, glamorous maidens, enchanting pavilions filled with fine costumes, dancing and a certain pride in fine craftsmanship [...]

    16. I love Vance. His use of language is always interesting and enjoyable. He is sharp, witty and intelligent. He also has the ability to create fascinating worlds/societies and intriguing characters. Emphyrio is fantastic novel. It's rather short and quick to read, but Vance packs a lot in. He's very highly regarded when it comes to creating unique scenarios and landscapes, but this novel does more than that. It delves into themes such as self-responsibility and individualism. But mostly, like all [...]

    17. 4.5 stars, actually.There's a certain soft touch to the way the book is written that I found appealing, even though I started to feel as though the plot was being neglected. At the end, I realised this was not the case at all, and Vance had pulled off a fairly neat trick, and managed to develop all the elements of the book (characters, plot, setting) in a perfectly synergistic way. The key characters will stay with me for a long time, I feel - Ghyll is a more subtle, layered hero than those of m [...]

    18. Estamos ante el que es, a mi modo de ver, el mejor libro de Vance. En este caso sacrifica un poco de su maravilla habilidad de creación de civilizaciones exóticas, creándo una un poco más cercana a la nuestra, donde el viaje de Ghyl Tarvoke, a modo de epopeya de héroe griego, nos lleva a una aventura que toca temás tan actuales como La lucha de clases, la alienación y la relación paterno-filial.En resumen: un Vance que se sale de su linea habitual para ser aún mejor.

    19. Eerily similar to the current situation in Greece. Unsuspecting peasants kept in conditions of eternal underpaid manual labour in a rustic environment that attracts tourists, overzealous tax collectors and "enforcers of regulations", an irrational religion with devout "jumping" clerics. All governed by an oblivious blood-sucking upper class which itself is controlled by some distant "troika". Only the names change

    20. What starts out as a "coming of age" novel (I think we have more than enough of those out there right now) develops into a search for liberation from oppression. The mystery is in who the oppressors really are and by what mechanisms they maintain power. The journey toward that end is captivating. A little wrapped up in the 1960s as regards style, but beautifully written and intelligently presented.

    21. I am always marveled by Vance's imaginative histories and capacities to create believable alien societies and put the human condition in some place further in time or in an ancient past. Emphyrio is a book that combines the science fiction story teller along with the mystery author which Vance was both along with some virulent criticism towards the exploitation of the human work.

    22. One of the bleakest settings I have ever encountered.Liberals have taken over an entire planet and transmogrified it into an oppressive welfare state.A young freedom fighter adopts a name from antiquity, that of the legendary hero Emphyrio, and risks everything to set things right.

    23. I was not that impressed with this book at all. The first half is very much fantasy-I didnt see it as SF at all, then just after the halfway point it changed and became an SF adventure. Much better but by then it was too late.Not bad but not brilliant either.

    24. Took me a couple of chapters to get the hang of the world, but then I got sucked in. Really liked the book's main character, his dilemmas, his search for truth. Looking forward to checking out some more Vance books.

    25. Jack Vance's strongest single novel it is seen as and i can clearly see why. A great book and my first Vance it showed my way to him.

    26. Jack Vance är nog en av genrens stora doldisar; lycka till att hitta någon som inte har grävt i alla fall lite i genren som känner till namnet. Vilket i vanlig ordning är synd och skam, om än att det bästa jag läst av honom har varit de två böckerna han skrev om Cugel the Clever. Härlig efter-slutet fantasy med en mörk ådra av svart humor, rappa dialoger och ett fantastiskt språk. "Emphyrio", däremot, är en science fiction novell av respektabelt kort längd (knappt 200 sidor) som [...]

    27. What is a legend?Does the truth about a legend matter only to those who believe in it? Or does the propaganda about a legend matter more than the truth?These questions came to mind after reading Emphyrio by Jack Vance. Vance has been considered one of the giants of the science fiction and fantasy genre and has a body of work cementing that reputation. I have decided to review more of the genre’s grandmasters to get a wider perspective of the genre as a whole. I started last year with Robert Si [...]

    28. Emphyrio is a rather standard story about a human in the distant future on a distant colonized planet trying to improve his situation in life. It all also a search for truth, revenge etc. A bit like an SF version of The Count of Monte Cristo if you like. Although SF, there is little science involved. Still it all taking place on a colonized planet in the future qualifies it as SF and in addition there is some space travel done.I am left with the feeling this is an expanded short story. The start [...]

    29. (Originally posted on my blog)Set in the far future, the action of Emphyrio primarily takes place on the planet Halma, famed for its output of handcrafted artworks. There, in the city of Ambroy – left half-ruined in the wake of a long-ago war – a young man called Ghyl Tarvoke grows up under the wing of his taciturn father, Amiante. They live and work within a strict social system whereby (almost) everyone is a ‘recipient’ of a welfare state, receiving a stipend of vouchers in return for [...]

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