Genghis: Bones of the Hills

Genghis Bones of the Hills From the author of the bestselling The Dangerous Book for Boys From Conn Iggulden bestselling author of six historical epics and coauthor of the international sensation The Dangerous Book for Boys

  • Title: Genghis: Bones of the Hills
  • Author: Conn Iggulden
  • ISBN: 9780385342803
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the author of the bestselling The Dangerous Book for Boys From Conn Iggulden, 1 bestselling author of six historical epics and coauthor of the international sensation The Dangerous Book for Boys, comes a magnificent new work of fiction Here, the Mongol conqueror Genghis Khan, stalked by enemies seen and unseen and plagued by a divided family, leads a sprawling forcFrom the author of the bestselling The Dangerous Book for Boys From Conn Iggulden, 1 bestselling author of six historical epics and coauthor of the international sensation The Dangerous Book for Boys, comes a magnificent new work of fiction Here, the Mongol conqueror Genghis Khan, stalked by enemies seen and unseen and plagued by a divided family, leads a sprawling force of horsemen beyond the realm of their known world He will bring a storm to Arab lands and face the armies of the shah in all their strength From the fierce cold plains of Mongolia to the Korean Peninsula, Genghis s brothers, sons, and commanders have made emperors bow, slaughtering vast armies of fighting men But as Genghis enters a strange new land of towering mountains and arid desert, he stirs an enemy greater than any he has met before Under his command, Shah Ala ud Din Mohammed has thousands of fierce Arab warriors, teeming cavalry, and terrifying ard elephants When Genghis strikes, the Arabs prove their mettle On the verge of defeat, Genghis is forced to leave his own vast encampment, and the women and children in it, in the path of an enraged, savage enemy While the Mongols men, women, and children fight back, as secret assassins are sent into the night, another battle is taking shape Two of Genghis s sons, Jochi and Chagatai, are steeped in enmity Warriors choose between them, and a murderer commits an unspeakable crime Soon the most powerful man in the world, who has brought devastation to this land, must choose a successor And when he does, it will touch off the most bitter conflict of all In a novel that ranges from the fertile lands of the Chin to the dust and rock of Afghanistan, Conn Iggulden weaves the epic story of history s most enigmatic conqueror those who feared him, those who defied him, and those whose bones he left behind.From the Hardcover edition.

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      Also publishes under author name C.F Iggulden.I was born in the normal way in 1971, and vaguely remember half pennies and sixpences I have written for as long as I can remember poetry, short stories and novels It s what I always wanted to do and read English at London University with writing in mind I taught English for seven years and was Head of English at St Gregory s RC High School in London by the end of that period I have enormous respect for those who still labour at the chalk face In truth, I can t find it in me to miss the grind of paperwork and initiatives I do miss the camaraderie of the smokers room, as well as the lessons where their faces lit up as they understood what I was wittering on about.My mother is Irish and from an early age she told me history as an exciting series of stories with dates My great grandfather was a Seannachie, so I suppose story telling is in the genes somewhere My father flew in Bomber Command in WWII, then taught maths and science Perhaps crucially, he also loved poetry and cracking good tales Though it seems a dated idea now, I began teaching when boys were told only girls were good at English, despite the great names that must spring to mind after that statement My father loved working with wood and equations, but he also recited Vitai Lampada with a gleam in his eye and that matters, frankly.I ve always loved historical fiction as a genre and cut my teeth on Hornblower and Tai Pan, Flashman, Sharpe and Jack Aubrey I still remember the sheer joy of reading my first Patrick O Brian book and discovering there were nineteen in the series I love just about anything by David Gemmell, or Peter F Hamilton or Wilbur Smith I suppose the one thing that links all those is the love of a good tale.That s about it for the moment If you d like to get in touch with me leave a comment in the forum or you can tweet me Conn_Iggulden I ll leave it there for the moment If you ve read my books, you know an awful lot about the way I think already There s no point overdoing it.Conn Iggulden

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    1. My review for the first book: /review/showMy review of the second book: /review/showNote: according to the author, The Conqueror series is heavily inspired by The Secret History of the Mongols. (enpedia/wiki/The_Sec)Damn! The more I read, the more I feel this Secret History of the Mongols is pretty much like a tabloid, with so much more juicy dramas than the other historical texts such as the History of the Yuan Dynasty! LOLNote: Yuan Dynasty is the Chinese term for the Mongol Empire, or at leas [...]

    2. Genghis Khan had nearly broken the Chin under his rule when an Arabian city refuses tribue, leading to conflict with Shah Ala-ud-Din Mohammed. Has the Khan finally earned the ire of even an enemy he can't defeatThe concluding volume of The Conqueror trilogy did not disappoint. The rivalry among Genghis's sons Jochi and Chagatai reaches it's conclusion. Genghis names his heir. City after city fall before the might of the Khan. The Khan's Arabian enemies are depicted as more formidable than any he [...]

    3. Book 1: 5*Book 2: 5*Book 3: 5*The author quite simply weaves a great story. I've said it in reviews of the first few books but there's a thin line with a character like Genghis where you go too far and it becomes unbelievable. Or too far and the violence is gratuitous. These were different times in a harsh land where some acts rival Deadhouse Gates in the level of atrocity and battle. Genghis condemning every man, woman and child to death after starving them out after six month, reaching a death [...]

    4. Posted toThe Literary LawyerGood but not Great - 3 Stars This third book which wraps up the Genghis Khan Trilogy/Story Arc, left me feeling a bit disappointed. Having been wowed by the first two books in the series, I went into this one expecting the same level of excitement, battle and intrigue. What I got was watered down version of the first two. To be honest, I believe much of disappointment stemmed from the fact that, unlike the first two, I listened to this one in the audio format. The exp [...]

    5. Review in Portuguese from Desbravando Livros:Essa resenha contém alguns spoilers do final desse livro e também dos livros anteriores.Após devastar boa parte do território chinês, Genghis Khan mira suas atenções mais ao sul e ao oeste, onde a maioria dos povos islâmicos/muçulmanos estão. Tudo começou com a morte de patrulheiros enviados por Genghis a terras distantes. Com a sua morte, o líder mongol não pode deixar essa ameaça de lado e precisará reunir todas as forças para marcha [...]

    6. The tribes are united under the horsehair banner, the Jin and Xi Xia have been thoroughly smashed and their ancient suppression and subversion of the Mongols avenged, and now it's time for the newly-born Nation to relax and discover its true identity--tent-dwelling, nomadic steppe dwellers or city-ruling urban conquerors--or perhaps a mix of both."NO FUCK THAT! THE SHAH JUST INSULTED ME BY KILLING A GROUP OF MY SCOUTS! WE RIDE!"-Genghis KhanThat's right; Bones of the Hills is much like the previ [...]

    7. أعظم سعادة قد يعرفها الإنسان هي أن يقهر أعداءة ويقودهم أمامه. وأن يمتطي جيادهم، ويستولي على ممتلكاتهم، وأن يشاهد وجوه أولئك الذين كانوا عزيزين عليهم تتبلل بالدموع، وأن يحتضن زوجاتهم وبناتهم بين ذراعيهجنكيز خانالمغول شعب لا يرضى العيش في مكان واحد الترحال الدائم هو الحال ال [...]

    8. What a great series this has been. I've enjoyed all three (so far) more than I thought possible. What I enjoy the most, is how the author brings this tribe to life within the boundaries of historical facts. There is an authentic feel to the characters/figures with their everyday life, relationships, and goals. I love that feel. One other thing that makes this series worth the read, is the story itself. It is not only well written, but the plot twists are creatively woven in that kept me glued to [...]

    9. عندما ينظر المرء إلى التاريخ ، فلا يجب أن يحاكم رجاله بمقاييسنا العصرية .إن نظرنا إلى تشنكيز بما نمتلكه من معرفه و ما نتدعيه من إنسانية وما نلبسه من قشور الحضارة ، لوجدناه شخصا متوحشا بربريا !لكن بمنظور آخر قد يبدو الخان هذا ، أكثر رقياً و حساسية منا نحن المتحضرين إن الإنسان ا [...]

    10. This book sees Genghis Khan and his Mongol Horde encounter the Islamic world. Again, we see a lot of the large set piece battles fleshed out in detail as the Mongols contend with disciplined armies, elephants, and fanatical assassins, often facing numbers two to three times their own. Again, the Mongol ability to shoot unerringly from horseback at full gallop whether charging or retreating was key to their success.One of the ironies that stands out to me, is that for all the hype surrounding the [...]

    11. عظام على الهضابقراءة مؤلمة لرواية رائعة.هذا الجزء أفضل من الجزء السابق من ناحية الأحداث و الأكثر أهمية بالنسبة لي لأنه يشمل ما حدث للممالك الإسلامية في آسيا الوسطى.الكتاب هذا لا يؤخذ كتوثيق تاريخي للأحداث فالكاتب قام بتغيير بعض الأحداث حتى تكون الرواية سينمائية لكن ما ألاح [...]

    12. I went from really liking this book to only 'liking it' from approximately halfway on. I feel odd about that because the previous two books in this series did float my boat, so to speak, especially the one that went before this one, Lords of the Bow. That was a fabulous read.This is the book that should have been my favourite in the series. Ghengis Khan invades the Middle East and the Muslim nations rise up against him. With failures and successes on both sides.There are periods of history cover [...]

    13. When the Shah in Arabia sends Genghis Khan back the heads of his men he riles the great man. He reunites his tribes, some fighting Russian knights, and sets out to settle the score. All his old colleagues feature, his son's feuds finally boil over with grave consequences and the heir to Genghis becomes clearer. Huge battles throughout and the pace never slows. All in all a great adventure tale.

    14. Conn Iggulden has the talent for blending history with exceptional story telling. If Bernard Cornwell is the king of this genre, this man may just be the crown prince.

    15. This is great writing. It is what historical fiction is all about and is why this is my favourite genre. I really wish that I could write like this. Conn Iggulden excels at bringing the characters and the events to life. It is fast and furious. It is captivating. It is heavily atmospheric. Well done Mr Iggulden; again!As Ghengis recalls his armies from Chin and other distant outposts so that his united Mongol forces can wage more terror towards the south and west, huge rivalries brew up and appr [...]

    16. I liked this way more than Lords of the Bow. So far this is my favourite of the series.Why did I like it more? There was definitely less of Temuge and Kokchu, neither of which I particularly liked in the previous book. Kokchu was too simplistic a character in my opinion, and Temuge annoyed me whenever he came up. Both are in this book, but they are way more tolerable here.The battle scenes, while written in the same style as Lords of the Bow, seemed to draw me in a lot more as well. And although [...]

    17. The last part of Genghis' story, I'm kind of glad that he died when he did as I'd continued to find this series a wee bit samey. So many sieges, so many arrows, and so many massacres meant that regardless of who was on the receiving end, I'd started to feel that I'd read it all before.In this, Genghis continues to kick the shit out of any nation that so much as looks at him funny, while still finding time to be a dick to his kids. He also meets a new enemy that might just be as formidable as he [...]

    18. This is the Empire Strikes Back of this series. A dark and brooding saga of ruthless empire building and a strained father-son relationship. This installment rediscovered the strong voice and emotional resonance lacking inLords of the Bow, and it might even be the best of the series.

    19. كان جزءا رااائعا ومروعا!! تفوق على سابقه تجلى بطش جنكيز في هذا الجزء كما لم يكن من قبل واستحق لقب السفاح بجدارة لم يكونوا يقاتلون من أجل قضية ما ليس من أجل دين ولا مذهب فقط من أجل الانتصار و إثبات الذات للأسف كانوا يعيشون مثل الحيوانات بالفعل كقطعان وزعيم كل قطيع يسعى ليثبت [...]

    20. Buku ke-3 dari seri the conqueror ini masih seseru buku 1-2 walau tidak memberikan perasaan WOW.Pertama, GK mulai merambah area baru dan menemukan penantang-penantang baru yang kuat. Bangsa Rusia dan Arab. Kalau di buku 1-2 kita dimanjakan dengan betapa menakjubkannya gaya perang bangsa Mongol, di buku ini kita akan melihat bagaimana uletnya mereka saat menghadapi lawan yang sangat gigih, dengan jumlah pasukan 4x lbh banyak dan pertahanan yang lebih kuat. Bisa di bilang 1 buku ini menceritakan 2 [...]

    21. The third instalment of Conn Iggulden's Conqueror series and the final part of his Genghis trilogy. Having finished - for the moment - conquering northern China, Genghis takes his armies west to invade the Middle East.Once again, Iggulden delivers an incredibly readable novel of historical warfare. The story is action-packed with inventive and fluidly-written battle sequences, each different from the last. There are no repetitive scenarios here; instead, the author strives to deliver something d [...]

    22. عظام على الهضابانتهيت منها البارحة، وها أنا اكتب مراجعتي لها مباشرة على الشبكة.الرواية عظيمة، بل السلسلة ذاتها مذهلة، 1500 صفحة تقريبا ً، ثلاثة أجزاء حتى الآن تناولت بناء الأمة المغولية على يد جنكيز خان، الذي عاش حياته محاربا ً، ومات على صهوة جواده بعدما قتل ما يفوق المليون إ [...]

    23. في هذا الجزء يحارب جنكيز خان الشاه علاء الدين محمد لعدم دفع حاكم حصن اطرار أنالشوك دفع الجزية و قتل رسله الثلاثه في هذا الجزء تتجلى دموية جنكيز خان حيث اباد مئات الالاف من المسلمين في بضعة ساعات و حرق مئات الحصون و القلاع باهلهافي هذا الجزء ايضا تتجلى مدى عبقرية جنكيز في ادار [...]

    24. Assuming that this book is more fiction than fact, 4 stars seem justified; but there are simply too many historical inaccuracies, especially towards the end. Some parts of the story are too rushed and the author seemed to have twisted some historical facts more than necessary. The author could have done Genghis justice by not rushing the last part of the book, but could have rather added some more pages to explain the details a little better.Apart from the above points, the story is just brillia [...]

    25. I am loving Iggulden's Genghis series. He doesn't sugar coat the brutality of Genghis or the Mongols. He brings them to life so the reader cares about the characters, despite their very different ethics from ours and despite their lack of regard for the lives of those not within the family. The narrative moves at a rapid clip, but sweeps across the continent of Asia and a generation.However, this 3d book in the series continues a trend toward the great man approach to history. It has less to off [...]

    26. I could repeat all of the stuff that I mentioned in my reviews of the first two books in this five volume set, but being a man of restraint and being extremely lazy, I will refrain from doing so. This volume covers much of the time that Khan and the Mongols were in the Middle East and, in the end. well, that would be telling. I will, however, say that I found myself rooting for the Mongols, as if my support could change the course of history.Great read. At some point, I will read #4 and #5. If y [...]

    27. Dear Genghis Khan,You were so cool and you utterly fascinated me for two months in a row in a way that few have. You were like that perfect guy people always say you will meet when you least expect it--you hit me like a ton of bricks and I totally fell for you. I loved reading all about you and I was so, so sad when you died. I tried to read about your sons, but alas, they were quite boring.Christy

    28. هذا الجزء هو أسوأ الآجزاء حيث تجلت دموية جنكيز خان واضحة من خلال تدمير المدن الاسلامية وقتل عشرات الآلاف منهم مرات كثيرة توقفت عن المتابعة بسبب الألم الذي يصيبني وانا اقرأ ما حدث للمسلمين وعائلاتهم . يشهد هذا الجزء أيضاً مقتل جوشي الابن الاول لجنكيز خان الذي تمرد على والده ب [...]

    29. Another cracking read from Mr Iggulden. Loved the characterisation and drama between Ghengis Khan's sons. A driving pace, a host of great characters brought to life and, of course, some seriously epic battles! Wonderful stuff.

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