Temple Cat

Temple Cat The little cat living in a temple in the ancient city of Neba has everything he could wish for But from his perch in a courtyard tree he can see the world beyond the temple walls There children play

  • Title: Temple Cat
  • Author: Andrew Clements Kate Kiesler
  • ISBN: 9780618111398
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Paperback
  • The little cat living in a temple in the ancient city of Neba has everything he could wish for But from his perch in a courtyard tree, he can see the world beyond the temple walls There, children play in the streets There, other cats roam free So one night the temple cat slips out During his long, hard journey, he lives as a cat, not a god and finds, at the edge ofThe little cat living in a temple in the ancient city of Neba has everything he could wish for But from his perch in a courtyard tree, he can see the world beyond the temple walls There, children play in the streets There, other cats roam free So one night the temple cat slips out During his long, hard journey, he lives as a cat, not a god and finds, at the edge of the sea, his true heart s desire.Author Biography Andrew Clements is the author of many books for children, including, for Clarion, BRIGHT CHRISTMAS and WORKSHOP A full time writer, he lives in Westborough, Massachusetts.Born in New Hampshire and raised in Vermont, Kate Kiesler began painting at an early age She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design and now paints and illustrates full time Kate paints with oils, and her rich style has been highly praised Kate Kiesler has illustrated numerous picture books, including THE GREAT FROG RACE AND OTHER POEMS She lives in Frisco, Colorado.

    • Temple Cat BY Andrew Clements Kate Kiesler
      212 Andrew Clements Kate Kiesler
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    1. Andrew Clements Kate Kiesler

      I was born in Camden, New Jersey in 1949 and lived in Oaklyn and Cherry Hill until the middle of sixth grade Then we moved to Springfield, Illinois My parents were avid readers and they gave that love of books and reading to me and to all my brothers and sisters I didn t think about being a writer at all back then, but I did love to read I m certain there s a link between reading good books and becoming a writer I don t know a single writer who wasn t a reader first.Before moving to Illinois, and even afterwards, our family spent summers at a cabin on a lake in Maine There was no TV there, no phone, no doorbell and email wasn t even invented All day there was time to swim and fish and mess around outside, and every night, there was time to read I know those quiet summers helped me begin to think like a writer.During my senior year at Springfield High School my English teacher handed back a poem I d written Two things were amazing about that paper First, I d gotten an A a rare event in this teacher s class And she d also written in large, scrawly red writing, Andrew this poem is so funny This should be published That praise sent me off to Northwestern University feeling like I was a pretty good writer, and occasionally professors there also encouraged me and complimented the essays I was required to write as a literature major But I didn t write much on my own just some poetry now and then I learned to play guitar and began writing songs, but again, only when I felt like it Writing felt like hard work something that s still true today.After the songwriting came my first job in publishing I worked for a small publisher who specialized in how to books, the kind of books that have photos with informative captions below each one The book in which my name first appeared in print is called A Country Christmas Treasury I d built a number of the projects featured in the book, and I was listed as one of the craftspeople on the acknowlegements page, in tiny, tiny type.In 1990 I began trying to write a story about a boy who makes up a new word That book eventually became my first novel, Frindle, published in 1996, and you can read the whole story of how it developed on another web site, frindle Frindle became popular, popular than any of my books before or since at least so far And it had the eventual effect of turning me into a full time writer I ve learned that I need time and a quiet place to think and write These days, I spend a lot of my time sitting in a small shed about seventy feet from my back door at our home in Massachusetts There s a woodstove in there for the cold winters, and an air conditioner for the hot summers There s a desk and chair, and I carry a laptop computer back and forth But there s no TV, no phone, no doorbell, no email And the woodstove and the pine board walls make the place smell just like that cabin in Maine where I spent my earliest summers Sometimes kids ask how I ve been able to write so many books The answer is simple one word at a time Which is a good lesson, I think You don t have to do everything at once You don t have to know how every story is going to end You just have to take that next step, look for that next idea, write that next word And growing up, it s the same way We just have to go to that next class, read that next chapter, help that next person You simply have to do that next good thing, and before you know it, you re living a good life.

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    1. Temple Cat, by Andrew Clements, is a children's book with a lexile of 400 so it is best for primary aged readers. The main character in this book is a cat who is treated like a king in an Egyptian temple. The point of view of this book is third person because it is told through someone as if they were watching the cat. The setting of this book is in ancient Neba in a temple, and the land surrounding the temple. The plot of this book is that there is a cat who lives in a Neban temple and he is tr [...]

    2. I really enjoyed this picture book about an Ancient Egyptian cat who lives in a temple as the living avatar of a god. The cat is surrounded by luxury, but feels discontented and trapped. Finally, the cat decides to escape and finds happiness playing with the children of a fisherman.The story is a little simplistic and the lesson overdone, but they’re really only a vehicle anyway. What carries this book is the gorgeous artwork and the introduction to Ancient Egypt.In particular, I was very impr [...]

    3. The Temple Cat is a Historical Fiction picture book. This book is about a cat that lived in a temple in the city of Neba. The cat was the lord of the temple and the people worship the cat has a god. The cat had servants that served him daily. The cat liked being in the temple but he wanted to be free like other cats to roam around and have fun like a normal cat. One night, the cat slips out of the temple in which he had a long journey and found his true heart’s desire at the edge of the sea. T [...]

    4. I got this recommendation from the Ancient Egypt section of Rebecca Rupp Resources (rebeccaruppresources/?). Cute, short, but with surprisingly beautiful language, this book really captured my kids' attention, particularly that of my 3.5 year old son, who requested I read it three times in a row, and several times since then! The overall message - that the pampered life isn't all it's cracked up to be - is well-played, and the ending is very happy. :)

    5. This is a nice piece of narrative poetry about a cat from what seems to be ancient Egypt. The cat is worshipped as a god in a temple, but doesn't enjoy the life of constant praise he leads. Therefore, one night he slips away to see the rest of the world and finds true happiness as a poor family's cat by the sea. Dissimilar to my earlier Clements reads, but still very good.

    6. The Temple Cat is waited on hand and foot, worshipped and adored, and wants for nothing. He is worshipped as a god.But, all he wants to do is play and be loved be a real family. He wanders out of the temple one night, travels far, and finds what he has been looking fora loving family to keep him warm and safe.

    7. Nice book with a lesson about what it really means "to have it all." The last page explained my 7 year old's love for this one: "And then, before the cat even know/ what his dearest wish was,/ it came true./ He played with the children,/ and they loved him."

    8. I liked this book because of the illustrations in it. This book is great for showing kids that having all that you want is not always the greatest and that sometimes just the smallest things make for the best in life. The story is great as well, the words are very descriptive.

    9. This is an ok book. I would use this book to talk about how living the "priveledged" life is not always the best. I would talk about relying on yourself is important.

    10. Very short, just a couple sentences on each page, but the illustrations are beautiful and sweet and perfect for this cat-loving kid. Read aloud by Grandpa Jeff.

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